PowerWash Simulator v0.9 (Birthday)

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PowerWash Simulator is a game project developed in the genre of a simulation game in which you play the role of a cleaner and try to make all dirty surfaces as clean as possible. In your arsenal there is a rather powerful device for these purposes — water sand blasting, which creates the strongest possible flow of water, allowing you to get rid of any contamination. Turn on the device and get to work, cleaning off any, even the smallest particle of dirt. The world of the game is completely open and accessible, so you will be able to interact with any object and explore all the locations far and wide.

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FOUNDRY v0.4.3.3447

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Gamers in FOUNDRY have to deal with the arrangement of the factory, creating complex production chains. You will have to extract resources, build equipment, use various robotic equipment and form automated connections between different elements of the plant. Difficult logistical challenges will need to be dealt with by planning and building conveyor belts and pipeline networks. Players need to create complex power systems and constantly expand their growing product lines. The game is a factory construction simulator with first-person management elements.

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No Umbrellas Allowed v1.1.1

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No Umbrellas Allowed — is a strategy adventure game set in a mysterious future city called Ajik City, where you play as an antique shop assistant. Become the seller of an antique shop in the city of the future in 2080. You don’t remember anything, the store owner found you on the beach and gave you the name Bob. You need to evaluate products and bargain with visitors to buy profitably from them. Each item has its own history and value. Your task is to buy as profitable as possible in order to sell at a much higher price in the future.

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Ostranauts v0.9.0.10

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The Ostranyutsy — project is a detailed simulator of survival in space. Here you will have to learn the basics of survival on a spaceship in conditions of a lack of resources. In the distant future, when our planet was on the verge of destruction, and the other part of the solar system is trying to survive in the conditions of capitalist tyranny, you will have to step aboard the spacecraft, select a captain and begin to search for resources for further existence. If you do not want to use pre-created models, you can easily create your own spaceship, connecting all your imagination. Do not forget that every detail here is responsible for its function, so you need to carefully think through the entire design process. Each member of your crew has physiological.

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Grounded v0.13.2.3743

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Grounded — the protagonist of Ageless was Kiara, who got into the unusual world of Pandora. Here she found a magic obelisk, which gave the heroine the power to control the time of living beings. So the girl is able to change the age of animals and plants. This skill helps to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles on platform levels. The map is divided into colorful locations — green meadows with waterfalls, mysterious castles and wastelands. Each region has its own representatives of flora and fauna. Everywhere there are mysterious relics hidden in secluded places. To overcome abysses and climb hills, the heroine will change the size of different animals, including dolphins and rhinos.

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Breakwaters v0.5.13

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Embark on a journey through the endless world of Breakwaters, fight huge titans, build buildings, craft, push the waves of ocean waters and just enjoy the atmosphere beyond words. AThe events of the game take place in an unusual dying world, in which endless cataclysms have led to the fact that as a result, the whole of humanity was on the verge of destruction. And the blame lies with the titans, who came out of nowhere and now destroy everything in their path, create storms and whirlpools, and go ashore for destruction. Well, you will play the role of a man who has to plunge into a series of adventures and go on a journey across the islands in order to find a way to end the Titans once and for all.

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Metal World Street Scraps Build 8728371 - TiNYiSO

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Metal World Street Scraps is a game set in a retro-futuristic world that explores various themes such as cyberpunk and steampunk, which is a vision of what the imaginary future will look like in the 80s and 90s, a mixture of the future and the past, where the player rides in his car from pieces of garbage, creating dozens of different combinations, exploring the world at high speed, avoiding obstacles and completing their tasks. Metal World is an endless running game in which the player depends on his reflexes to avoid obstacles and traps, the gameplay is simple but requires a lot of attention, as the vehicle gets faster.

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Torrent KAWAII SLIME ARENA download free pc
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KAWAII SLIME ARENA — is a first-person shooter with RPG elements and many improvements. For true fans and lovers of classic shooters with a first-person view, which has its own history and unique gameplay. Help Yui defeat the slimes with a powerful weapon. Choose from a variety of upgrades to make it stronger, and win in arenas to unlock all weapons.

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Dread X Collection 5 Build 8780273 - TiNYiSO

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Try the next part or, better said, the party of the Dread X Collection universe. Dread X Collection 5, which showcases the carefully selected talents of 12 promising individual talents from around the world, causes fear in the most intense game. Immerse yourself in a world of broken entertainment and obsessive TV shows in this fascinating mix of entertainment-themed horrors. Continuing the history of the Dread X universe, you will go to the Outpost 3000 place that every child dreams of on his birthday. It’s just an innocent alien-style party. Or something much darker roars just below the surface. Gather your spirits and fight Thorny Mouth, but don’t forget to check out the games on offer.

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They Are Coming v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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They Are Coming — Ardennes, 1944. What the Americans call the Battle of the Ardennes is slowly fading as Nazi tanks run out of gas and Allied aircraft mercilessly kill them. Defeat prompts the Reich to overthrow its Wunderwaffe in a desperate attempt to break the battle hungry, hungry zombies. Well, zombies. You will have to gnaw and bite your way to victory through allies, Nazis and everyone you meet. Once you are done, spread the joy of the common cold and love the subtle taste of the brain beyond the Ardennes or World War II, for that matter.

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