Atomicrops v1.3.0f1 - PLAZA

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Atomicrops is a very specific farmer simulator. The authors send us to the world after a nuclear disaster. Here, carrots are no less bloodthirsty than the average mutant. The project goes under the motto Grow. Get married. Kill. You will become the owner of the last farm on the planet. Now the future of mankind is in your hands, however, you have to fight for it. Atomicros combines a variety of solutions to which you have to give up all your strength. You look after the beds on which vegetables grow. You need to fend off evil monsters generated by the disaster, who want to feast on the harvest. Tame animals that will benefit from the farm, develop as an agrarian and livestock farmer. Fascinating gameplay.

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SnowRunner v12.1 (Search and Recover) - CODEX

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SnowRunner — is a game project developed in the genre of driving simulator, where you go to the most dangerous world and fight for the life of the main character in the most extreme conditions. The adventure promises to be as dynamic as possible, so you definitely will not be bored. Take on the role of a professional driver of a huge cargo transport, which is taken on a very important and responsible mission. You will visit hard-to-reach areas, organize trips correctly, think over a strategic plan of action and try to deliver the goods to their destination.

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive v1.37.8.7

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive — the most popular game in the world of team tactical shooters, where you will have plenty of opportunities, as well as a dynamic gameplay. You will play with a first-person view, and the graphics here are as close to reality as possible that will delight all fans of this project. In this part, as in the previous one, the topic of confronting the police and terrorists, good and evil, is revealed. You will be able to stand on the side of evil, taking hostages and taking positions, or on the side of good, where you will fight the terrorists. The game has several interesting modes. You have to perform various missions, as well as improve the combat abilities and arsenal of weapons of the main character. With each new level you will open more and more new murder weapons, so you can easily become the best fighter.

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The Infected v9.0

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The Infected — is an open world survival game in which you will be engaged in gathering resources, crafting, building a base, and fighting hordes of the living dead. The Infected world is inhabited not only by zombies, but also by hostile fauna. Your own base will help you defend against enemies, especially at night when opponents are becoming more aggressive. A deadly virus has infected almost the entire population of the Earth. It seemed that the cure was so close, but humanity could not be saved. Instead of getting better, the vaccine backfired and started bringing the dead back to life. DNA began to mutate into something inexplicable and bloodthirsty. This is how the creatures came to be called Wambies a mixture of vampires and zombies.

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Subnautica v65786 - CODEX

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Subnautica is a game project new addition to the series of games on the study of marine spaces. Here you can fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater depths that hide many secrets. The game is a well-developed RPG in combination with a sandbox. You will play for a young man who devotes his whole life to exploring the impenetrable world of oceans and seas. You will surf the ocean, searching every corner of it and finding useful items, abandoned ships, and exploring every pebble and plant. In your arsenal will be the coolest swimming equipment, as well as all sorts of technical equipment. As the storyline progresses, you will have the opportunity to build and gradually improve your own submarine, which will help you in moving across the sea.

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shapezio v1.3.1

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shapezio — combine red, green and blue dyes to get different colors and paint them with shapes to meet demand. This game has 18 levels but they will occupy you for hours. The developer promises to regularly maintain the game, and the constant addition of new content, there are a lot of things planned. The map is endless, which means that there are no prohibitions for your actions and accomplishments. The graphics are well thought out and will allow the player to plunge into this complex, but at the same time exciting world.

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Voxel Tycoon v0.85

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Voxel Tycoon is a strategy with nice voxel graphics, where you have to become a transport magnate, as well as build factories and mining enterprises. The game was inspired by the best examples of the genre in history and offers the player previously unseen features. Rent or buy railway equipment, choosing from dozens of locomotives and wagons available. Combine them in any way — there are no restrictions. The main thing that the locomotive was powerful enough to pull the entire composition.

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Nemesis Race Against The Pandemic v1.0 - SKIDROW

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Nemesis Race Against The Pandemic — is a third-person shooter in which players are asked to save the world from the coming apocalypse and prevent a biological terrorist attack on humanity. The events of the game begin to take place at the very moment when a special highly secret unit Quantum has information about the escape of the head of a terrorist cell called Black Wings. Judging by the information, now this person is going to organize a terrorist attack on a global scale through the spread of the especially dangerous KYIOD virus, which kills the infected within 24 hours.

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Nebuchadnezzar v1.1.4g

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Nebuchadnezzar — is an economic city building simulator set in Mesopotamia during the time of King Nebuchadnezzar! You have to manage ancient influential cities. Develop the city, engage in the production of various agricultural products, trade with other cities and improve the life of the inhabitants with various buildings. The game has a storyline that consists of more than ten historical missions. Each mission requires you to build a great structure, and thanks to the editor, you can design the type of structure yourself.

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Cyberpunk 2077 v1.21 - CODEX

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Cyberpunk 2077 — is an action-RPG game from CD Projekt RED, who brought us a wonderful trilogy about the adventures of the Witcher Geralt of Rivia. This time, the game makers based their next project on a sci-fi setting, and used the proprietary REDengine 3 technology as the game engine. It is worth noting that the developers borrowed the concept of the game from a desktop product called Cyberpunk 2020. According to the authors' idea, the action role-playing events unfold inside the futuristic metropolis of Night City, where society has degraded to disgrace. The protagonist is cyberpunk, which everyone calls just 5 or V. We, for convenience, will call him the Fifth.

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