Farming Simulator 22 v1.6.0.0 Build 9000052

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The developers of Farming Simulator 22, who have released more than 5 parts in the farming simulator series, have introduced many changes to the gameplay. In the passage, more than 400 pieces of equipment were added with their own value, characteristics and purpose. From hundreds of real brands, the user is able to choose a suitable mechanism and purchase it. The gameplay has a system of seasons, which significantly affects most of the aspects. Farming Simulator 22 introduces a number of improvements, advanced AI, better optimizations and extensive modding support. Graphics, vehicles, animals and the environment have changed the face, becoming one step closer to realism.

This game has been updated Today, 08:32 to the latest version v1.6.0.0 Build 9000052.

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Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game Build 8967312 - TiNYiSO

Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game free download torrent games pc
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Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game — designed to calm your mind, inspire and distract. Feel free to roam the forest as your own Ego or as a Stone. Explore a procedurally generated environment by listening to Alan Watts teachings on mindfulness, meditation, peace, and love. Play with ASMR grass, riding on it in different weather and at different times of the day. Just be careful. Relax in an attractive natural environment with a dense atmosphere under the original soundtrack, created exclusively for relaxation with binaural rhythms.

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Farming Simulator 22 Kubota Build 9000052 - FLT

Farming Simulator 22 Kubota free download torrent games pc
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Farming Simulator 22 Kubota — enter your new office on wheels in Farming Simulator! With the Kubota Pack for Farming Simulator 22, you will replenish your farm’s farm fleet with eleven new vehicles and tools from a multinational corporation that originated in Osaka, Japan more than 130 years ago. Including the Kubota M8, the brand’s largest tractor to date, with its spacious cab and round-the-clock view of your fields from the best location in your farm office. Also included are the M5, M6 and M7 series, as well as a wheel loader, side loader and other heavy Kubota equipment for everyday agricultural tasks with modern.

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Pro Cycling Manager 2022 v1.0.4.3 Build 8958364 - SKIDROW

Pro Cycling Manager 2022 free download torrent games pc
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Pro Cycling Manager 2022 — is a sports simulator with elements of strategy and management, which is dedicated to dynamic and colorful competitions between professional cyclists. All events will take place within the framework of the largest and most prestigious championships in this discipline. The gamer will have to prepare the team for dangerous trials on winding mountain tracks, where any mistake can cost the life of an athlete.

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Universe Sandbox 2 v31.1.0

Universe Sandbox 2 free download torrent games pc
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Universe Sandbox 2 is a solar system sandbox simulator. In fact, this game is an excellent educational tool in which the player can change almost any parameters of the solar system. This approach not only attracts, but also clearly demonstrates how balanced our solar system is. What will happen to the Earth if you remove the moon? What if the sun goes out? How does our planet behave, if you change its orbit? Or maybe you want to push the asteroid Apophis to the Earth? This game allows you to simulate hundreds of different options and clearly observe it. This approach allows for the shortest time to understand many physical principles and get great pleasure from it.

This game has been updated 26-06-2022, 07:21 to the latest version v31.1.0.

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Railroads and Catacombs v26.06.2022 (demo)

Railroads and Catacombs free download torrent games pc
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Railroads and Catacombs — improve your strategy to defeat powerful enemies with a sophisticated combat system. Each level gives you new and different tasks, adding modifiers to complicate them. Travel and explore this desert and hostile land aboard your train. A few generations ago, the world turned into a hostile wasteland when an unbridled wave of madness swept over its inhabitants. The only way to survive aboard these iron beasts is on rails.

This game has been updated 26-06-2022, 04:16 to the latest version v26.06.2022 (demo).

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Night Of the Loving Dead Build 8996061 - DARKSiDERS

Night Of the Loving Dead free download torrent games pc
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Night Of the Loving Dead — you have to explore the island of zombie apocalypse. Now you have access to a huge open world filled with various zombies and mutants. Not only zombies, other players or enemy NPCs can be a threat. You can complete quests to improve your player, or explore the map with friends by shooting zombies or other players. You will have to face unusual zombies, we have taught them to evolve using genetic algorithms, so be careful, any action you take will affect their evolution. Also, special types of zombies are very dangerous, they have special abilities, they are stronger.

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Factorio v1.1.61 - RePack

Factorio free download torrent games pc
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RePack for game Factorio — is a 2D sandbox of enormous size, where you will have the freedom to explore the planet. You will go to create a new world where you will create all the necessary conditions so that humanity can live there in peace and comfort. You need to engage in the extraction of useful resources and all sorts of things, and then produce the necessary components that you will send earthlings with aliens to war. You must master a new planet faster than the enemy will do. Here an important role is played by the economic component, so be very careful in resolving this or that issue. You will have great opportunities in terms of organization and logistics. The game can not boast of graphics, but this is not necessary here, because it is quite interesting already. Develop modern weapons, as well as setting up production.

This game has been updated 23-06-2022, 16:14 to the latest version v1.1.61.

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The Long Dark v2.00 (Wintermute Episode 4) - PLAZA

The Long Dark free download torrent games pc
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The Long Dark — this is one of the simulators of survival, which is very realistic about the health of the hero. So, as a result of a magnetic storm aircraft, whose main pilot you are suffering disaster somewhere in the dense forests of Canada. Since you are surrounded by extremely harsh conditions, it is winter with its strong frosts and very aggressive animals, and the most dangerous moment is the presence of other survivors. To begin with, you should explore the area, find a suitable shelter and acquire personal protective equipment, which for sure you will find it useful. Do not trust anyone, every one of the people you meet is very dangerous and this meeting may be your last.

This game has been updated 22-06-2022, 11:00 to the latest version v2.00 (Wintermute Episode 4).

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The Sims 4 Werewolves v1.89.214.1030 - P2P

The Sims 4 Werewolves free download torrent games pc
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The Sims 4 Werewolves — game set all night long. Your sims will transform, join flocks and run under the rays of the full moon. Explore the world of Moonwood Mill and discover the secrets of werewolves as you lead your new life as a lycanthrope. Families will discover new skills, control new temperaments and maybe even meet their peers. What big teeth you will have! Become a werewolf and accept or fight your animal nature. Werewolves, in addition to their monstrous appearance, will have a unique temperament and abilities, they will be influenced by the phase of the moon, and they will experience life events typical of wolves.
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