Help Me Now Build 7791433 + Definitive Edition - PLAZA

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Help Me Now — is a mix of first-person horror and quest, a game full of horrors and insanity, puzzles and riddles, intriguing events and immortal enemies. The events of the game begin to occur at the very moment when detective Thomas Hysted goes on his first assignment, issued by his superiors. He is sent to southern Arizona, where there is a strange mansion in which a terrible murder occurred. No one knows what really happened here, and there are no clues that could at least say something about what happened. So you will need to get clues and evidence. Just do it will not be so easy. As it turned out, this is not quite a simple mansion, dark forces live in it, and no one is allowed to escape from it. However, maybe you just will be able to do this.

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition v6.060 (Season 5) - CODEX

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition — will include 40 characters, 34 arenas and more than 200 costumes from Street Fighter 5 and Arcade Edition, as well as a new type of special techniques V-Skills and unnamed gameplay improvements. Among other things, Capcom announced one of two new fighters for the Champion Edition. Street Fighter 5 is the fifth-person fighting game in the Street Fighter series, which is endowed with the Russian language. The user will still be able to enjoy the amazing fights that have become even more ambitious and fascinating. The main highlight of the video game is, first of all, its completely updated graphics, which is able to reflect the combat world in the smallest details, not previously seen by the players. A computer game is a two-dimensional fighting game equipped with three-dimensional graphics, in which gamers will have to try to defeat their opponents using a variety of different techniques.

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Recompile v20210826 - CODEX

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In the Recompile project game PC, you have to go on an amazing and unusual adventure, taking on the role of a hacker. It has a rather unusual ability to seep into closed source systems and long-forgotten interactive worlds. Inside them you will have to explore uncharted territories, extract the necessary information, and also receive a variety of secrets. But the problem is that the last system that the hacker managed to get into has a very unusual structure, which created a huge number of locked doors, traps and puzzles. Virtual worlds are fraught with a lot of secrets that can not be revealed the first time. For a long time, they hide in the shade until a brave hero arrives who wants to open all the locked doors that hide secrets. At first it may seem to you that this is a rather banal and familiar world, but it is not. The further you advance, the more difficulties you will have.

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Just Die Already v1.3.6.1 - CODEX

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Just Die Already — finally, the time has come when the developers pay a lot of attention not only to the graphics, but also to the content of their developments. For example, today we want to pleasantly surprise you with the fact that now you will have the opportunity to go on a completely new adventure, which offers you to take on the role of grandfather. It seems that he is quite ordinary, but he has a problem — no one wants to support him and take care of his existence. Therefore, he can only carefully explore the world and try to look for coupons for free care. Therefore, he sets off on an unforgettable and extremely dangerous adventure in order to obtain coupons for himself, thanks to which he will be able to extend his life. As expected, your main character is not as capable as in his youth.

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Roboquest v0.7.2-428

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The first-person shooter Roboquest — includes RPG and roguelike elements. The actions will take place in the dystopian world of the future. You will control a Guardian overloaded with the aim to kick the ass of all enemies. A cooperative mode for two is available in Roboquest. You have to fight against hordes of robots and bots. Controlling the hypermobile mech, you need to destroy everyone who gets in the way. The Roboquest game environment is randomly generated. The heroes find themselves on an unknown planet, represented by scorched canyons and massive cities filled with various secrets, improvements and a huge number of opponents. In addition to small minions, battles with difficult bosses will be available, capable of shooting lasers and using a different arsenal of heavy weapons.

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Imperiums Greek Wars v1.2.2 - CODEX

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Imperiums Greek Wars — is a mixture of historical and turn-based strategy with a focus on mythical space. The player must choose any faction at the very beginning. There are 28 different options to choose from. You can become a representative of the very Sparta or Macedonia. After choosing, the user must go to explore this entire ancient world. The player must subordinate all territories on this Earth to his state. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to fight not for life, but to the death. The game has a huge emphasis on the strategic part.

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Shing v1.0.26 - CODEX

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Shing! — is a fast-paced, side-scrolling action-adventure game where you play as a deadly ninja and start slashing hordes of demons. In the game you can fight a variety of opponents, measure your strength with bosses, and master masterly combos. Become a killer ninja and start slashing countless demons. Perform combos, switch between the necessary characters on the go, use the abilities of your enemies against themselves and crush strong bosses. Players in the role of ninjas go on an adventure, the goal of which is to exterminate as many demons, monsters and other creatures that threaten humanity as possible.

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Star Renegades v1.4.2.0 - RePack

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Star Renegades — is a tactical RPG with turn-based combat. The plot unfolds in the distant future, where humanity has been inhabiting the planets of the entire galaxy for many years. The player finds himself in the midst of an interplanetary war, where oppressed ordinary people make an uprising against a powerful corporation on a galactic scale. As such, there is no solid plot in the game. However, the gameplay will not let you get bored. The project has a built-in unique engine that generates events on the fly, providing the player with all sorts of unique tasks that do not repeat as they progress. Thus, you can play the game more than once and each of them get new impressions.

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Gladiator Guild Manager v0.746.1

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Gladiator Guild Manager — users constantly have to participate in fine-tuning the squad of their fighters by exchanging them, combining items and observing the market for useful goods, where the latter are constantly changing. A dynamic market with new gladiators and items arriving every day. It’s up to you how to find the best deals. Level up them, equip them with the best items and make unique team combinations. Combine and create items. Use items to make up for the weaknesses of your fighters or strengthen their strengths. Take on all the challenges and conquer all the arenas of this epic fantasy world.

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Gedonia v0.43a

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Gedonia — before you is a classic role-playing game, made in accordance with old-school elements. It presents an amazing open world to explore. You can download Gedonia torrent on our online portal for free. You will have to play as a treasure hunter. You can upgrade your character, engage in battles with dangerous opponents and reveal the secrets of this fantastic world. A new amazing world with different secrets is waiting for you. Since you play as a character who left his native land and went towards adventures. In the course of the game, different fractions will be available to you, each of them has its own characters, abilities, missions and stories. But you need to be very careful, because strange events are happening around: something very evil is trying to get into this world.

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