Evdeki Lanet v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Evdeki Lanet — is a first-person psychological horror. The plot of the game takes place in an old cursed house in a town near the city. The game is exploration-oriented, and you need to carefully explore your surroundings to advance in the game. After the death of a man cursed by her for betraying a woman, his soul is trapped in his house, and his grandson moves into this house after marriage, and the couple sends a letter to the priest asking help. After Father reads the letter that reaches him, he goes to the damned house to help and tries to lift the curse.

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Dyson Sphere Program v0.8.19.7715

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The Dyson Sphere Program — is a science fiction space simulator in which you will build your galactic empire as you explore uncharted regions of extraterrestrial space. In the distant future, humanity made a huge breakthrough in science and technology, which gave rise to a new era. You are assigned the role of the chief engineer responsible for the project to build the Dyson Sphere megastructure, which revolves around the star using all its power and energy. Building such a complex facility far from Earth is not an easy task. However, you will not be limited to one base and planet. On the contrary, you have to explore the Universe, build objects on different planets and connect them with a logistics network on a galactic scale. High-tech fur Icarus will be your main assistant. It will be your main transport and suit at the same time, and it can also be pumped.

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Mini Racing World v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Mini Racing World — is a low-poly arcade racing game with a career, car tuning and an open world map. Has a simple and direct driving model, but difficult to master. The game has as many as 18 different cars that can be tested on the track. You can buy new cars on the loans you get by attending events. Each car has its own driving style and different components for individual customization. You can also unlock some components by performing certain events. Modify your cars by changing the color, exhaust, spoilers and other aesthetic components.

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Vintage Story v1.15.2

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Vintage Story — is a survival sandbox inspired by Minecraft. You are in a post-apocalyptic world where the entire civilization is invaded by the wild. At the same time, all kinds of disorders constantly occur. the world is living a definitely hectic life. You, as a hero, have only one goal — to revive civilization and restore humanity to its former greatness. You find yourself in the vastness of Vintage Story with your bare hands. While exploring the area, you will have to collect resources, food, water and much more. Using the found items, you can create useful items and weapons. The hostile fauna will try to get to you, so you need to build your own base and acquire all kinds of uniforms. By smelting copper, you can forge powerful weapons that will slay any enemy that gets in your way.

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Democracy 4 v1.34

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Democracy 4 is a simulator of big politics, first-person action game. Others will be the priorities of local politicians. In the 5 years since the release of Democracy 3, everything has happened in the world. What a fuss has been made by Russian hackers alone, who elected the warrior Twitter for the presidency of the United States and transplanted tamed bears from unicycle for keyboards, scribbling caustic comments and fake news on foreign websites. Democracy 4 could not ignore such harsh maneuvers. The novelty will be about corruption, suppression of the free press and social media campaigns. In this sense, D4 ​​will develop ideas from the Democracy 3 add-on, subtitled Africa. Say, local extreme practices suddenly turned out to be relevant for the center of our civilization and democracy.

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Astronarch v1.6.1

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Astronarch — is an entertaining roguelike RPG with strategy elements and automatic battles, where, after collecting a squad of mysterious heroes, you will travel to dangerous lands to find magical artifacts and defeat a new evil that threatens the kingdom. The player is only required to create a suitable squad, as well as its placement. Then you explore various locations in search of valuable items that will allow you to pump heroes and go on more dangerous adventures. As in any other roguelike, here, too, it was not without role-playing elements and pumping characters.

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Drive 4 Survival v0.07.003

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Drive 4 Survival — is for those who agree to face the challenges of the vast ice desert and love survival projects. You have to make quite a few efforts in order to cope with the task. This world is shrouded in cold, it is worth trying to find at least a part of it that is not covered in ice. To start the equipment is not enough, however, you need to start with something. At your disposal a car and a minimum supply of tools.

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Looking for Heals v27.07.2021

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Looking for Heals — is an action-adventure roguelike game in which you control a small squad of fighters. Each unit of the party has its own characteristics and characteristics. The basis of the gameplay is treatment. You play as a hero who can heal allies. Heal characters, resurrect protagonists from the dead and go through an incredible adventure full of dangers and difficult enemies. The maps contain many useful items, secrets, bonuses and dangerous bosses. Each boss featured in Looking for Heals has unique attacks and moves. Carefully study the characteristics of each monster in order to effectively resist them. Various bonuses and experience points will be awarded, with which you can pump your hero and your squad.

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Tunguska The Visitation v1.3

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After the fall of the meteorite, the invasion of mutants begins in Tunguska The Visitation. Falling to Earth in the Tunguska area, the alien body caused the transformation of all local residents. As a result, a special Zone is formed here, the main goal in which is to survive and withstand enemies. In the game, you often have to make difficult choices, on the result of which your own existence depends. The player is opposed not only by converted people, but also by the harsh climate formed as a result of increased radiation. Natural disasters, diseases, infections, bandits and constant battles will force the user to fight for the life of the ward using various available methods.

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Black Skylands v0.0.6

Torrent Black Skylands download free pc
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Black Skylands — role-playing action in which you need to become the captain of the airship, trying to find a place full of resources. The reason for the search is simple — the Earth has turned into thousands of heavenly islands, where residents are fighting for free territories and resources. There will be battles both in the sky and on land, exploration of the world, 100 types of weapons, skills and abilities, ship improvement, special techniques and more than 50 islands with various biomes. In the game you have to take control not just anybody, but the captain of the whole airship. You will have to surf the heavenly expanses for a very definite purpose in the world of Black Skylands, the main interest is the semi-mythical heavenly lands, which are a kind of analogue of Eden, and it is their players who are to be found.

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