Krampus Kills Build 10039877

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Krampus Kills — tells the story of a 10 year old kid named Finlay. The hero lives in a town called Oakville in New England. On Christmas Eve, the boy wanted to see Santa Claus. However, instead of him, a Christmas devil came home, who was nicknamed Krampus. An ancient demon arrived with a desire to get Fin’s soul. The young protagonist then has to fight for survival so as not to be dragged into the underworld. The game itself is a hybrid of the two genres. This is a survival horror and first person shooter game. The schoolboy is not defenseless before the antagonist and his henchmen. He is armed with his father’s double-barreled shotgun. When shooting from a gun, you need to keep an eye on the stock of cartridges.

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Spellbook Demonslayers Build 20221204

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Spellbook Demonslayers — is a demonic horde survival RPG inspired by Vampire Survivors and Path of Exile. Choose your character, combine new spells and upgrades to defeat thousands of demons, then use your rewards to get stronger and faster. Spells are cast automatically, so you can start slaying demons right away. Powerful elite demons will make nearby enemies stronger but by defeating them, you can appropriate their power for yourself. Create super powerful builds using a wide range of spells and upgrades. Unlock permanent upgrades by finding precious Astral Flowers.

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End State v0.4

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End State is a party-based turn-based strategy with elements of action and role-playing adventure. An important aspect that brings victory in battles is the correctly chosen and implemented tactics, which create more than half of the success. This project has a completely open world from the very start of the single-player story campaign, which provides access to a non-linear passage, as well as an independent choice of tasks to complete. Moving closer to the final battle, the gamer meets an increasing number of characters who are ready to join the team. They differ from each other not only in background.

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Mahou Arms v0.3.1457 - P2P

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Mahou Arms — fast action with a magical and charming anime girl in the lead role. Take your magical girl into a battle against aliens. Fight and transform into a unique combat form. Develop your relationship with girls, go on dates. You will also own your own base, with which you have to repel the attacks of enemies. An anime-style hack and slash that tells the story of a battle group of a magical girl opposing an alien invasion. A game in the HacknSlash genre with several heroes offers the player control of a squad of fighting girls who fight with alien invaders. The developers promise an intensive combat system, socialization, the development of their base and communication with heroines, exciting boss fights.

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WARNO v85396 Hotfix

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WARNO — is a new strategy RTS game from the veterans of the studio Eugen Systems, responsible for the Wargame series and the unforgettable RUSE. The production is described as the spiritual heir to the above positions. WARNO will present a fictional story from the late 20th century. In 1987, a coup detat led by hardened communists overthrew the general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev who actually held the post until 1991.

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Backrooms Escape Together v0.1.2

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Backrooms Escape Together — is an atmospheric horror game designed for cooperative play, where in a group of 4 real users you need to find a way out of another dimension and return to the normal world. The scientists who were sent to these mysterious labyrinths almost completed their mission and were supposed to return, but the mechanism broke down and they lost the opportunity to return. They know of another exit, but it lies through the most separated levels, through which only a few managed.

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Lumencraft v8315

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Lumencraft — players will play as scouts who have founded a settlement near the alleged deposits of Lumen. They will face monsters, and will also mine a precious resource, trying to survive in an ongoing nightmare. The developers promise a large arsenal of weapons, destructible environment, a branched technology tree and much more. At first glance, Lumencraft looks like a retro top-down shooter where the hero fights huge swarms of underground bugs. Your character is the last hope of humanity to get the precious minerals Lumen, which prevent extinction. The protagonist is not the only one who hunts and fights for the Lumen minerals.

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Dark Light v1.0.5.3

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The game project Dark Light — is made in the genre of platformer with action elements in a fantastic style. The gameplay here is just awesome. You will find a long and dangerous journey through a futuristic world inhabited by terrible creatures with amazing abilities. You can use innovative technologies of the future to confront these monsters. These technologies will help you not only to see where these creatures lurk, but also to kill them. Consider the fact that without this equipment you will not be able to see your opponents. Therefore, if you want to survive, then you need to be vigilant. Otherwise, your adventure will end in death. You will watch the gameplay from the side and from there you can go through another 100 levels of varying difficulty.

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Remoteness v1.90 hotfix

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Remoteness is a fast-paced shooter set in the aftermath of an anomalous disaster. A real rain of meteorites hit our planet. Here is a realistic three-dimensional graphic design carefully prescribed engine. The year is 2034. You are in New York and wake up from a terrible nightmare, which in the end turned out to be quite plausible. The area of ​​the metropolis was completely evacuated, and then the military surrounded it. It happened after strange precipitation from cosmic bodies. You must enter into confrontations, conduct studies and try to survive. The main assistant for the protagonist will be a drone nicknamed Hannah.

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Zompiercer v13.2

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Zompiercer — is a zombie first-person shooter in which you will travel by train through the ruined world. Stay in cities to replenish your supplies. Equip your train so that it becomes an impassable fortress that will protect you from the crowds of hungry zombies. The train is your new home that you can equip for a comfortable stay. Explore the world, look for other survivors, try to understand why zombies become more aggressive, faster and even gain the beginnings of thinking.

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