Armor Clash 2022 v2.0 - DOGE

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In Armor Clash 2022, naval units play an important role. All battle maps have resource points and mercenary camps in the ocean that the Army cannot reach and the Air Force cannot hold. Therefore, even in the early stages of the game, it is necessary to use younger naval units to capture resource points to maintain the advantage. Throughout the game, players need to pay attention to both land and sea, not just the mountains. Long-range guided missiles, battleships and even aircraft carriers can be built in the later stages of the game, so once a player loses control of the sea in the late stages of the game, it means that the main coastal base is destroyed.

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Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS v2107221 (Build 9164827)

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS free download torrent games pc
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Flashing Lights — Police Fire EMS is another rather unusual and simple emergency simulator. But now you will not be a dispatcher, but an employee of one of the three most important services. Who do you want to be? Firefighter, policeman, go to the ambulance? Decide for yourself. And first of all I would like to mention that this time you will have a huge city and all its surroundings at your disposal. You will drive at high speed on city streets, travel outside the city, put out fires on the roads, save the lives of people in a variety of situations, deal with the arrest of criminals and more.

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Savage Lands v0.3.1 Build 7 - DOGE

Savage Lands free download torrent games pc
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Savage Lands is a fantasy survival game on PC with a medieval setting. Before starting the game, you are invited to customize your character a little: hair, skin color, face, tattoos. Further, you appear on the shore of the island. The wreckage of a boat is visible in the water. The only thought in my head is: «What am I doing here?». The interface is very simple: in the right corner of the screen there is a guide or tasks that can be completed. At the bottom, collected resources and weapons, as well as a scale of energy and health. You can replenish physical characteristics with the help of food and water. During the gameplay, you will collect everything that comes into view, build protective shelters and create powerful ammunition and clothing. The main goal, in addition to survival, is to explore a unique world strewn with the remains of a lost civilization.

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This Land Is My Land v1.0.3 - FLT

This Land Is My Land free download torrent games pc
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This Land Is My Land is a very cool and atmospheric single-player stealth action game in which players are invited to play the role of an Indian, a native of America, fighting for his life and land. In the story, something happened that in reality the native inhabitants of America, the Indians, could not avoid — the Europeans arrived on American soil and began to displace the native inhabitants, destroying their villages, attacking the settlements and doing much more. Well, you will have to try as an Indian to prevent them from achieving their goals and defend their land and home. But it will not be easy to do this.

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Escape Simulator Steampunk v1.0.23680 - DOGE

Escape Simulator Steampunk free download torrent games pc
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Escape Simulator Steampunk — a new generation first-person quest: collect and explore everything, spend furniture, break pots and melt locks alone or with a friend. 15 puzzle rooms designed by real-world quest operators. Collect simulation-based gameplay and throw everything in a row, drag furniture, break pots and other interesting things. Cooperative multiplayer game all the rooms that can be played are easily transferred to the network cooperative mode. Secret tokens 8 complex secret tokens hidden in each level. Community you can choose the theme of the next level set. All rooms are available for shared play online.

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Volcanoids v1.28.408.0

Volcanoids free download torrent games pc
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Volcanoids — game in the style of strimpunk, where all the action will take place on a vast territory of the island. Here you have to dining in the unforgettable events and incredible adventures that will give a lot of positive emotions. The game is endowed with elements of survival, so saving your own life will not be so easy. Here, the outcome of events will depend on your actions, which is why every mistake will have a very detrimental effect on the outcome of this or that task. Try to be attentive to details, because they will help you eliminate all the dangers on the way. The game is endowed with various kinds of tests, which you can overcome only with proper experience and knowledge.

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ORX v0.9.3

ORX free download torrent games pc
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ORX — is a role-playing game with tower defense and CCG elements in a fantasy setting. The gameplay is based on the experience of board games, trying to convey their spirit and atmosphere as much as possible. It is necessary to develop the castle so that it is possible to defend against the army of enemies. Gradually expand your lands and possessions. The main enemies are green-skinned wild orcs, constantly raiding your state.

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Tiny Combat Arena v0.9.1.1

Tiny Combat Arena free download torrent games pc
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Tiny Combat Arena — is an aerial combat simulator with many game modes and stylized design. The protagonist is mastered in vast arenas in which the initial war is foreordained. The user creates custom scripts that interact with the synthesized muscles to trigger a response or participate in the development of a fast action. The main task of the player is to achieve the perfect balance between the simulator and the available phenomena to create air combat. The action takes place at the center of a fictional conflict during the Cold War era. The gamer has had to practice imitation more than once.

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Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator Build 9610832 - FLT

Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator free download torrent games pc
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In Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator, the name says it all. Yes, this is a brewing simulator, where gamers are given the opportunity to independently make the drink loved by millions. But this does not mean that everything will be reduced to primitive actions and take a minimum of time. The approach to the question is done in terms of chemistry and calculating the proportions of each ingredient. So, it is absolutely not necessary to go in cycles in simple recipes you can create several of your own combinations that are completely different from each other. The first step to success in Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator is setting up your workspace. It is necessary to arrange all the key elements so that it is convenient for the character to move around the room and spend the minimum amount of time on this. Burners, measuring containers, mugs, bowls, cauldrons.

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Black One Blood Brothers v1.35 Build 9600953

Black One Blood Brothers free download torrent games pc
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Black One Blood Brothers — was developed in collaboration with a retired officer in the French Navy who served in the Marines. In first-person mode, control any operator, switch between them. Use night vision goggles and a laser, watch the weight of your equipment, break down doors, heal wounds, become a dog trainer. Neutralize HVT, rescue hostages, defuse bombs, restore confidential documents, install eavesdropping devices, escape from custody. Plan an area mission with an intuitive.

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