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The Tenants — is a homeowner simulator in which you have to walk between apartments and collect money from tenants for living. You have to solve many issues deal with conflicting neighbors, participate in a mess with the police, and much more. Make a choice who you prefer to rent your home to an elderly old woman or a young couple. Renting out an apartment, you will never know what the consequences await you. Maybe it will be a decent tenant who will pay monthly without any problems, or maybe you will come across a scandalous and perpetually disgruntled guest who attracts the attention of the police. The Tenants has an extensive editor that allows you to create apartments from scratch.

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Cutthroat Cove v1.0 - PLAZA

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Cutthroat Cove — welcome to the Bay of Thugs. Be prepared to rob and plunder, or be prepared to walk on a board. In this open world pirate thriller, you can create, fight disgusting locals and follow clues to uncover the secrets of the Old World. Build your personal rooms to hide your treasures and build relationships with other villains. Gather resources to help you in your search. Stroll through the vast expanses of the Bay of Thugs in search of stones, wood, ore and sand. Steal a drop from dead enemies and save yourself from the same fate, leaving food and fresh water.

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Hydroneer v1.6.10 + Logic and Power - CODEX

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Hydroneer — is one of the most interesting and unusual arcades of the month. In the game you will have to build, lay various routes and get especially valuable and important resources. Try to find a huge amount of gold and sell it. Get what others have failed. These places, rocks, have long been famous for deposits of gold and silver. Only few people get really right wielding with a shovel and other tools to find metals. Drilling rigs are large water-powered mechanisms used for various purposes, from resource extraction to transportation of things. Various land plots await you in the game world, each with its own characteristics. Deep pits, attractive landscapes and the proximity of shops. You decide which is more important.

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Travellers Rest v0.3.4.0f7

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Travelers Rest — is a combination of a simulator and a sandbox, where you have a small tavern at your disposal, which must subsequently be brought to prosperity. Play the role of a hotelier who must do everything to turn an unremarkable place into a world-famous social space. Get involved in construction, explore the surrounding locations, acquire your own brewery and pay attention to the development of infrastructure in general. Take into account the wishes of the guests, make new acquaintances and do everything to achieve success in your favorite business.

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The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark v1.0 - DARKZER0

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A small adventure with mysticism and occultism in The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark. In this part of the series, our main characters Detective McQueen and his partner Dulay have to investigate 6 more new cases. The player will have to join the characters in a strange carnival, explore most of the Dark Side, and even visit the territory of old Ireland. The Darkside Detective takes place in a town called Twin Lakes. All sorts of devilry has been going on in him for a long time. And people are so used to it that it seems that the locals no longer pay attention to it.

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Prodeus v0.29b

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Prodeus — is a project developed in the shooter genre, where all the action takes place from a first-person perspective. A game that can delight the user not only with a dynamic process, but also with an excellent study of the visual component. The world around is completely destroyed, and also lends itself to control by the player, which is good news. We have to plunge into an atmosphere full of madness and hardcore, fight with an unmeasured number of opponents and go through numerous deadly traps. The dynamics of the game is executed at the highest level, so there will definitely be no time to get bored.

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Tools Up Build 11241980 - Goldberg

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Tools Up — A fun arcade simulator with a top view, where you and your friends have to do large-scale repairs in the house. The inhabitants of the mysterious skyscraper left their apartments in your hands. All that remains is a plan of how the house should look, before they return. Work together (or not) with your friends to make their dreams come true.

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The Infected v9.0

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The Infected — is an open world survival game in which you will be engaged in gathering resources, crafting, building a base, and fighting hordes of the living dead. The Infected world is inhabited not only by zombies, but also by hostile fauna. Your own base will help you defend against enemies, especially at night when opponents are becoming more aggressive. A deadly virus has infected almost the entire population of the Earth. It seemed that the cure was so close, but humanity could not be saved. Instead of getting better, the vaccine backfired and started bringing the dead back to life. DNA began to mutate into something inexplicable and bloodthirsty. This is how the creatures came to be called Wambies a mixture of vampires and zombies.

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Relax Its Aqua v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Relax Its Aqua — is an underwater hidden object that envelops the atmosphere. Each scene will take place in a separate aquatic environment. There is no time limit to speed up the levels. There are no bosses to fight, no experience points to track, and no story to go through. Just explore the surroundings at leisure. It is a relaxing and meditative experience that will

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Emily is Away 3 v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Emily is Away 3 — is a visual novel with a linear plot, although the player has the opportunity to make choices, but they will not affect the ending in any way. The action takes place in the mid-2000s. It tells about the girl Emily, and the story lasts 5 years and touches on the most important moments in her life. The passage begins from the moment the main character pumps the last class of high school. The plot ends when the character is in his final year of college. The process is simple and is presented in the form of correspondence between the protagonist and the girl. The gameplay takes place on the in-game monitor, and Windows XP is installed on the PC.

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