Death Below Build 10164958

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The plot of Death Below begins with an unexpected stop at the cemetery of the police squad, which was heading to the scene of the crime. There they meet a strange-looking man who, bleeding, ran out of the crypt. Trying to figure out what happened, the partners find a passage leading down inside the building, and decide to go down to check what’s wrong. Parallel to this, a police detective named Rachel leaves for a call that seemed like a banal report about domestic violence. However, she has to face real horror, which has no rational explanation. Both storylines gradually intertwine, presenting players with a macabre tale of immoral scientific experiments and the monsters they spawned.

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Sackboy A Big Adventure Build 10119603 - P2P

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Sackboy A Big Adventure is the fifth spin-off of the LittleBigPlanet series. It was originally a console exclusive. The title was later ported to PC. The PC version boasts support for DLSS and ultra-wide screens with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The game is capable of 120 FPS at 4K. The port also includes all additional content previously released on consoles. In addition, it has bonus costumes. You can play with keyboard and mouse or gamepad. In addition to the single, there is a network multiplayer with additional levels created specifically for it. The video game itself is a three-dimensional family platformer with a fabulous atmosphere and a low entry threshold. The title is divided into several thematic parts, which consist of many cards.

This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 02:47 to the latest version Build 10119603.

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Wavetale v1.0 - GOG

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Explore the high seas and the ravaging Strandville Archipelago in Wavetale, a story-driven adventure game where you meet grieving fishermen, secretive hermits, and maybe a couple of pirates. Conquer calm waters and stormy waves as Sigrid, a young girl who befriends a mysterious shadow that gives her the ability to walk on water. Race the waves, jump from the roofs with the help of the net and defeat the terrifying enemies to save the islanders. And all this with a little help from the shadows.

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Portal with RTX Build 10100896

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Portal with RTX is a new take on the puzzle game of the same name released in 2007. As a young girl, Chell, you find yourself in a closed laboratory where various effects of Portals on the lives of ordinary people are being tested. You will face a number of tests for the solution of which you will need to master the principle of operation of a special portable device and find a way to solve all the proposed puzzles. It didn’t seem to you: this is exactly the same game presented in a completely new format. Portal with RTX retains all the gameplay features of the original version, but introduces a number of graphical changes. The developers were the Lightspeed studio, which not only changed the textures by slightly updating the look, but did a gigantic job of large-scale processing of the entire environment.

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Choo-Choo Charles v1.0.0 (Build 9980759)

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Choo-Choo Charles is a horror action game in which the user has to navigate the railroad on his favorite combat train. The need for it appeared quite recently, since the inhabitants living near the railway tracks did not find the appearance of a strange evil spirits devouring people there. To deal with this, they called a monster hunter, but everything was not so simple. Rumors of killer trains have always been local entertainment among children. After all, how can this transport intentionally kill if its trajectory is limited by rails and given routes? But not for Charles.

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God Souls Build 10000071

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God Souls mainly focuses on bloody combat experience and rich level design, similar to Prince of Persia, God of War and so on. Chaos is the protagonist of the series, using a variety of weapons and magical powers to fight against many different types of enemies, the vast majority of which are creatures based on Greek mythology. For most enemies, Kaos can also trigger a QTE that requires precision, killing opponents with bloody kills. 

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Cafe Owner Simulator v1.0.202

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Cafe Owner Simulator — is a restaurateur simulator that allows you to open the cafeteria of your dreams. By renting a building, you can create unique interiors and exteriors. It is necessary to personally conduct interviews and recruit staff, including baristas, waiters, cooks, hostesses and cleaners. The task is extremely prosaic to create the most comfortable place where people can relax and unwind. Ideally, do everything possible to get them back.

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Dwarfs Adventure v0.45

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Dwarfs Adventure is an old-school game about creating and exploring dungeons. Explore levels or create your own to share with others. Move tile by tile and make decisions at each corner. As a dwarf, you are the most prolific dungeon explorer in the world, no other dwarf has achieved what you have done. Looking for new dungeons to explore. Your goal is quite simple, find a way out of the dungeon by completing the suggested tasks, but be careful. You have to survive and manage your resources. Look for loot to stay alive, fight monsters, avoid traps. Enjoy a unique gameplay close to some games from the 90s where you have to decide what to do in each part of the dungeon and wait for the next location to make a new decision. This makes the game more strategic about what to do. Your decisions cost you energy, so think twice before you act.

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Remoteness v1.90 hotfix

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Remoteness is a fast-paced shooter set in the aftermath of an anomalous disaster. A real rain of meteorites hit our planet. Here is a realistic three-dimensional graphic design carefully prescribed engine. The year is 2034. You are in New York and wake up from a terrible nightmare, which in the end turned out to be quite plausible. The area of ​​the metropolis was completely evacuated, and then the military surrounded it. It happened after strange precipitation from cosmic bodies. You must enter into confrontations, conduct studies and try to survive. The main assistant for the protagonist will be a drone nicknamed Hannah.

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Beach Invasion 1944 Build 10063377

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Gamers in Beach Invasion 1944 will have to go back in time to the Second World War, taking control of one of the soldiers. You will enjoy dynamic first-person shootouts, immersed in an action shooter. Users have to move through various locations, sit in trenches, lay mines, shoot from a wide arsenal of weapons (rifles, machine guns, pistols, etc.), throw grenades, etc.

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