Trailmakers v1.1 (Summer Party) - CODEX

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Trailmakers is an interesting game project on a PC, which is a kind of designer and a car building simulator in which developers offer all gamers to assemble their own car and take part in dynamic battles against the owners of their home-made cars. In the game, you will become for some time a car mechanic and a designer engaged in the assembly of cars. From the available parts, you need to assemble your own deadly killing machine, which will not only kill, but also drive fast.

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Led It Rain v1.411 (Refueled) - PLAZA

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Led It Rain is far from being a masterpiece of the gaming industry, and simply playing a game that has an unusual idea that can lure any player into their world. This project was presented to the world in the genre of shooter, where all actions occur with a first-person view. You will go to a huge and very dangerous world, where you will be riding your iron horse — bike. You are waited by several unique routes, each of which is endowed with dangers and difficult tests. The main goal — driving on a motorcycle, to destroy all the treacherous monsters in its path, but at the same time not forgetting to kiss the girls on the way in a bikini. At first, it may seem that you will enter a world of chaos, trash and madness, but then you will realize that everything here is still worse than you thought.

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American Truck Simulator v1.40.2.0s + DLC

Torrent American Truck Simulator download free pc
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American Truck Simulator is a great simulator of a long-distance driver, which is filled with elements of economic strategy. The gamer will be able to try himself as the driver of huge steel monsters, working tirelessly and following the road. The user, who downloads the American Truck Simulator with the help of a torrent tracker, will immediately find himself on the sunny coast of California, without leaving a comfortable chair near his personal computer. He will be able to enjoy trips on his car in stunning places in the most populous country — the United States of America.

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Size Matters v1.1.36 - CODEX

Torrent Size Matters download free pc
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Size Matters — may be to the liking of lovers of chemistry and just non-standard indie projects. The action of this game takes place in the laboratory office of a researcher. The protagonist accidentally swallowed a substance. Because of him, it gradually decreases. Objective: find an antidote before the hero becomes tiny. If you do not make it in time, you will be considered a defeat.

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Next Car Game Wreckfest v1.275536

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Next Car Game Wreckfest — cool simulation of racing cars, where you take up their management and go to unrealistic races in all sorts of locations. Graphics in the game as close as possible to reality. All vehicles will be presented as real. The accent was made on the representatives of the American and Japanese razvlyh. All that will be in the world around you is completely destroyed, down to the trees and stones, which will make the process much more realistic and you will be able to plunge your head into a steep atmosphere. Compete in the race and try to always eliminate the rivals, so as a result take the leading position in the rating table. On the way, you will encounter a lot of obstacles in the form of sharp turns and obstacles, which can even lead to an imminent accident, so be careful.

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Marble Ball Racing v1.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Marble Ball Racing download free pc
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Marble Ball Racing — is a racing game. The player will control a marble ball to compete with 24 other AI marble balls. This is a single player game. In the event of a challenge, the player’s game level can be set on the starting stage. You can use the arrow key or the WASD key on the keyboard to control the marble ball. The player has to play with 60 unique stages in science fiction.

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Car Constructor v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Car Constructor download free pc

Car Constructor — will allow you to build, repair and paint your own car, and then test it on the race track. This game offers you many tools for car repair and improvement, a shop with a wide selection of spare parts, different types of painting and tuning, as well as a realistic mountain trail and different types of pavement. Deep car upgrade system. You can replace almost any detail of the detailed physics of the ride. Realistic graphics, great racetrack. The garage of a real motorist.

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art of rally Deluxe Edition v1.1.1 - CODEX

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art of rally — the number of fans of racing adventures is growing rapidly. This is because developers do not stop improving this game genre, creating unique opportunities for games for every gamer. You will be able to conquer new tracks, and it will bring you a lot of pleasure. Keep in mind that the rally is a dangerous entertainment, which means that players will have to be careful and skillful. Plunging into this game world, you can achieve incredible success, and solve many problems at the same time.

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Devilated v0.8.9

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Devilated — is a new PC game that includes several different genres, including cruelty and survival moments. In turn, this is a brutal game in the genre of FPS-RPG, in which you play the role of a warrior, survives and sets fire to enemies on the path of violence. A handmade game instead of an ingeniously realistic AAA title. Levels of the maze with the search for keys. No procedurally generated levels, open world, cut scenes. RPG inventory. There are no carefully written additional statistics of subjects. Live, die and live again happened to death as progress. There is no immortal death. Fragile weapons, time bullets and paired weapons. There is no realistic world.

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MXGP 2020 v01.0.0.5 - CODEX

Torrent MXGP 2020 download free pc
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MXGP 2020 — is a sports racing simulator with realistic physics, as well as a first and third person camera view. The official game adaptation of the iconic Motocross Championship is ready to delight you again. Get behind the wheel of your trusty motorcycle and do not hold back the adrenaline rush, because there will be a lot of it in this part. Get ready to face the many real-life racers riding real bikes for the 2020 season. Awaken your inner driver and do everything to win the coveted champion title.

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