HighFleet v1.01

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HighFleet — is a representative of a special genre. This is an action-based strategy, all the events inside which take place in real time. The player needs to show the skills of diplomacy, combat tactics, scout. The battles here are quite arcade, but not boring. Sometimes you need to show a lot of tactical skill to win them victory. Huge flying warships sweep across the deserts, carrying powerful and deadly weapons. But you won’t be able to win with a simple quick press of the buttons. You will also have to think to show both tactical and strategic thinking. That is worth at least the need to create a unique fleet for victory.

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Beautiful Desolation v1.0.6.7b (Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

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Move a few hundred years forward into the distant futuristic era, where everything is controlled by exceptionally high technology. In the game Beautiful Desolation, your hero Mark exists outside of time. He needs to find his brother Don, who went to the future and was lost somewhere in those years. Mark will have to make an exciting and mysterious journey, during which he will encounter numerous puzzles and puzzles.

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Eldest Souls v1.0.465

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Eldest Souls — is an interesting pixel-based action game where you take on the role of a brave but lonely knight. You must take part in a fierce battle, where the mighty ancient Gods will act as your opponents. Many years ago, humanity managed to imprison its enemies in the forgotten temples of the Citadel. Centuries later, the Old Gods managed to escape from captivity, and now they are literally filled with rage and a thirst for revenge. Great devastation has fallen on the world, and only a fearless knight is able to cope with dangerous opponents. Embark on a long and difficult journey, where all kinds of obstacles and numerous enemies will await you. Fight your rivals using any available weapon.

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Evdeki Lanet v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Evdeki Lanet — is a first-person psychological horror. The plot of the game takes place in an old cursed house in a town near the city. The game is exploration-oriented, and you need to carefully explore your surroundings to advance in the game. After the death of a man cursed by her for betraying a woman, his soul is trapped in his house, and his grandson moves into this house after marriage, and the couple sends a letter to the priest asking help. After Father reads the letter that reaches him, he goes to the damned house to help and tries to lift the curse.

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Night Book v1.0 - DOGE

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In pc game Night Book, you will meet Loraline, the translator of video calls from English to French. One day she will have to translate a strange magic book, after which terrible events will begin, from which the faint-hearted gamers and not only will definitely get goosebumps. Loraline will have to choose what or who she is willing to sacrifice in order to survive, including her husband, father and child. Of course, you will be the one to choose. When making decisions at key moments in the plot, sooner or later you will come to one of several endings.

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Genesis Noir v9560 - PLAZA

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Prevent the expansion of the universe in order to save the beloved from death this is what the hero of Genesis Noir will do. This will stop the Big Bang and its aftermath. Explosion in the game means not only the birth of a new Universe, but a shot. A bullet aimed at the protagonist's beloved freezes in time. The player is waiting for a journey through trillions of years, during which he will be able to observe the universal events.

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The Companion Update 2 - CODEX

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The Companion — is an adventure game aimed at exploring the magical world. Take control of a mythical animal and explore the incredibly picturesque landscapes of a fantastic continent that amazes with its vibrant colors. You have to play as a white three-tailed fox. Explore different areas represented by unique artwork, collect ancient artifacts and various essences to help you explore such an amazing world. Play at your own pace with incredible sunsets and majestic landscapes. The plot revolves around a touching family history of one endangered species. Animals try to overcome all the difficulties that stand in their way.

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The Bounty Huntress Build 7074981 - P2P

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The Bounty Huntress — in this game in the style of Metroidvaniya join Rei, a predator behind their heads, who is tasked with rescuing people kidnapped in the City of Vonar and taken to the mysterious castle of Aresdale. Rhea relies on many special skills that have helped her complete this difficult task. With several monsters flowing down the corridors at Aresdale Castle, you have to be careful to succeed in your journey. There are several dangers in the castle, but there are also several rewards hidden. This game requires a lot of dexterity, patience and attention. You need Ray and the people of Vonar. Game in the style of Metroidvaniya with clear pixel graphics. Play as Ray, a bounty hunter full of skills and weapons. Precise control and intuitive gameplay. Defeat various monsters in the corridors of the castle. Uncover the secrets of Aresdale Castle in 7 different areas.

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles v1.0 - CODEX

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles — is an indie adventure with visual novel, puzzle, detective, and anime-style elements. Get ready to plunge into a fascinating and wonderful world in which you will have the chance to show your deductive abilities, search for evidence, and also take part in dramatic verbal battles that flare up right in the courtroom. Reincarnate as a young and ambitious lawyer named Ryunosuke, who has yet to show everything that he is capable of. Investigate the grisly murders that took place in Japan and London in the late nineteenth century. You can be sure that a lot of humor, drama, unexpected twists and turns, as well as a variety of legal conflicts await you.

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Necromunda Hired Gun v1.59641 - GOG

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Necromunda Hired Gun — is a shooter from the first, created in the Warhammer 40K universe. The player becomes a bounty hunter, traveling through a dangerous world and completing orders. The main character uses reliable and large guns, earns bloody money and tries to get answers to personal questions. Events take place in the world of Necromunda. The city is engulfed in crime and corruption, a real paradise for a master mercenary. The user will have to navigate the gloomy corners of the sinister metropolis, descend into industrial zones and lava territories.

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