Amazing Superhero Squad v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Amazing Superhero Squad — a bright simulator of a superhero corporation. Do you think it’s easy to solve all the problems of the cursed city and not go crazy. Lead a team of superheroes, save the city of Storborg from impending disaster and defeat your dishonest opponents. Keep your corporation up and running. Don’t let basic statistics reach zero. Solve the problems of the city and your employees. Fascinating story. Rivals are on guard. Expose conspiracies within your corporation and break rivals. Create a dream team. Combine characters with different characteristics for maximum efficiency and please do not kill them all.

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Gedonia v0.4a

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Gedonia — before you is a classic role-playing game, made in accordance with old-school elements. It presents an amazing open world to explore. You can download Gedonia torrent on our online portal for free. You will have to play as a treasure hunter. You can upgrade your character, engage in battles with dangerous opponents and reveal the secrets of this fantastic world. A new amazing world with different secrets is waiting for you. Since you play as a character who left his native land and went towards adventures. In the course of the game, different fractions will be available to you, each of them has its own characters, abilities, missions and stories. But you need to be very careful, because strange events are happening around: something very evil is trying to get into this world.

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Aground Build 20211019

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Aground — is a two-dimensional indie game, which is a survival simulator on a mysterious island. In the story, the main character is a victim of a shipwreck. He manages to survive and get to an unknown island. Now you need to help the poor fellow find food, water and some working tools necessary for the construction of the first housing. You will explore this picturesque land area and stumble upon various useful objects that will be useful to you later in the construction of this village. After all, do not forget that on the island, in addition to you, there are other people who successfully survived the shipwreck.

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Torrent BIGFOOT download free pc
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BIGFOOT — is a cooperative horror game that allows you to play online with a friend or team up to survive online together on the Internet. On a pirate, you can connect with friends for free, or go to explore the forest alone. You will play as a group of forwarding agents trying to prove the existence of such a monster as Bigfoot. However, at one point, hunters may be prey. Events are developing in the wild forests of one of the reserves. Use the possibility of free online play, each of the players takes on a specific role in the expedition.

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Deformity v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Deformity download free pc

Deformity — step-by-step fantasy strategy. Elves, gnomes and humans have lived in the world for hundreds of years. But a quiet life pampered them. Sins grew and led to war. The world map consists of hexagonal cells and is divided into sectors. Colonize sectors for the development of the empire. Sectors are a fundamental economic unit with resources and buildings. The maximum number of buildings allowed is limited for each sector. Units with unique parameters and different types of attacks. The hero is a unique and powerful unit. Units use sectors for global movement and cells in combat. A turn-based battle takes place between two sectors on the world map. Terrain and buildings affect the battle.

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Voidtrain v7227

Torrent Voidtrain download free pc
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Voidtrain — is an open world survival game with the ability to play online with a friend for free on a pirate. By joining together on the Internet, online players discover new mysterious worlds, getting acquainted with a variety of phantasmagoric creatures that inhabit fictional continents. The network game allows you to jointly overcome dangers and engage in combat with numerous enemies. Gathering materials, you can create weapons and craft armor. The possibility of a free network game and a single passage is presented. In the company of friends or in solo mode, you need to explore a world that lives by its own rules. Once in it, you need to adapt and learn to survive.

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Hungry Dino v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Hungry Dino download free pc

Hungry Dino— is a top-down PC game where it is up to the player whether little Dino is fed or becomes a tidbit for evil monsters. The essence of the work was in a single-player game for the passage, where the player simultaneously controls two teams, which are chased by opponents of their colors red and blue. Only the side of the opposite color can get rid of the enemy, while at the same time movement occurs only in some, others are waiting in freeze.

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Train Travel Simulator v2.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Train Travel Simulator download free pc
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Train Travel Simulator — travel simulator in a car of a passenger train in Russia. Explore spaces with the sound of train wheels! Walk in cars, rest and sleep, look out the window, do what you want. The game was designed and implemented specifically for those who lack the romance of traveling in a train car, for those who like the sound of the wheels hitting the rails, specific reserves. If you miss the beautiful view from the window of the train car, then this game will suit you.

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Paleon v1.5.0a

Torrent Paleon download free pc
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Paleon — a minimalist strategy simulator with elements of survival and a sandbox, where you will find yourself in the role of a time traveler who has a broken time machine and he is stuck in the past. Help him build his civilization, fix the time machine and return home. Grow your settlement in an accelerated mode, starting with the Stone Age technology and ending with the age of steam engines. Hunt, create useful tools, breed animals, grow plants. Set up the production of the necessary parts to create a new Time Machine from scratch.

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The Misty Tale v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent The Misty Tale download free pc

The Misty Tale — is a third-person fantasy fighting game in which you play as a mercenary swordsman caught in a terrible northern storm, on a broken mast and on his hind legs, during which he will take you to unknown misty islands. Your adventure will begin there. Find and remove runes. Fight and use abilities.

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