Cursed to Golf v1.0.1 (57924) - GOG

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Cursed to Golf — is certainly not a standard golf project. Here, users enter Purgatory, and in order to get out of here back to the world of the living, he needs to win several games. But everything is not so simple, because literally every blow here will be worth its weight in gold. Moreover, each next level hides new difficulties that you will have to respond to already in the course of passing. The design style of Cursed to Golf, exactly like the gameplay, is fully consistent with two-dimensional projects.

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The Ascent Cyber Heist Build 9339875 - FLT

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The Ascent Cyber Heist — You’ve completed your ascent, but you want more. Cyber ​​robbery for you. Alone or in co-op with friends, complete new challenging missions, explore brand new locations, fight new enemies and experience new ways to fight with melee weapons. Ascent Cyber ​​Heist takes place after the main story of Ascent and is available to those who have completed the main campaign and want to sign a new contract. Kira, your former employer, received a new top secret assignment and how could you, as a new independent contractor, refuse. Go beyond the familiar arcology to the new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. There are some groundbreaking new technologies ready to go, but you’re not the only one with your sights set on the prize. Test your skills with this new challenging job. Explore brand new locations, fight new enemies.

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Sir Whoopass Immortal Death v18.08.2022 - FLT

Sir Whoopass Immortal Death free download torrent games pc
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Sir Whoopass Immortal Death — an action packed adventure. is an adventure game in which you have to cut a path in a bloody way. The protagonist Sir Wupass lives in a utopian world where he brings chaos and disorder due to his own bad decisions. He needs to correct the situation, and for this he will need to find the Legendary Artifact of the Victorious Villain. If the central character manages to find a powerful relic, then he can defeat the Immortal. This will prevent a powerful enemy from spawning evil creatures and monsters that sow lawlessness on a peaceful planet. The protagonist will have to pump their own abilities and learn as they progress. On the way he will face skeletons, trolls, orcs and other opponents.

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Thymesia v19.08.2022

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In Thymesia, the player takes control of the mysterious Corvus. Events unfold in a fictional kingdom ruled by death and robbers. The main character tracks down opponents and eliminates them. Corvus received the power of the plague, deadly spells that will help get to the truth in the country. Previously, the kingdom prospered, and life sang with bright colors. The ruler decides to try to ban the dark business of alchemy, and after that catastrophic events follow. A few days later, the state is engulfed in chaos, monsters crawl out of the ground and kill civilians. The protagonist has lost his memory, but only by restoring it will he be able to find out where the monsters came from and how to destroy them. Exploring the world and completing tasks, the central character discovers his own lost memories, solving mysteries.

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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter v2.0 - FLT

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter free download torrent games pc
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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter — gives users the opportunity to play the role of a paleontologist exploring desert lands and jungles. The protagonist is a professional in his field, he is looking for the remains of dinosaurs in the United States. You have to drive a car along the forest or across the plains, use a map with information about the location of the remains, carefully dig and pull out what you find. Collecting the remains, the gamer learns about extinct species and approximate characteristics.

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Wild Life v12.08.2022

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Wild Life — takes players to the distant past, to years long before our era. The range of computer games does not cease to be updated, and every year the developers delight the community with new projects. The modern user is difficult to surprise, so the studios are developing new ideas. Sometimes ideas reach the level of insanity, but many players even like it. This simulator is a survival in the prehistoric world. The game is intended only for adult users, because it contains a large amount of sexual content. The open world is completely open to exploration, there is no storyline, which means that players.

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Postal 4 No Regerts v1.0.9 - P2P

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Postal 4 No Regerts — is a dynamic action game filled with real madness and a share of black humor, where you have to overcome a lot of tests. The storyline tells you about our protagonist, who goes to the expanses of the desert terrain of Arizona in search of a new home. You will play the role of a brave and fearless dude who is once again ready to take the path of revenge and ruthlessly destroy everyone who dared to take the side of the opponent. You find yourself in an unpleasant situation, because on the way you become a victim of a robbery and now you have neither a trailer, nor a car, nor a favorite raincoat.

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POSTAL Brain Damaged v20220815 - P2P

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POSTAL Brain Damaged — is a spin-off of a series of old-school first-person shooters. It implements dynamic gameplay, classic for the games of the same name, as well as a lot of black humor, satire, rudeness and recklessness. The game offers the most insane arsenal of weapons, there are many bonuses and a twisted plot, which is based on violence. To this end, the ability to hit the head, carry out a real massacre and even damage the opponent’s brain has been implemented.

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Airships Conquer the Skies v1.1.0.2

Airships Conquer the Skies free download torrent games pc
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Airships Conquer the Skies — a pixel game in the genre of the designer, where you have to create various aircraft, on which you will go into enchanting battles, facing numerous rivals face to face. You have to fight for supremacy, where all the battles will take place in the heavenly space. Create large flying fortresses, and try to strengthen them as much as possible, as well as provide you with various kinds of weapons that will help you to further crush the enemy. The game will be held with a side view, where all your buildings will look in section, and all departments are visible. Each team member must execute your orders, so try to take everyone under your control. Go to battle with other players, where you can have a great time with your friends.

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Vampire Survivors v0.11.106

Vampire Survivors free download torrent games pc
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Survival in the Vampire Survivors universe is based on minimalist gameplay where you have to move around the map and knock out as much gold as possible. The main task for the protagonist is to advance through the levels generated in the roglight style. You need to try to survive the night, fighting off monsters and higher undead. Vampires will hunt for the protagonist, not giving him the opportunity to rest at a halt or come up with a future plan of action.

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