Iron Harvest v1.4.8.2986 - P2P

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The real-time strategy of Iron Harvest — is based on the work of artist Jakub Rosalski. Events in it develop in the alternative reality of 1920. World war is fought with the help of humanoid robots. The confrontation involves several parties to the conflict. The user can take part in the storyline for Polania, Rusvet or Saxon State. Mankind, fascinated by the benefits that modern technology, engines and iron elements can provide, has sought to invent powerful machines. They became dangerous weapons on the battlefields of the Great War and a significant part of people’s daily lives. The game has more than 20 missions and 3 campaigns. The player can choose one of 9 charismatic heroes with bestial companions. To take a worthy place among other gamers, you can take part in rating matches. Competitive multiplayer will present users with real drive and excitement. Beautiful detailed graphics are harmoniously complemented by an excellent musical component.

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition v1.6.659.0.8

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition free download torrent games pc
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The Bethesda The Elder Scrolls franchise has always been created at the highest level. Each of the five parts told a fascinating fantasy story, exciting from the first minutes. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition was released in early 2011 and for the entire time of its triumph has received about two hundred awards, including the «Game of the Year.» You have a unique opportunity to install the latest version of the computer game Skyrim plus all add-ons: «Dawnguard», «Hearthfire».

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Quake Enhanced Build 9525425

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Quake Enhanced — is a re-release of the cult shooter, timed to coincide with its 25th anniversary. In it you will find much prettier graphics, support for 4K-resolutions, new content.In the role of a nameless soldier, you travel across different time eras and dimensions to destroy the forces of evil that have invaded your base. The most creepy monsters and enemy soldiers will stand in your way, but thanks to your speed, dexterity and a varied arsenal of weapons, you will erase them all to dust or turn them into a bloody mess on the walls.

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Volcanoids v1.28.408.0

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Volcanoids — game in the style of strimpunk, where all the action will take place on a vast territory of the island. Here you have to dining in the unforgettable events and incredible adventures that will give a lot of positive emotions. The game is endowed with elements of survival, so saving your own life will not be so easy. Here, the outcome of events will depend on your actions, which is why every mistake will have a very detrimental effect on the outcome of this or that task. Try to be attentive to details, because they will help you eliminate all the dangers on the way. The game is endowed with various kinds of tests, which you can overcome only with proper experience and knowledge.

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ORX v0.9.3

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ORX — is a role-playing game with tower defense and CCG elements in a fantasy setting. The gameplay is based on the experience of board games, trying to convey their spirit and atmosphere as much as possible. It is necessary to develop the castle so that it is possible to defend against the army of enemies. Gradually expand your lands and possessions. The main enemies are green-skinned wild orcs, constantly raiding your state.

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Sea of Thieves v2.113.5908.2

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Sea of Thieves — a multiplayer role-playing adventure game about pirates, in which you have to plow the seas, fight with the monsters of the depths, survive and do much more. Unfortunately, at the moment the game does not have a specific plot as such, but the developers promise to create a system in the near future, thanks to which the player will be lured by the appearing storyline as he travels. But there will be many plots here — the developers promise a treasure hunt, quests to overcome obstacles, and much, much more.

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Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator Build 9610832 - FLT

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In Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator, the name says it all. Yes, this is a brewing simulator, where gamers are given the opportunity to independently make the drink loved by millions. But this does not mean that everything will be reduced to primitive actions and take a minimum of time. The approach to the question is done in terms of chemistry and calculating the proportions of each ingredient. So, it is absolutely not necessary to go in cycles in simple recipes you can create several of your own combinations that are completely different from each other. The first step to success in Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator is setting up your workspace. It is necessary to arrange all the key elements so that it is convenient for the character to move around the room and spend the minimum amount of time on this. Burners, measuring containers, mugs, bowls, cauldrons.

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Han yo v29.09.2022

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Han yo — the main character witnesses a rather creepy action. The terrible demon Oni destroys his village and destroys all its inhabitants. Well, you and your young samurai will embark on a dangerous adventure in a 2D platformer in order to take revenge. Immerse yourself in a classic combat project that reveals a rather unusual story about a samurai girl. She faced the terrible demon Oni and now she must take revenge on him at all costs. Ink design in the style of ancient Japanese fantasy.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Build 9604133 - P2P

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope free download torrent games pc
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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope is an interactive horror game about four teenagers and a professor who find themselves in a small town called Little Hope. The heroes are trying to hide from the demons chasing them in the gloomy fog. The action takes place in the same universe as Man of Medan. Games belong to the same series, telling about different characters and events. The gameplay is a horror movie, where every action affects the development of the plot and the fate of the characters. Both single player and multiplayer modes are available. The gameplay is an interactive feed in which you watch the development of the story and make difficult choices at an important moment for the plot. Decide who to save, who to befriend.

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Crusader Kings 3 v1.7.2 - P2P

Crusader Kings 3 free download torrent games pc
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Crusader Kings 3 — is a continuation of the popular series of games. This is a strategy that will help the user create their own kingdom and dynasty in the future. It is necessary to get married, negotiate and, of course, participate in wars in order for the main character to gain even more influence. The action will take place almost all over the world, from Spain to India. This entire border must be subdued. However, controlling everything is a difficult task that the user will need to cope with. He must use all the deceit in order to seize power. In the game, you need to become the beginning of a whole dynasty.

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