Mini Motorways v2022.05.23 - P2P

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Mini Motorways — is a top down city simulator that allows you to develop your city by building buildings, infrastructure, roads, etc. It is necessary to build a huge metropolis, filling it with highways, highways, various routes, etc. It is important to create the most optimal travel option in order to avoid traffic jams and accidents. The problem of city traffic is the most important issue for any mayor. The gameplay of Mini Motorways is a real puzzle in which you need to solve a traffic problem. Thinking over and building road networks, it is necessary to take into account how the city develops and expands. It is important to understand where to put the highway, set one-way traffic, etc. Sometimes it will be necessary to re-plan an entire city in order to build more efficient roadways that will avoid terrible accidents.

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Farming Simulator 22 v1.4.1.0 - Razor1911

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The developers of Farming Simulator 22, who have released more than 5 parts in the farming simulator series, have introduced many changes to the gameplay. In the passage, more than 400 pieces of equipment were added with their own value, characteristics and purpose. From hundreds of real brands, the user is able to choose a suitable mechanism and purchase it. The gameplay has a system of seasons, which significantly affects most of the aspects. Farming Simulator 22 introduces a number of improvements, advanced AI, better optimizations and extensive modding support. Graphics, vehicles, animals and the environment have changed the face, becoming one step closer to realism.

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Neo Cab Build 8158598

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Neo Cab is a colorful adventure game where you will find yourself in an unusual world that is threatened with destruction. Here you will fight for your own life, passing through trials and traps. You will take on the role of the main character, who became a mercenary in cars, taking on the profession of a taxi driver. The story league also tells about the loss of the best friend of the main character, whom she intends to find in any way possible. It will not be as easy to cope with the task as automated robots captured the world, and there is absolutely nothing left of humanity.

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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Build 8771975 - FLT

Torrent LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga download free pc
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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga — is an adventure arcade game that gives you the opportunity to play on a pirate network with a friend for free, fighting on the side of the Jedi against the powerful Sith. The network game is available locally and over the Internet online. The Lego Star Wars storyline covers all 9 major films in the Skywalker Saga series. The gameplay of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is a third-person action game in an open world. The free multiplayer option allows friends to take on pirates, smugglers, and the entire Galactic Empire. Controlling the heroes, you can fight with lightsabers, blasters and use the Jedi Force. In total, more than 300 characters are represented that have ever appeared in the saga.

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We Were Here Forever v1.0.24

Torrent We Were Here Forever download free pc
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Waking up in We Were Here Forever — in the dangerous Castle Rock, the hero must figure out how to get out of a sinister place from which there is no way out. In a puzzle adventure game, the protagonist and a friend will have to face dangerous dark forces to get out of the trap, or they will stay here forever. The game has a cooperative, which is designed for 2 players, where each puzzle must be solved jointly, performing separate roles, communicating through walkie-talkies and trying to convey all sorts of information to a partner about what they saw and heard. Indie horror belongs to a series of games of the same name, but acts as a standalone adventure with a separate plot and story.

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Hydroneer v2.0.4

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Hydroneer — is one of the most interesting and unusual arcades of the month. In the game you will have to build, lay various routes and get especially valuable and important resources. Try to find a huge amount of gold and sell it. Get what others have failed. These places, rocks, have long been famous for deposits of gold and silver. Only few people get really right wielding with a shovel and other tools to find metals. Drilling rigs are large water-powered mechanisms used for various purposes, from resource extraction to transportation of things. Various land plots await you in the game world, each with its own characteristics. Deep pits, attractive landscapes and the proximity of shops. You decide which is more important.

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Hovercars 3077 Underground racing Build 8766153 - TiNYiSO

Torrent Hovercars 3077 Underground racing download free pc
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Hovercars 3077 Underground racing is a high-octane racing game in which armed cars compete with each other on post-apocalyptic tracks, testing the agility, reaction and strategic thinking of the player and offering a completely new experience of freedom in racing games. Excellent simulation and a lot of excitement in various offline and online modes with Play remote. Play with a friend or AI in leagues, arcades, duels, holograms or time races. Great maps that will allow you to experience the freedom of flight like never before. At least 15 tracks. At least 60 hovercars. Non-standard races, races in the metropolis and abandoned places, air races. Play alone, with artificial intelligence or with a friend online, play remotely or locally on split screen mode. Buy cars for bitcoins.

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One More Island v1.1.0 - P2P

Torrent One More Island download free pc
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One More Island — the Queen of the Old World cries out to you. As Her Majesty possessions expand, we need a capable administrator who will bring her last colonies to prosperity. We will provide you with the ships, colonists and other tools needed to explore these wild untouched lands and turn them into a thriving colonial enterprise under the Queen’s supervision. Of course, the Crown will expect you to share the bounties of these new lands, pay your taxes on time, and continue to expand the boundaries of Her Majesty colonial possessions. Obedience can reward you, but refusing to pay dues or, worse, declaring independence will have dire consequences.

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Gibbon Beyond the Trees v19.05.2022

Torrent Gibbon Beyond the Trees download free pc
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Gibbon Beyond the Trees — a hand-drawn adventure about a lost gibbon who goes on a dangerous journey to unknown lands. Fight for freedom in Liberation mode or play for an hour in story mode, which tells the story of the real struggle of animals around the world. Master the art of gibbon locomotion with a unique set of moves that lets you sway, slide and tumble under a lush jungle canopy and relive a free story of family and survival in search of a home that may be lost forever. Master the gibbon-familiar art of brachiation flying from branch to branch at high speed, use momentum, perform incredible somersaults.

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Sifu v1.11 - P2P

Torrent Sifu download free pc
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Sifu — is an action-adventure game featuring a complex combat system. The main character’s name is Sifu. He is a young kung fu student on the path of revenge. His family died and the protagonist is eager to find the killers of his relatives. He has no allies at all, only one mysterious pendant helps on his way. You will need to go through different areas of the city, fighting against street gangsters and powerful corporations. Sifu events develop within one day. A complex combat system is presented with the ability to use the environment for your own purposes. You will need to adapt to every fight and situation.

This game has been updated 18-05-2022, 11:25 to the latest version v1.11.

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