No Umbrellas Allowed v1.1.1

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No Umbrellas Allowed — is a strategy adventure game set in a mysterious future city called Ajik City, where you play as an antique shop assistant. Become the seller of an antique shop in the city of the future in 2080. You don’t remember anything, the store owner found you on the beach and gave you the name Bob. You need to evaluate products and bargain with visitors to buy profitably from them. Each item has its own history and value. Your task is to buy as profitable as possible in order to sell at a much higher price in the future.

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Flippin Kaktus v1.0.1

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Flippin Kaktus — talks about the adventures of a cactus. This plant mysteriously came to life and began to resemble a person. One family found him in the agave fields and took him in. Once the village where they all lived together was attacked by the Calaveras raiders and destroyed everything. After that, the surviving hero went to take revenge on the whole drug cartel. The plot is presented in the form of comics and develops between battles. The campaign consists of 11 large locations, which are divided into several smaller stages. Flippin Kaktus is a side-scrolling comedy action platformer inspired by Latin American culture.

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Wartales v1.16339

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Wartales — is a story about bandits, difficult times and hidden treasures. The action of this open-world RPG takes place in the Middle Ages in the territory of the once great Empire of Edoran. The empire was destroyed by a terrible disease that destroyed most of the population. All this led to the decline and total banditry. In the new conditions, it was possible to survive only by joining a gang! It is for one of the bandit squads that you will play. You have your own camp that you can develop. Hire new people and pump various skills for them. Complete various orders and explore dangerous places in search of hidden treasures.

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Breakwaters v0.5.13

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Embark on a journey through the endless world of Breakwaters, fight huge titans, build buildings, craft, push the waves of ocean waters and just enjoy the atmosphere beyond words. AThe events of the game take place in an unusual dying world, in which endless cataclysms have led to the fact that as a result, the whole of humanity was on the verge of destruction. And the blame lies with the titans, who came out of nowhere and now destroy everything in their path, create storms and whirlpools, and go ashore for destruction. Well, you will play the role of a man who has to plunge into a series of adventures and go on a journey across the islands in order to find a way to end the Titans once and for all.

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Prognostic Build 8772333 - DOGE

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Prognostic — is a first-person detective horror in which the player will be able to master a wide range of realistic mental practices and reveal the secrets of the past. You play as a young man whose family died under mysterious circumstances. You return to the house of your mad grandmother to accept her legacy, become a very talented medium, a fortune teller and find those who are to blame for the death of your parents. If the forces you have conjured will not be found sooner. Playing with the world of shadows comes at a price. Your predecessor, who died a medium, returned to demand tribute. It has brought with it unrecognizable forces that will watch your every move.

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Lumencraft v5913

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Lumencraft — players will play as scouts who have founded a settlement near the alleged deposits of Lumen. They will face monsters, and will also mine a precious resource, trying to survive in an ongoing nightmare. The developers promise a large arsenal of weapons, destructible environment, a branched technology tree and much more. At first glance, Lumencraft looks like a retro top-down shooter where the hero fights huge swarms of underground bugs. Your character is the last hope of humanity to get the precious minerals Lumen, which prevent extinction. The protagonist is not the only one who hunts and fights for the Lumen minerals.

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Voidtrain v8526

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Voidtrain — is an open world survival game with the ability to play online with a friend for free on a pirate. By joining together on the Internet, online players discover new mysterious worlds, getting acquainted with a variety of phantasmagoric creatures that inhabit fictional continents. The network game allows you to jointly overcome dangers and engage in combat with numerous enemies. Gathering materials, you can create weapons and craft armor. The possibility of a free network game and a single passage is presented. In the company of friends or in solo mode, you need to explore a world that lives by its own rules. Once in it, you need to adapt and learn to survive.

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Motor Town Behind the wheel v0.6.5

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Motor Town Behind the wheel — is an ambitious open world driving simulator with proper tire physics from a developer who worked on big AAA games for the past 14 years but has now quit to create his dream game. The developer wants players to enjoy realistic driving in a living open world. You start with a muscle car. You can just go for a drive and pick up fellow travelers or go to the warehouse and pick up the goods to make some money. If you wish, you can get trucks or pickups from the warehouse for free.

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Eternal Threads v1.0 Build 8758872 - SKIDROW

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Eternal Threads — is an indie adventure Giraffe and Annika with walking simulator, puzzle elements and a very dark atmosphere. Get ready to embark on this journey where you can manipulate time, make critical decisions, and face the consequences of your choices. You work as operatives in a special agency that deals with fixing various errors and disasters, sending your agents on an adventure along the timeline. You need to go to England in 2015. It was here that six people died after a massive fire. Now you need to prevent this, but remember that you cannot put out the fire on your own.

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Decision Red Daze Build 8702577 - SKIDROW

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Decision Red Daze — is a post-apocalyptic RPG with elements of survival and tower defense. According to the plot of the game, the entire continent was infected with the terrible Red Mist virus, which turns people into terrible mutants. You have to look for survivors, take them into your team and fight off crowds of mutants. There are many settlements in the game that you need to capture, improve and defend. And also a change of day and night awaits you, affecting the gameplay.

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