Soda Story Brewing Tycoon v0.9

Soda Story Brewing Tycoon free download torrent games pc
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Soda Story Brewing Tycoon — a tycoon in which you will produce and sell your own brand of soda. This will be done as part of the Prisoners program, which is followed by a huge number of viewers. The broadcast is carried out by the television channel Reality TV. Soda is obtained from special resources Flavor Cubes. Collect the cubes you need to prepare one or another soda recipe. Experiment with ingredients, try different combinations to create a unique product that will appeal to most drink lovers. Sometimes something interesting will turn out, but in most cases the protagonist will vomit.

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Armor Clash 2022 v1.3 - DOGE

Armor Clash 2022 free download torrent games pc
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In Armor Clash 2022, naval units play an important role. All battle maps have resource points and mercenary camps in the ocean that the Army cannot reach and the Air Force cannot hold. Therefore, even in the early stages of the game, it is necessary to use younger naval units to capture resource points to maintain the advantage. Throughout the game, players need to pay attention to both land and sea, not just the mountains. Long-range guided missiles, battleships and even aircraft carriers can be built in the later stages of the game, so once a player loses control of the sea in the late stages of the game, it means that the main coastal base is destroyed.

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Farming Simulator 22 v1.6.0.0 Build 9000052

Farming Simulator 22 free download torrent games pc
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The developers of Farming Simulator 22, who have released more than 5 parts in the farming simulator series, have introduced many changes to the gameplay. In the passage, more than 400 pieces of equipment were added with their own value, characteristics and purpose. From hundreds of real brands, the user is able to choose a suitable mechanism and purchase it. The gameplay has a system of seasons, which significantly affects most of the aspects. Farming Simulator 22 introduces a number of improvements, advanced AI, better optimizations and extensive modding support. Graphics, vehicles, animals and the environment have changed the face, becoming one step closer to realism.

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Bakery Simulator v1.3.4 Build 8985316 - FLT

Bakery Simulator free download torrent games pc
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Bakery Simulator — will allow you to become a chef in your own bakery. Starting with ordinary bread and buns, you will develop your skills to croissants and khachapuri. Italian, Georgian, Polish and many other world cuisines are available for study. All recipes are taken from real life, so you can cook according to them outside the game.

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Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game Build 8967312 - TiNYiSO

Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game free download torrent games pc
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Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game — designed to calm your mind, inspire and distract. Feel free to roam the forest as your own Ego or as a Stone. Explore a procedurally generated environment by listening to Alan Watts teachings on mindfulness, meditation, peace, and love. Play with ASMR grass, riding on it in different weather and at different times of the day. Just be careful. Relax in an attractive natural environment with a dense atmosphere under the original soundtrack, created exclusively for relaxation with binaural rhythms.

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Flynguin Station v1.2 - TiNYiSO

Flynguin Station free download torrent games pc
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Go to Antarctica in PC game Flynguin Station, where in the conditions of a research camp you will have to teach penguins to fly again. It turned out that they lost this ability more than a thousand years ago. Run your penguin as high as possible, overcoming all obstacles. Flynguin Station is a game developed by OddTimeStudios. It was created in the genre of arcade runner with elements of adventure. Your task is to teach your penguin to fly again. Locations are constantly changing, obstacles are becoming more difficult. Be careful. By playing, you accumulate points and experience that will improve the level of your pet. Take part in the daily race to keep up with the achievements of your friends.

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Mini Maker Make A Thing v1.0 - TiNYiSO

Mini Maker Make A Thing free download torrent games pc
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Heroes, monsters, robots in game Mini Maker Make A Thing you can create any thing. Use an arsenal of plastic limbs, wobbly tools, rainbow stickers and wide-eyed eyes to collect creations, please discerning customers and laugh at perfectionism. Glue the limbs of the mannequin to the parts of the robot. Draw a smiley face. Apply a few stickers to complete the image. Oh, we mentioned that there is no Cancel button. Time to go with the punches. Follow pointless customer requests as you can. From six-armed figures to whimsical dishes served from the toilet seat, any request is unfortunately possible.

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Flight Of Nova v0.52

Flight Of Nova free download torrent games pc
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Flight Of Nova — is a simulator that allows you to sit in the cockpit of a space shuttle and explore the galaxy called Nova. Make interstellar flights and explore the continents with the help of a space shuttle. Management is completely focused on physics and aerodynamics. Feel the weight and bulkiness of the vehicle, and experience the feeling of piloting a bulky car in zero gravity.

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Ravenous Devils v20220523 - FLT

Ravenous Devils free download torrent games pc
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Ravenous Devils — is a very dark strategy for owning a business where murder and crime are at the heart of everything, while a cafe and a tailor’s shop are just a front. How to get rich quick and save money on food and fabric, other than to get them dishonestly for free? The most important thing is to thoroughly wash the blood on a light one, so that no one guesses who exactly the new blouse was taken off.

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Mercury Fallen v33.1

Mercury Fallen free download torrent games pc
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In the game Mercury Fallen, a group of colonialists, consisting of technicians, scientists and archaeologists, are sent to investigate a mysterious place. Previously, it was a thriving center for the development of robotic technology and artificial intelligence, however, according to some reports, these creatures rebelled against the employees of the complex. But now there is not a soul here, except for opponents who are very difficult to recognize. Every dark corner is fraught with danger, from which the gamer will need to improve his base. Depending on the level of the hero, it will be possible to build laboratories, premises for first aid and other technical compartments.

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