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Radio Commander is a unique game project that successfully combines the genres of strategy and simulator. Here you will take on the role of a brave commander who will give orders to the military using radio equipment. The storyline will send you to the territory of dangerous Vietnam, where a huge responsibility rests on your shoulders for the end of hostilities. The game gives you the opportunity once and for all to rewrite that terrible story, completing the resistance and creating the world.

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Dieselpunk Wars v1.0 - CODEX

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Dieselpunk Wars — is a steam-powered warship building simulator. Construct the most incredible and unique structures entirely tied to physics and realistic damage simulation. The toolkit provides more than 300 items for collecting unique ships, including land, air and submarine shuttles. When creating a transport, use various weapons, install armor, engines, wheels and energy systems. Be sure to consider air resistance and streamlining when designing your aircraft. These parameters will affect the speed and behavior of the vehicle. Performing various tasks, you will have access to improving certain elements of your car.

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Mr. Prepper v1.16

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Mr. Prepper — invites you to a world on the brink of survival. A massive catastrophe is coming. You have to do something. This is a survival simulator in which you have to fight for your life and start building. The country’s government is behaving strangely. Everyone who dislikes him mysteriously disappears. This approach does not suit you. Accordingly, you need to go underground. Build an underground fortress. Stock up on everything you need. Your buildings can stretch for many kilometers. It takes diligence and you can build a whole underground castle.

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Lust from Beyond v1.0.2 - CODEX

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Lust from Beyond — is an unusual mixture of psychoactive horror and erotic themes with sex scenes and nudity, which is why the rating set for this project is 18+. Developers from a small, independent studio have already created a similar experiment in such a strange mixture of genres Lust for Darkness. They complemented the atmosphere created in their last game as much as possible and added new elements and mechanics to the gameplay, as well as updated the graphic component to modern realities. Latent bawdy desires are intertwined with a mystical religious storyline to create a rare and memorable gaming experience.

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Farm Manager 2021 v1.0 - CODEX

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Farm Manager 2021 — is a continuation of the farming story that allows the player to become the most successful farm manager in the world. Here, plunge into the soil of suburban life will come out to the very head: grow and harvest crops, hire and monitor staff and keep animals in good health. Over time, the site can be expanded, and at the same time, auxiliary buildings can be built. With a new simplified interface, gameplay will become intuitive, and its capabilities will allow you to give the farm hundreds of exciting hours. Available from the animal world: cows, rabbits, bees, goats, chickens, geese. Boars, ostriches, quails.

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Tank Mechanic Simulator v1.2.3 - CODEX

Torrent Tank Mechanic Simulator download free pc
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Tank Mechanic Simulator — a training simulator with a first-person view, in which you will be engaged in servicing tanks of the Second World War. You own a tank museum and recover abandoned and broken tanks. You will also be sent to different locations in order to find the lost military equipment, using the information of local residents or historical chronicles. Would you like to be a real collector of various techniques, which was created during the Second World War. You have the opportunity to collect the best and largest collection of tanks that took part in the Second World War. This game will tell you all the features of each tank and its main technical characteristics. To obtain a specific tank, you must perform a special task. Most of them need to perform as correctly and accurately as possible. If you get a broken tank, you will need to repair it.

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House Flipper v1.20188 + DLC - CODEX

Torrent House Flipper download free pc
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House Flipper is a repair worker simulator that will allow you to buy, sell, demolish, repair, furnish and decorate rooms with your own hands. Sometimes, you get completely hopeless housing, killed by mold, parasites, time and anything, but you can make a candy even from this with a set of tools provided by the game House Flipper. You can create the home of your dreams and sell it on very favorable terms. And if everything is completely hopeless, then to hell with this junk and do something new. Repair, show your design talent, and then show all the skills of the merchant, selling the result of his work.

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Space Mechanic Simulator v0.23

Torrent Space Mechanic Simulator download free pc
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Space Mechanic Simulator — is a space simulator where you need to repair stations and shuttles. Each object can have hundreds of parts. Any module can be removed, repaired or replaced. The game takes place in the orbits of Mars, Earth and the Moon. Also, the gameplay will take place on the surface of the planets. The gameplay consists of moving in open space, constructing and collecting resources. Each mission of Space Mechanic Simulator is that you need to find damaged parts of the shuttle. To do this, you need to use a scanner to identify a malfunction of the satellite or rover. The player will need to open the module cover to access cables or faults. After replacing a component, make sure that all toggle switches and clips are installed correctly, then close the cover and try to check if everything is working correctly.

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Drug Dealer Simulator v1.0.7.19 - CODEX

Torrent Drug Dealer Simulator download free pc
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Drug Dealer Simulator — is an unusual management simulator with a first-person view, where you have to sell cocaine mixed with baking soda, shoot from a pistol in bottles and in general behave like a real gangster. A drug dealer simulator will allow you to build your own criminal empire without any consequences. You will begin your story in a small dirty room and go your way to the master of street business. Have you thought about creating your own criminal empire, without legal and moral consequences? Now, finally, you can advance along the dark alleys of the drug business. Start with sales to drug addicts and end up with wholesale deals with local gangs. Grow your business, invest money and face new dangers and dilemmas.

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Deadliest Catch The Game v1.1.47 - CODEX

Torrent Deadliest Catch The Game download free pc
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Deadliest Catch The Game — is the first and only of its kind crab fishing simulator. Here you will have to become the captain of a small fishing vessel, recruit a team and go to conquer the open sea in order to catch as many crabs as possible. There is no specific plot here. The bottom line is that you get a small ordinary fishing boat and now you must do everything possible to earn as much money as possible on it. But you can only catch crabs — all the machinery, equipment and equipment that will be at your disposal are sharpened specifically for catching crabs.

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