Atomicrops v1.3.0f1 - PLAZA

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Atomicrops is a very specific farmer simulator. The authors send us to the world after a nuclear disaster. Here, carrots are no less bloodthirsty than the average mutant. The project goes under the motto Grow. Get married. Kill. You will become the owner of the last farm on the planet. Now the future of mankind is in your hands, however, you have to fight for it. Atomicros combines a variety of solutions to which you have to give up all your strength. You look after the beds on which vegetables grow. You need to fend off evil monsters generated by the disaster, who want to feast on the harvest. Tame animals that will benefit from the farm, develop as an agrarian and livestock farmer. Fascinating gameplay.

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Travellers Rest v0.3.4.0f7

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Travelers Rest — is a combination of a simulator and a sandbox, where you have a small tavern at your disposal, which must subsequently be brought to prosperity. Play the role of a hotelier who must do everything to turn an unremarkable place into a world-famous social space. Get involved in construction, explore the surrounding locations, acquire your own brewery and pay attention to the development of infrastructure in general. Take into account the wishes of the guests, make new acquaintances and do everything to achieve success in your favorite business.

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No Man's Sky v2.62 - CODEX

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The developers of the game No Man’s Sky promise an incredible scale in their creation, offering players an infinite space filled with planets with an amazing life form. What hides this amazing journey? What secrets do you have to open? What heroes to meet? Each step you take is a unique story full of amazing adventures. Which way will you go? Will you be a cunning trader or a brave warrior — one way or another, the game will give you an unforgettable adventure in which, starting almost from the bottom, you will have to get a good suit, ship and weapons. Here is a whole galaxy with a random generation of planets, filled with unimaginable creatures, some of which are friendly, and some, will devour you.

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shapezio v1.3.1

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shapezio — combine red, green and blue dyes to get different colors and paint them with shapes to meet demand. This game has 18 levels but they will occupy you for hours. The developer promises to regularly maintain the game, and the constant addition of new content, there are a lot of things planned. The map is endless, which means that there are no prohibitions for your actions and accomplishments. The graphics are well thought out and will allow the player to plunge into this complex, but at the same time exciting world.

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Mortal Shell v1.09983 - CODEX

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Mortal Shell — is a great combination of action and RPG, where you will go to a dangerous and unpredictable world to once and for all exterminate evil. The fantasy universe prepared a lot of tests for the player, because everything around was destroyed, and there was no trace of human civilization. Spacious locations open in front of you, which must be carefully studied in order to find the path to success. Missions will not be easy, so try to connect your wit and logical thinking. All actions take place with a third-person perspective, which will allow taking control of the current situation.

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Rebel Inc Escalation v0.9.0.1 - Early Access

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Here is a unique strategic simulator about politics and war from the creator of Plague Inc Evolved. In Rebel Inc Escalation, the war is «over» — but we all know that it doesn’t mean anything yet. To stabilize the state, you will have to find a balance between competing civilian and military interests in order to attract supporters and prevent the rebels from seizing power.

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Nemesis Race Against The Pandemic v1.0 - SKIDROW

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Nemesis Race Against The Pandemic — is a third-person shooter in which players are asked to save the world from the coming apocalypse and prevent a biological terrorist attack on humanity. The events of the game begin to take place at the very moment when a special highly secret unit Quantum has information about the escape of the head of a terrorist cell called Black Wings. Judging by the information, now this person is going to organize a terrorist attack on a global scale through the spread of the especially dangerous KYIOD virus, which kills the infected within 24 hours.

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Myastere Ruins Of Deazniff v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Myastere Ruins Of Deazniff download free pc

Myastere Ruins Of Deazniff — is a game with a spring rope, in which the ruins are explored. Aura, a member of the task force to investigate the ruins, begins his investigation into the huge underground ruins, making full use of his revolver and launcher. Collect the historical remains of the Relic and get closer to the secret hidden in the ruins. Year 20XX, in a dark forest in a country. In a dark forest in a country, Kingdom intelligence discovers the source of Myastera, a magical substance with miasmas that comes out of this world. The Kingdom decided to send the Special Royal Relics Investigation Division, a specialized organization, to investigate the Master source.

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Siege Survival Gloria Victis v14.04.2021 (demo)

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Siege Survival Gloria Victis — is a mixture of RPG and survival game in which you have to survive in the vastness of a huge city that has been under siege for a long time. The game takes place during the Middle Ages. The country is in a war mode, and individual cities have already been captured by the enemy. And now, now your city is under siege. But the allied messenger managed to break through and now he rushes for help. Nevertheless, you will have to survive until help arrives for at least a couple of weeks, which is extremely difficult. The soldiers are wounded, people are starving, there are many casualties and wounded. What will you, as an ordinary citizen, do in this situation? Can you somehow help the city get through these weeks. Let’s find out.

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Rail Route v0.12.4

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Rail Route — is a train manager simulator that develops the ideas behind Mini Metro. Control traffic, build railways and set up routes for trains. Unlock the functions of your dispatch interface, upgrade the elements of the rail network and research new technologies that will allow you to automate operations.

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