Nobody Saves the World Build 7986661 - PLAZA

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Nobody Saves the World — is a top-down 2D Action RPG that tells a dark yet compelling story about a guy named Nobody. He himself did not decide who he was, just a nameless creature in a human body, which can change forms at its discretion. The main feature of the game is that the character can freely transform into any of the 15 available forms, and from this the gameplay completely changes. For example, he can become a huge strong man, a crazy horse with a bow, a turtle, a magician, a soldier and many others. All have their own types of attacks and techniques, some have magic, some have selenium exclusively in melee and much more. The game has a standard plot about saving the world, but it combines black humor, darkness.

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Double Time v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Double Time is a fun and energetic game that is suitable for any age group. The game is very dynamic; it trains your reaction and contains useful exercises to train the eye muscles. Game features will give you a certain amount of time. Each time you hit the ball on the coins, you will be given 5 extra seconds. The more you hit the target, the more chances you have to break the record by collecting 55 coins. Not everything is so simple. You will have enemies who will try to sabotage you by shooting at you. You will need to confront them, remembering the time.

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Helicopter Simulator 2020 v1.0.3 - TiNYiSO

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Helicopter Simulator — is a simulator for controlling civilian helicopters that deliver goods from one point to another. The gamer is given full control over all preparatory processes for the upcoming flight with a first-person view of a virtual protégé, for example, checking the health of screws, structural integrity, loading goods being moved, and so on. This project provides the most realistic physical model of the behavior of objects, which allows you to fully experience the complexity of a helicopter pilot. Support for a specially designed steering wheel controller has been implemented. Also, you can control the process using a gamepad and keyboard with a mouse.

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God of War v1.0.439.7815 - FLT

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God of War 2022 — is a third-person action-adventure game. This project is both a sequel to the previous part and a restart of the entire universe of the famous, cult slasher about the adventures of Kratos the Spartan warrior, the protagonist of all 8 games of the God of War series, fighting against various gods and mythical creatures in a fit of rage and revenge. This game is called a restart because of the transfer of the scene and the change in the main mythology, which is used as the primary source. If in the previous series of the franchise Greek myths and legends were taken as the basis, now they are Scandinavian. Some characters of the past parts appear as you progress in episodic roles.

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Greak Memories of Azur v1.0.6.114

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Greak Memories of Azur — is a side-scrolling platformer with stunning graphics that include hand-drawn animations. You have to control three characters, among which two are brothers Greak and Raydel and one is sister Adara. Each of them has individual abilities and fighting style. During your adventure and battles, you can switch between them and combine attacks, thereby developing excellent tactics and strategies. In this group, the most important is Greak.

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Ruined King A League of Legends Story v1.7 - CODEX

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Ruined King A League of Legends Story — is a story-driven game in which the player will explore Bilgewater and enter the Shadow Islands. Take control of the champions from the League of Legends to unravel the secrets of the deadly black fog that unfolded on the islands. Following the story, the user navigates the vast world and engages in side-scrolling battles. This is the first project to explore the League of Legends universe. The process combines elements of role play. In the course of the passage, the main characters pump their abilities and acquire new items. The user is able to customize the equipment of the wards, choose which spells to learn, and then use them. Each character has their own life story and character.

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Exodus Borealis v5.7 - PLAZA

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Exodus Borealis — is a combination of city planning and strategy with Moon Village survival elements, tower defense, as well as mythological stylistics and 3D graphics. Get ready to get busy building and defending cities! Take command of a small group of colonists who were not lucky enough to survive the shipwreck. Go a long way of development, starting from a banal struggle for survival, and ending with the construction of a prosperous kingdom that can crush hordes of demons who decided to covet your village. It all started with the fact that a small detachment of people decided to leave their usual habitats and went to other lands to establish their new home there. Only a few managed to survive after a devastating storm and an accident that brought everyone to a desert island. But not everything is so bad, because this land is fertile.

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Hypercharge Unboxed Update 6 (Anniversary) - CODEX

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Hypercharge Unboxed — is a tower defense shooter. The game was developed by an independent studio Digital Cybercherries. We will play the role of a plastic soldier whose task is to protect the core of Hyper-Core from a massive attack by enemies. The great game is at stake, because if it is destroyed, all the toys, comics and fairy tales will be completely forgotten by people. During the game, we engage in fierce battles with our opponents, and the battlefields are located in places such as the kitchen, guest room, bedroom or even the backyard.

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Intravenous v1.3.9

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Intravenous — begins with the main character entering a closed warehouse through a secret ventilation shaft. But the company’s employees heard that someone was watching them, because of which the protagonist would need to find a way out. Moving through the darkness and remaining unnoticed, the ward will need to turn off the lights, destroy light bulbs or eliminate important enemy targets. The central character is a silent killer. Most of the gameplay takes place in stealth mode. The user will need to move through dark areas and make less noise so that rivals do not notice him. Almost all corridors and rooms are patrolled by enemy guards or employees who are ready to attack the ward or turn on the alarm at any time.

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Supraland Six Inches Under v1.0.5332 - CODEX

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Embark on a journey through the vast partially open world of the game Supraland Six Inches Under, go down to the most dangerous locations under the ground, dig down, get resources and numerous items, solve puzzles and explore everything around you. This world is the hardest to survive. a variety of enemies, numerous obstacles, dangers that await at every step, will interfere with you every now and then, and you will need to learn how to cope with all this. As you progress through the game, you will find yourself in a world inspired by the Metroidvania genre and offering a lot of interesting things.

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