Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game v0.8.247

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Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game — is a tactical game project developed in the RPG genre in which you set off to conquer the vast expanses of space on your colonial ship. The events of the game send you straight to the distant future, where humanity has reached unrealistic heights in the study of outer space. You will take on the fulfillment of a very important role the role of the captain of a ship that goes on a long, important journey to fulfill a large-scale mission. The main goal is to get to a particular planet, study it and make it the future home for people. Your vessel was previously cargo, therefore it has overall dimensions, which means that not a small number of colonists went on a journey. A rather large period of time has already passed from the beginning of the journey, when people on the ship have already lost all hope and have fully settled in the vast spaces of the ship, leading a very ordinary life. This acceptance of the situation entailed quite a few problems, clashes between people and the real mess on board. You have to figure it all out and try to calm the chaos, giving hope for salvation.

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The Age of Decadence v1.6.0.138

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