Haven Secret of Caledria v5.1.0

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The gameplay of Haven Secret of Caledria is inspired by classic JRPGs from the 90s. All key features of the gameplay are observed: traveling through a large open world in the company of partners, completing numerous quests, exploring dungeons and turn-based battles. The passage of the main storyline will take about 20 hours of real time. The gameplay of Haven Secret of Caledria is inspired by such cult projects as Lufia, Breath of Fire, Suikoden and Chrono Trigger. The story tells about the region of Olund from the kingdom of Caledria. Zidrik starts a coup when he learns that Emperor Rofel has betrayed him. Soon Zidrik dies and leaves behind his son Oswind. Now the latter must find his own way, sort out political intrigues and find himself.

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The Waylanders v1.10 - DOGE

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The Waylanders is a classic third-person RPG in a fantasy setting inspired by Dragon Age Origins and Neverwinter Nights 2. The game focuses on character progression, romantic relationships and deep tactical combat. A tactical pause awaits you, the ability to choose between isometric camera and third-person mode, as well as six classes with 30 additional ones. The Waylanders are set in Brigantia, an ancient region in northern Spain inhabited by Celts. The main character refuses the gift of reincarnation of the Celts, due to which he loses the ability to be reborn, but gains the ability to travel through time. The hero’s sacrifice allows him to travel between his time period and the later Middle Ages in order to prevent a catastrophe that threatens both eras. In addition, you will be able to find reincarnated members of your party in later times thanks to the «awakening» mechanic, so unique groups of companions in two eras may actually consist of the same souls.

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Disgaea 6 Complete Build 8848380 - SKIDROW

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Disgaea 6 Complete — is a fantasy tactical turn-based role-playing game with an isometric view. Zed is a boastful zombie who flounders on the bottom rung of the Underworld’s stairs with his sister Bieko. When the God of Destruction threatens their life, Zed must use his unique super-reincarnation ability to counter the oncoming threat. Along the way, he will team up with the perverted and flamboyant denizens of the Underworld, face challenges around and within, and see if even an immortal bully like him can defy the odds. This game combines a dark yet touching story with frantic tactical combat.

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Flynguin Station v1.2 - TiNYiSO

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Go to Antarctica in PC game Flynguin Station, where in the conditions of a research camp you will have to teach penguins to fly again. It turned out that they lost this ability more than a thousand years ago. Run your penguin as high as possible, overcoming all obstacles. Flynguin Station is a game developed by OddTimeStudios. It was created in the genre of arcade runner with elements of adventure. Your task is to teach your penguin to fly again. Locations are constantly changing, obstacles are becoming more difficult. Be careful. By playing, you accumulate points and experience that will improve the level of your pet. Take part in the daily race to keep up with the achievements of your friends.

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Boulder Island Build 9021537 - TiNYiSO

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Boulder Island — knights and northern pirates were cursed to become undead as they competed for sacred weapons. The hero, faced with a shipwreck, will fight for survival. You can survive using only the resources on the island. Do your best to solve the riddle of the curse. This is a first-person action game. Players can obtain materials and equip weapons by collecting and defeating enemies to complete survival and exploration tasks on the island.

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Forsaken v20220504 - DOGE

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Forsaken — get ready to go on an expedition to explore the dark and mystical world, full of mysteries, adventures and thrills. Use your skills to crush your enemies, moving to a variety of unusual worlds through various stressful situations and risks that await you. Experience the joy after the final triumph of good and winning the title of supreme warrior. Melee combat on the way to the land of fantasies. Create your own destiny. Incorporate strength and energy and overcome trials with mythical weapons.

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Auto Fire v27.06.2022

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Auto Fire — is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to get into a combat vehicle and explore the vastness of the wasteland. In the world of Auto Fire, drivers have star status. All over the territory there are many useful items, enemies, weapons, etc. Collect your unique transport and become the king of the wasteland. The gameplay is based on intense battles with other cars. Pick up various weapons and fight other drivers for influence over territories. Upgrade your transport, complete various quests. The only way to survive is to constantly move and fight. The game is inspired by the atmosphere and style of Mad Max.

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Craftopia Build 8969457

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Craftopia — multiplayer survival game from Japanese studio Pocket Pair. The developers have combined in the project many functions that players might find in other games. In Craftopia, you can hunt monsters, explore the open world, grow crops, collect loot in dungeons, mine all kinds of resources, use magic spells, craft items, and more. An open world survival game. Craftopia combines several popular mechanics from other projects at once. Thanks to this, the game has become incredibly diverse: world exploration, survival, resource extraction, growing crops, hunting monsters and using spells are available.

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Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG v0.7.5.1

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Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG — in general, it would be worthwhile to immediately note the fact that in this game, despite its RPG stuffing, you will not see beautiful spectacular battles, not some unusual visualization, or even just animated screensavers. Here everything happens in two-dimensional space against a background of beautiful landscapes, pictures, nothing more. But at the same time, the game is still impressive, because with all its modesty it offers freedom of choice, a sea of interesting mechanics, and not only. As for the gameplay, it offers a lot of interesting things here. For example, take even pumping.

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Metal Unit v010300-AP

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Metal Unit — is the plot of roguelite, a side scroller platform game. Play as Joanna, a soldier goes on a mission to capture her traitorous sister. Wear an M-11 unit costume in a battle against monsters and aliens, and find out the truth about humanity. Platform with bagel elements. The protagonist is an exosuit fighter fighting an alien race and monsters. All storyline decisions of players will affect other characters. You can explore the surface of the planet or delve into mysterious dungeons. Traveling around the world will contribute to the development of history, while going underground offers great rewards that can be expensive. Characters in the Metal Unit will suffer from corruption, betrayal, and death. But your decisions have significant weight in key dialogs and certain actions during the game.

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