FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition v25.09.2021 - 3DM

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The world of football and incredible realism awaits you in FIFA 22. Install the game and start playing, try yourself as a player or coach, play in dozens of stadiums around the world and enjoy the atmosphere that millions of fans live. Once again, the whole world of football is at your disposal. But now you will find an even higher level of realism, even more gaming innovations, more players and teams, stadiums recreated in great detail, and much more. Moreover, the developers have already announced that new modes will appear in the game, the AI ​​of football players will be improved, and not only.

This game FIFA 22 will soon be available for download on Skidrow Games PC website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

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No one lives under the lighthouse Build 7369237

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No one lives under the lighthouse — is a mixture of gloomy action, horror and quest, a game in which you will have to become a keeper of a lighthouse where terrible, simply inexplicable things happen. The protagonist has become a lighthouse keeper and now must do everything possible so that the light on the lighthouse never dies. It would seem that nothing complicated, go and watch yourself for the lighthouse. But the bottom line is that on the island where the lighthouse is located, something is amiss. There is clearly someone else besides the main character, and you will need to try to find out who it is. But it will not be easy to do. You will have to be smart, patient and careful in order to survive the few days that you have to stay here.

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Inscryption v24.09.2021 (demo)

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Inscryption — is a roguelike card adventure that emphasizes the darkness hiding many unknown secrets. The strategy is executed in the escape the room format, has multiple puzzles and a terrifying atmosphere. The user is transported to the goblin’s hut, where he needs to start dangerous adventures in order to find out what secrets are hidden in this building. The events take place in a forest house, where the protagonist was trapped, locked by some sinister creature who wants the guy to play board games with him. In the process, the gamer acts on a three-dimensional map, where he makes moves, choosing certain cards, along the way exploring the house and solving puzzles.

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Onmyoji in the Otherworld Sayakas Story v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Onmyoji in the Otherworld Sayakas Story — this game contains candid content, including images that are not intended for child behavior. All characters are over 18 years old and are recommended for the same player. Step-by-step battles. Expelled spirits at night. Shop, improve and increase your opportunities during the day. Master and challenge 15 different spirits with unique abilities. More than fifteen hours of plot and gameplay. Currently, Sayaka Mimura in a provincial town runs his family’s Shinto shrine on behalf of absent parents. Together with her childhood friend Haru speaks to God from the fluffy lumps.

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Not Tonight 2 v0.12

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Not Tonight 2 — is the sequel to the Not Tonight adventure RPG, set in a devastated America where political greed and capitalism have come to the fore. Your friend Eduardo Suarez has been kidnapped by the country’s authorities during a protest and placed in the Gulag in Miami. You have to go through the territory of broken America, find your friend’s documents and deliver them to Miami, and also not get into any trouble. Immigration Control Office, case number 112: you are under arrest. If your friends can’t cross America, find your ID, and get out of trouble your American dream will never come true.

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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous v1.0.6d - GOG

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RePack for game Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous — RPG about fighting demons. Here the player will have to become a legendary warrior, and at the same time understand the true value of good and evil. The story begins with a rift in the Abyss. Crowds of terrible demons escaped from their captivity and now want to enslave this world. They will be confronted by the main character and his team of brave fighters with evil. In the fight against wickedness, the hero can become anyone. Noble paladin or cruel necromancer it’s up to the player to decide.

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Phasmophobia v0.3.1.1

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Phasmophobia — is a first-person action horror game for up to 4 players in co-op. In it, you act as members of a paranormal search and research team that collects evidence of an afterlife in abandoned places. After that, they turn in the footage to the paranormal clearing team. The game has more than 10 types of ghosts, many screamers and dangerous situations. In addition, you can even communicate with ghosts via voice communication and using special Ouija boards.

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Industries of Titan v0.17.2

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Industries of Titan — is a construction simulator where the user has to rebuild a new city using the planet Titan, which is located directly on Saturn. However, this game cannot be called an ordinary construction simulator, because you will have to conduct constant battles for resources, money and territory. Battles will also take place for technologies that are just beginning to emerge.

This game has been updated Today, 04:05 to the latest version v0.17.2.

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Beyond Contact v0.46.13

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Beyond Contact — is a sci-fi survival adventure in which you will find yourself on an alien, distant planet, where everything around you is yearning for your death. Do you have enough strength and courage to survive and save the inhabitants of the planet from certain death. Explore the surroundings of a dangerous procedurally-generated world, research and craft items, grow plants and tame animals. Build a camp and defend it and get ready to confront the bloodthirsty representatives of the flora and fauna of the planet, the cruel climate and natural disasters that can kill even the most experienced players over and over again.

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Metro Simulator v1.0 - PLAZA

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Metro Simulator — don’t miss your unique chance to look at the metro system in a new way. The control of the train is performed in accordance with reality acceleration and braking, door opening, switching cameras, setting the auto-informer and much more. Two trains are available. Traffic lights are a very important part of every metro and railway. The game implements traffic light mechanics, and the player can use the arrow keys to pave the right path for the train. They react to the arriving train, get on it and choose free seats in the car. If passengers see that the train arrives at the station they need, they get up at the exit door in advance. Even day time is considered.

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