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Bear Adventures — is a three-dimensional platformer with 20 exciting tropical levels and unique graphics. You can play alone or invite your friends, because in Bear Adventures cooperative game mode supports up to 4 players. Levels in complete darkness, where the only source of light is a torch, but it does not shine for long, you need to overcome obstacles on the level, find the next torch to get to the finish line. Saddle a wild horse, but he does not listen to you, walks without stopping, you can only make him run and jump to overcome obstacles, otherwise he will throw you off and you will not fall into the stakes.

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Roguebook v1.7.3 - RePack

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RePack for game Roguebook — is a roguelike card game that will take the heroes through different exciting worlds. Two characters, with different views on life, characteristics, tactics of warfare, go on a journey. Many dangers await them on the way, they have to fight with enemies who wish them death. Each hero fights independently of each other, applying their skills. You can also use in battle all the cards that you find or create. Their pumping will allow you to collect an invincible deck with which you can crush any enemy and you will not be afraid of the final boss.

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The Infected v11.0

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The Infected — is an open world survival game in which you will be engaged in gathering resources, crafting, building a base, and fighting hordes of the living dead. The Infected world is inhabited not only by zombies, but also by hostile fauna. Your own base will help you defend against enemies, especially at night when opponents are becoming more aggressive. A deadly virus has infected almost the entire population of the Earth. It seemed that the cure was so close, but humanity could not be saved. Instead of getting better, the vaccine backfired and started bringing the dead back to life. DNA began to mutate into something inexplicable and bloodthirsty. This is how the creatures came to be called Wambies a mixture of vampires and zombies.

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Torrent RAYZE download free pc

RAYZE — the main goal of the game is to find the fastest way to get to the finish line. To do this, players must press certain yellow spots, called deformations. These deformations when pressed provide acceleration, allowing them to move faster. The more yellow deformations get into the game, the greater the speed. However, it should be borne in mind that they must determine the optimal points for impact to maintain the ideal speed. This will help them get to the finish line faster, improving their position in the leaderboard. The game world is divided into six sectors, each of which has five levels. Each of these levels opens after completing the previous level. Once all five levels are passed, the next sector of the world opens.

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Baldurs Gate 3 v4.1.1.1311526

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Baldurs Gate 3 — is the continuation of the cult RPG series. According to the plot of the game, the ancient evil returned to Baldur’s Gate and seeks to devour everything and everyone from the inside, destroying absolutely everything that is still left in the Forgotten Realms. Unlike previous games in the series, where battles took place in real time with a tactical pause, battles in the third part are completely turn-based. Baldurs Gate 3 is a continuation of the cult series of games that combines not only a well-thought-out storyline, but also complete freedom in choosing further actions. The plot is based on a dangerous and cunning evil, which soon finds itself at the gates of Baldur.

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My Friend Peppa Pig v1.0 - DOGE

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A game project My Friend Peppa Pig is a fun game based on the popular childrens TV series. Here players will be able to form their own hero, plunge into a perky adventure with Peppa the pig. Gamers will visit iconic locations and will be able to talk with their favorite characters from the series. You can also meet the main character’s family, parents and brother George, who will help you in your search for Daddy Pigs lost glasses. Moreover, you will be looking in a variety of places. If little adherents of the cartoon want to jump with the whole family in the puddles or just have fun while passing the time, then go to our game storage.

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No Man's Sky v3.70.79070

Torrent No Man's Sky download free pc
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The developers of the game No Man’s Sky promise an incredible scale in their creation, offering players an infinite space filled with planets with an amazing life form. What hides this amazing journey? What secrets do you have to open? What heroes to meet? Each step you take is a unique story full of amazing adventures. Which way will you go? Will you be a cunning trader or a brave warrior — one way or another, the game will give you an unforgettable adventure in which, starting almost from the bottom, you will have to get a good suit, ship and weapons. Here is a whole galaxy with a random generation of planets, filled with unimaginable creatures, some of which are friendly, and some, will devour you.

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Planet Centauri v0.13.0

Torrent Planet Centauri download free pc
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Planet Centauri is a huge 2D sandbox, over which a small team of developers are working, honestly admitting that they drew inspiration from the cult game Terraria. Nevertheless, Planet Centauri is not a clone, although it has many similar ideas. The developers have brought a lot of new things, for example, the ability to tame monsters and create robots, also a huge selection of weapons with the ability to create their own, there is even the opportunity to create your village and lead its inhabitants. If you are delighted with the game «Terraria», then you definitely should try this project. Planet Centauri will surely surprise you with new interesting ideas, as well as, although it is also pixel, but with better graphics.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:10 to the latest version v0.13.0.

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Space Crew Build 7437320 - PLAZA

Torrent Space Crew download free pc
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Space Crew — is a space simulator that continues the events of the previous survival project. You again need to defend your home planet from extraterrestrial invaders who will try to destroy humanity. The Joint Defense Forces are gathering an entire army of space fighters capable of overcoming tens and hundreds of parsecs of the endless galaxy. At the head of your own squadron, you need to get to enemy territory, where you will have to engage in battle with mysterious aliens. Their race received the name Phazmids and is extremely hostile to earthlings.

This game has been updated 21-10-2021, 15:35 to the latest version Build 7437320.

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Aquarium Designer v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Aquarium Designer download free pc

Aquarium Designer — is an exciting adventure with elements of the Alchemist Simulator, casual game, sandbox, as well as colorful 3D graphics. On this extraordinary journey, you will have the opportunity to feel like an aquarium designer! Learn and do everything to become a real professional in your field, and create not just places for fish to live, but real works of art. Have you ever dreamed of owning an aquarium with marine life? And what if they tell you that in this entertainment you can become the designer of these abodes! Design and develop crafts of all sizes and levels of pomp. As soon as the work is done, choose which fish to launch there, because there are dozens of species of them.

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