Nobody Saves the World Build 7986661 - PLAZA

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Nobody Saves the World — is a top-down 2D Action RPG that tells a dark yet compelling story about a guy named Nobody. He himself did not decide who he was, just a nameless creature in a human body, which can change forms at its discretion. The main feature of the game is that the character can freely transform into any of the 15 available forms, and from this the gameplay completely changes. For example, he can become a huge strong man, a crazy horse with a bow, a turtle, a magician, a soldier and many others. All have their own types of attacks and techniques, some have magic, some have selenium exclusively in melee and much more. The game has a standard plot about saving the world, but it combines black humor, darkness.

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Double Time v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Double Time is a fun and energetic game that is suitable for any age group. The game is very dynamic; it trains your reaction and contains useful exercises to train the eye muscles. Game features will give you a certain amount of time. Each time you hit the ball on the coins, you will be given 5 extra seconds. The more you hit the target, the more chances you have to break the record by collecting 55 coins. Not everything is so simple. You will have enemies who will try to sabotage you by shooting at you. You will need to confront them, remembering the time.

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Dust to the End v1.0.1 - DARKSiDERS

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Dust to the End — gives you the opportunity to fight for existence in a post-apocalyptic world. A nuclear war broke out on Earth, turning everything around into wastelands. People hid in underground bunkers. And when the radiation subsided, the remnants of humanity climbed to the surface and began to fight among themselves. The survivors were divided into factions, and now they are fighting for territory and resources. The plot Dust to the End starts in Vault 507. The Black Death slaver faction is organizing a raid on this place.

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Helicopter Simulator 2020 v1.0.3 - TiNYiSO

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Helicopter Simulator — is a simulator for controlling civilian helicopters that deliver goods from one point to another. The gamer is given full control over all preparatory processes for the upcoming flight with a first-person view of a virtual protégé, for example, checking the health of screws, structural integrity, loading goods being moved, and so on. This project provides the most realistic physical model of the behavior of objects, which allows you to fully experience the complexity of a helicopter pilot. Support for a specially designed steering wheel controller has been implemented. Also, you can control the process using a gamepad and keyboard with a mouse.

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Warspace Build 8001286 - PLAZA

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Warspace — is a first-person role-playing shooter set in a realistic science fiction universe. Kill or be killed. Fight on earth, in the sky or even in space. When two intergalactic warlords fight each other, destructive things happen. Embark on a crazy adventure, traveling through different galaxies, working with aliens and killing everyone who wants to see you dead. Your mission is to save the universe and put an end to your fierce enemy before the destruction begins.

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Chernobyl inferno Build 7921705 - PLAZA

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Chernobyl inferno — is a game in the horror genre. Real horror throughout the game will keep you in awe, the feeling of fear will not leave you all the time. After the Chernobyl accident, many locals hid from radiation in underground storage facilities, sewers, basements and other underground structures. For several years they lived underground, afraid to go outside. In a few years, radiation passed through the earth, people began to mutate, chaos began underground. As a result of the mutation, some people became aggressive and began hunting for other people. Thirty years later, a boy named Jack entered Chernobyl to make a video.

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Train Sim World 2 v1.0.118 - P2P

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Train Sim World 2 is another part of the series of realistic railroad simulators of the same name, where you again get the opportunity to create your own business empire. Get at your disposal all the necessary set of tools and machines, and then proceed to the construction of the first railway line. Connect destinations with roads and start trains along them. Buy additional wagons and increase the volume of transported goods in order to get super profit. Organize passenger transportation between cities and watch how small towns turn into real megacities. If you dream of a ride in the driver’s cab, then the game gives you such a unique chance. Hit the road with the next train, making yourself comfortable in the driver’s seat. Take control of the train and watch the track stretching in front of you. You will have to master the system of signs and semaphores that will secure your path. Build your own empire, study and purchase new trains and enjoy an exciting simulator with realistic train control physics.

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Blade Assault v1.0

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Blade Assault — takes the gamer to a desolate sci-fi world. The protagonist battles Esperanza’s corrupt forces as part of the Undercity’s resistance forces. The central character plays an important role in the confrontation. On his shoulders lies the task of bringing corrupt officials to justice and recruiting new partners. Together with proven and skillful fighters, he travels through deadly territory and fulfills his tasks. The continent is divided into 3 regions. The outer lands are teeming with tens of thousands of mutants, aggressively opposed to humans. The Undercity is home to all the people trying to find shelter from the monsters.

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive v1.38.1.4

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive — the most popular game in the world of team tactical shooters, where you will have plenty of opportunities, as well as a dynamic gameplay. You will play with a first-person view, and the graphics here are as close to reality as possible that will delight all fans of this project. In this part, as in the previous one, the topic of confronting the police and terrorists, good and evil, is revealed. You will be able to stand on the side of evil, taking hostages and taking positions, or on the side of good, where you will fight the terrorists. The game has several interesting modes. You have to perform various missions, as well as improve the combat abilities and arsenal of weapons of the main character. With each new level you will open more and more new murder weapons, so you can easily become the best fighter.

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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic v0.8.6.8

Torrent Workers and Resources Soviet Republic download free pc
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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic is an original real-time strategy game that invites you to develop a megacity in the format of the Soviet Union. Nice atmosphere, familiar transport and style, music, everything will remind you of the USSR. Here you have to manage a fictional state, and the success and prosperity of the country depends solely on your ability to lead. The game mainly focuses on realism, all buildings are inspired by real Soviet-era buildings. In addition, the entire graphic design is designed in dark colors, which reinforces the impression of being in one of the Soviet republics.

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