Amazing Superhero Squad v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Amazing Superhero Squad — a bright simulator of a superhero corporation. Do you think it’s easy to solve all the problems of the cursed city and not go crazy. Lead a team of superheroes, save the city of Storborg from impending disaster and defeat your dishonest opponents. Keep your corporation up and running. Don’t let basic statistics reach zero. Solve the problems of the city and your employees. Fascinating story. Rivals are on guard. Expose conspiracies within your corporation and break rivals. Create a dream team. Combine characters with different characteristics for maximum efficiency and please do not kill them all.

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Indoorlands v23.10.2021

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Indoorlands — you build and manage an indoor amusement park to lure visitors. Unleash creativity and make sure that your guests always have something to do, build attractions, various shops, decorate the territory and much more. In Indoorlands, create and manage your own indoor amusement park and lure visitors with individually designed halls and attractions that you can manage yourself. Will you manage to surpass the needs of your visitors. You are the boss unleash your creativity and create your own personal park that will completely immerse your guests in a different world. Build, expand and manage your own fleet. Take on the challenge and gradually unlock different types of halls, attractions, decorations and shops.

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Roguebook v1.7.3 - RePack

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RePack for game Roguebook — is a roguelike card game that will take the heroes through different exciting worlds. Two characters, with different views on life, characteristics, tactics of warfare, go on a journey. Many dangers await them on the way, they have to fight with enemies who wish them death. Each hero fights independently of each other, applying their skills. You can also use in battle all the cards that you find or create. Their pumping will allow you to collect an invincible deck with which you can crush any enemy and you will not be afraid of the final boss.

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Subverse v0.3.0

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SUBVERSE — is the most expensive porn game in video game history. The gameplay is an erotic role-playing game in which you create your character and set off to explore the vastness of outer space. Visit different planets and stations, as well as have sex with representatives of different races. The game acts as a parody of Mass Effect. The project contains numerous references to the famous space RPG series about Captain Shepard. The plot is a theater of absurdity and comedy spiced with porn scenes. In SUBVERSE, you can sleep with almost any character. Your team may include 9 charming beauties, each of which has its own erotic properties.

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Fights in Tight Spaces v0.23.6276

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Fights in Tight Spaces — is a mix of a turn-based strategy card game with animated battles in a classic setting. Here the gamer will learn to build his own tactics in any conditions, knocking out the right cards and their location in order to win battles. To create a deck in the game, 150 cards are provided, made taking into account the abilities of the enemy. The user can make combinations based on his own playing style. By randomly choosing combinations of events, the gamer receives damage or improvements. Before each battle, the user creates boosts for his ward. Actions develop at a time when espionage began to be used in a simplified manner. After collecting the data, the spies send it to analysts, who are already beginning to decipher the information received. There is only one team that is engaged in real espionage this is Group 11.

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Xenonauts 2 Beta 22

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Xenonauts 2 — the second part of a tactical role-playing game in which you have to manage an organization fighting against aliens. You will face opposition to alien technology, the creation of a powerful squad, battles and tactical battles. In the story, the game affects the events unfolding against the backdrop of the Cold War in 1979. But in this alternative universe, the United States and the USSR do not fight, but unite, and not just like that, but to fight aliens who have already launched an invasion as such. You, the player, have to create a powerful espionage organization, which is entrusted to the last to defend the Earth and fight the alien invaders. At your disposal will be everything you need, including the most modern at the time technology, weapons, and of course, human resources.

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Warpips v1.0.6.31

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Warpips — game looks deceptively simple. In fact, this is a thoughtful and exciting strategic game. It is worth evaluating and trying if you are an admirer of this genre. This is your own army, military points, the opportunity to engage in development and strengthening in the chosen direction. All battles will be randomly generated. It turns out that when you play there is a unique battle. A wonderful field for experimenting and creating strategic combinations. There is a tree of updates and improvements, you can unlock it completely and develop in the chosen direction and according to a thought-out plan. At the disposal will be infantry, various vehicles, missile forces and artillery. Visually, everything looks funny and quite impressive at the same time. Everything explodes, is in motion. These are real fighting.

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Star Dynasties v1.0.1.0

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Star Dynasties — is a strategy game that will allow you to enjoy space travel and take a fresh look at the endless expanses of the universe. In the future, humanity began to leave Earth to explore other planets, but an unexpected catastrophe canceled plans to create a single interstellar corporation. The destruction of their home planet forced people to stop on those lands where they had already managed to land. Gradually, the newly formed colonies began to represent a feudal society, deprived of the opportunity to use the latest technological advances. Violent internecine wars between members of the ruling elite for power are depleting reserves at an alarming rate.

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InfraSpace v7.3.130

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InfraSpace — is a sci-fi city-building simulator where every resource produced must pass through a transport infrastructure. Start mining resources, manage production and make sure the road network is up to the task. It is impossible to build a city on the edge of space that man can reach by simply spending a lot of money. Instead, you will have to send your first astronauts to extract resources. Once you have some iron, carbon, sand, and sulfur, you can build your first steel and concrete plant to start building infrastructure. Even basic necessities like food and oxygen require a stable production chain that cannot be disrupted.

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Kingdom Wars The Plague v1.0 - PLAZA

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Kingdom Wars The Plague — we all love peacetime, but sometimes cardinally dangerous situations occur, because of which it is then difficult to understand events. For example, Europe lived its life, but at one point everything was covered in darkness. What became the reason. Everything is simple, the ruthless plague hit so swiftly that it simply destroyed the empires and now hundreds of Lords, who previously had big plans, are now forced to do everything to survive, keep the plague out of their city and try to maintain power. As you might have guessed, such a time was ideal for many dishonest lords who decided to declare war on the whole environment. This time you have to become a lord who should hold the power and not allow offenders to seize power. If earlier you could rely on the help of the king, now the situation will change extremely.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:41 to the latest version v1.0.

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