Tricky Tracks v0.2.37

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Tricky Tracks — is a whimsical multiplayer hide-and-seek game in which those who run leave behind a trail for searchers to follow. This puts runners at a disadvantage compared to seekers, but it also means they can try to use their tracks to confuse their pursuers in original ways. Runners can make false tracks and rewind themselves in time to be able to hide in a different direction. Seekers also have special abilities that can help them track runners. You can choose different characters, each with their own unique traits, style and abilities. It’s definitely a new take on the classic game of hide and seek.

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The Oregon Trail Build 10028759

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The Oregon Trail is a brand new game format. After all, the developers offer you modern trials and tribulations. In addition, this project is presented in the form of an expected continuation, complete with impressive adventures and much more. Embark on an unforgettable journey with a motley crew, load your wagon with all the necessary supplies and try to overcome many obstacles. Make all kinds of decisions, heal your characters and of course look at the consequences. At the same time, try to have time to inherit the land before the onset of cold weather. Find other missing people along the way, stock up on explosive gunpowder, or even play unique mini-games. Each trip will be unique in its own way. Lots of random events and items. Caring for your comrades and various tasks.

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Saint Kotar The Crawling Man v1.03

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Saint Kotar The Crawling Man — is the first story in a series of interactive comics set in the world of Saint Kotar. The series called Saint Kotar Tales from the Cursed Valley is a collection of stories about characters encountered in the adventure game Saint Kotar. The Creeping Man tells the story of the terrible life of Rudolf Moisek in the town of Sveti Kotar, Croatia. The youngest affectionately nicknamed him Moise, as he was their favorite teacher and a second father to them. Everyone respected him because he devoted his life to serving God and society. Moses thought he knew himself and his destiny, but it was only a dream. Experience the terrifying life of Moise. A mysterious horror about his fall, from beloved teacher to cult leader with crippled mind and body. It is told interactively in motion, with sounds and animations. A completely fascinating and atmospheric comic.

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Mad Games Tycoon 2 v2022.12.02

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With Mad Tower Tycoon 2 — you can create a skyscraper with a hundred floors and place any entertainment and living space in it. Here you can equip theaters, bars, zoos, cinemas to attract more customers. Also, the player will have to think about a full-fledged car park, which will make the stay of people in this meta as accessible and comfortable as possible. Crazy Skyscraper Builder has free choice building gameplay. In your own skyscraper, you can place not only shops, but also offices and even apartments. This will certainly bring impressive revenues. The funds will be needed for all sorts of extensions and improvements to the multi-story building. Having thoroughly pumped up his building, the player will be able to claim a reward six stars.

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Little Orpheus Build 9953838

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Little Orpheus — as the Cold War flared up and the frightening Americans prepared to conquer the Moon, Privalov’s path lay in a different direction. His task was to confirm that our planet is hollow from the inside and there are mysterious voids that are quite suitable for colonization. However, the connection with the ship disappears, and the brave explorer disappears for three whole years, and, returning, tells a lot of amazing and incredible tales. Now Privalov is forced to hide from the demonic General Yurkov, who is hunting him and his ship. Hiding from his antagonist, the astronaut will overcome various levels filled with funny and frightening creatures.

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Wobbly Life Build 10058473

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Wobbly Life — is a colorful and fun sandbox-style game project that takes its roots in physics. It is worth noting immediately the presence of a world open for exploration and conquest, which has prepared for us quite a few unpredictable events, obstacles and interesting moments. You can complete the game both alone and in the company of your friends, having a great time in local or online cooperative mode. As you progress through you will be able to dilute the game with all sorts of mini-games, and also try to complete difficult, but very interesting tasks. First, choose the main character who will have unique skills and various talents.

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Fireworks Mania An Explosive Simulator Build 9625643

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Fireworks Mania An Explosive Simulator — is a simulator in which you have to deal with fireworks. Blow up firecrackers, launch various signal flares into the air, etc. Your task is to arrange a real fire show. However, nothing stops you from just blowing things up and enjoying the gameplay. The gameplay is designed to entertain players or to please creative people who can think outside the box and create truly amazing fireworks shows. Explore an entire suburban area to find everything that can be blown up and launched into the sky, putting on a real show.

This game has been updated 1-12-2022, 09:41 to the latest version Build 9625643.

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Marvels Spider-Man Miles Morales v1.1130.0.0

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Marvels Spider-Man Miles Morales is a spin-off about the adventures of Spider-Man, the plot of which directly continues the expansion of the previous game, The City That Never Sleeps. The main character this time is not Peter Parker, but Miles Morales. The gameplay has not changed much compared to the previous part. Manhattan is available for exploration, but this time its streets are strewn with snow as the action unfolds on Christmas Eve. The story begins with Peter Parker and Mary Jane planning to travel to Simkaria. Therefore, Spider-Man asks Miles to look after the city and become the same hero as his father.

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Call of the Wild The Angler v1.1.4

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The actions of Call of the Wild The Angler take place in the open virtual world of North America, where the wild nature is still preserved almost untouched by man. This universe allows you to go to beautiful coniferous forests that run through mountain rivers and icy lakes with clear water. In this world, the protagonist is a fisherman who gets the opportunity to go on an unforgettable vacation, well equipped with modern equipment.

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McPixel 3 v1.0.35

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McPixel 3 — continues the adventures of McPixel. The protagonist dreams of becoming a hero and saving people. He often finds himself in strange and comical situations. And he has to constantly deal with the prevention of disasters. This is the essence of gameplay. Users are placed in different locations and offered to solve a dangerous task. For example: defuse the bomb. In this case, the task must be completed within a couple of tens of seconds, using only non-standard solutions. To do this, you will have to think quickly and quickly study the environment. Both correct and incorrect choices of actions lead to unexpected or amusing consequences. The video game itself is a mixture of adventure and a collection of microgames.

This game has been updated 1-12-2022, 16:32 to the latest version v1.0.35.

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