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Little Witch Nobeta v1.0.3.2 Build 9635764

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Little Witch Nobeta is an action game developed by Pupuya Games for the PC platform. The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and you can highlight the following features action, indie. You will be available such game modes as for one player. The game also intends to push you with powerful, merciless bosses, which still need to be killed. First of all, in such a battle you must find the weaknesses of your opponent and act on the conclusions. Avoid enemy attacks and try to attack him as much as possible so that you can deal with him as quickly as possible.

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Severed Steel v3.3.0 - GOG

Severed Steel free download torrent games pc
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Severed Steel — is a new first-person shooter with frozen time effects and stylish gunfights. Unique feature of Severed Steel is the main character named Steel. Steel lost her hand shortly before the events of the game began. The huge corporation EdenSys, responsible for her injury, did not give her any help and just left her. The plot of the game campaign is built on two points of Steel’s thirst to take revenge on the guilty and the release of other victims of EdenSys. The idea of the lost hand was formed after a long reflection on the game mechanics. The one-armed hero who cannot recharge anything has allowed the creation of many unique game mechanics.

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Potion Permit v1.07 Build 9602237

Potion Permit free download torrent games pc
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In a Potion Permit, the city of Moonbury needs a hero who can brew a potion to cure the local mayor’s daughter of an ailment. The alchemist simulator has an open ending, which is formed by the gamer himself, where in the process it is proposed to take care of the city dwellers, diagnose each and find ways to treat him. Here you will also have to collect ingredients and fight monsters, but only for the sake of obtaining parts of their bodies for potions, and gradually pump the city, receiving a high level of approval from the townspeople.

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Volcanoids v1.28.417.0

Volcanoids free download torrent games pc
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Volcanoids — game in the style of strimpunk, where all the action will take place on a vast territory of the island. Here you have to dining in the unforgettable events and incredible adventures that will give a lot of positive emotions. The game is endowed with elements of survival, so saving your own life will not be so easy. Here, the outcome of events will depend on your actions, which is why every mistake will have a very detrimental effect on the outcome of this or that task. Try to be attentive to details, because they will help you eliminate all the dangers on the way. The game is endowed with various kinds of tests, which you can overcome only with proper experience and knowledge.

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Dune Spice Wars v0.3.13.18762

Dune Spice Wars free download torrent games pc
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Immersion in the atmosphere of Dune Spice Wars is made in the form of a global strategy, where gamers need to manage one of the factions that are fighting for the territory of Arrakis. On a planet completely covered with desert, protracted battles and constant bloodshed due to political strife take place. The tops cannot achieve a diplomatic distribution of resources, which leads to a war between states and individual segments of the population that find themselves in harsh conditions.

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Terraria v1.4.4.2

Terraria free download torrent games pc
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Terraria is a pixel game legend that has won the love of millions of players around the world. Terraria perfectly demonstrates that the graphics in the game may not be in the first place. In the game you will find complete freedom of action: build, destroy, explore, fight — before you is a huge planet filled with various adventures. Build a house or a huge castle, create weapons to defeat the most dangerous monsters, get acquainted with other inhabitants of the planet, look for valuable resources and objects, and if you want peace of mind, just farm and fish. Terraria is a game that, thanks to its enormous opportunities and freedom, draws players in and does not let go of it for years.

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WARNO v02.10.2022 The French 11e Division Parachutiste

WARNO free download torrent games pc
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WARNO — is a new strategy RTS game from the veterans of the studio Eugen Systems, responsible for the Wargame series and the unforgettable RUSE. The production is described as the spiritual heir to the above positions. WARNO will present a fictional story from the late 20th century. In 1987, a coup detat led by hardened communists overthrew the general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev who actually held the post until 1991.

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The Mortuary Assistant v1.0.51

The Mortuary Assistant free download torrent games pc
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The Mortuary Assistant — after graduating from the morgue, you enrolled in the River Fields morgue. Over the past few months, you have spent many hours helping Mortikov to perform daily tasks, as well as learning all the intricacies of the embalming process, as well as how to properly treat and care for the deceased. During your stay in River Fields, you heard rumors of families bringing their deceased loved ones who were believed to be possessed or otherwise related to paranormal phenomena to this particular morgue to bury them.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:46 to the latest version v1.0.51.

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Necrofugitive v03.10.2022 (demo)

Necrofugitive free download torrent games pc
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Necrofugitive is an action game that invites you to take part in a big jailbreak. Exciting events, excitement and adrenaline are waiting for you. Rather, run the simulator so as not to miss anything interesting. At the heart of the game is an evil werewolf who escapes from prison. He wants to evade justice and avoids policemen by various methods. The whole simulator is based on the fact that you have to run from government agencies. If you are captured, the journey will end immediately.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:21 to the latest version v03.10.2022 (demo).

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TasteMaker Restaurant Simulator v0.2.2

TasteMaker Restaurant Simulator free download torrent games pc
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TasteMaker Restaurant Simulator — is a small restaurant management simulator that is constantly growing under the strict guidance of the player. The user will have to correctly distribute the available money in the account in order not to turn the catering establishment into an unprofitable business, which will be forced to close. The game from an indie developer, for whom this brainchild is a debut in the video game industry, gives the gamer full and extensive rights to manage this place, which obliges him to organize all the processes required for normal functioning independently.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:54 to the latest version v0.2.2.

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