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AI The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative Build 9637785 - Goldberg

AI The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative free download torrent games pc
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AI The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative — is a captivating detective story that challenges the player to investigate using cutting-edge technology. You no longer need to recreate the crime scene in your head to re-examine it and suggest methods for committing a murder or theft. Now the police use a unique system of full immersion, where investigators can create their own likely scenarios of events and thereby better understand the killer they are dealing with. The main thing is not to confuse fiction and reality later. 6 years ago, under mysterious circumstances, the police discovered the right half of the victim’s body.

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ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan v1.0.10.99

ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan free download torrent games pc
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ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan — is the first and only game project in its unique genre, which is developed in the propunk style. Here is a fascinating plot and thought-out physics of actions to the smallest detail. Users will find themselves in a magical world filled up and down with magic and various creatures. From the very beginning, you have to get acquainted with the main character, for whom you will need to play. The fact is that a character who was flying through the sky in his own airship was unexpectedly shot down by enemy aircraft.

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Cats and the Other Lives Build 9974585

Cats and the Other Lives free download torrent games pc
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Cats and the Other Lives demonstrates how important pets are in the life of any person, even if he does not always notice it. Animals become unwitting witnesses to how other people’s families and lives are collapsing, watching the ups and downs and, despite the actions of the owner, continue to love him immensely. Perhaps, after passing this game, all cat owners will be able to look at their furry pets from a different angle.

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JUSTICE SUCKS Tactical Vacuum Action v1.0.9

JUSTICE SUCKS Tactical Vacuum Action free download torrent games pc
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JUSTICE SUCKS Tactical Vacuum Action is a standard action game with stealth elements and plenty of humor. The storyline revolves around an extraordinary robot vacuum cleaner. The main character begins to embody revenge, but will he be able to achieve his goals. Join the real hunt together with the robot, hack the maximum number of devices and turn them into cunning traps. Remember to unlock more destructive abilities that will help you kill different opponents. After Pylvestras battle with the thieves who attacked his house, the protagonist gains self-awareness. After that, he finds himself in a very strange television world, where there will be a large number of unique talents and willpower.

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The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation v1.6.2 - Goldberg

The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation free download torrent games pc
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In The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation adventure, the player takes control of a young student who, along with his friends, finds himself in the middle of a paranormal horror. The gameplay takes place in a first-person perspective, and the main task is survival. A group of young people find themselves in a deserted location, where they encounter unusual phenomena, blood and horror. The plot is based on a horror film, and the story combines elements of Taiwanese urban legend and fictional backstory. The action takes place during the time of a supernatural incident that happened inside Tonghu University. The user will have to explore the campus, studying the paranormal and encountering terrifying creatures that can instantly kill a person.

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HAAK v1.2.0

HAAK free download torrent games pc
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HAAK is an action-adventure metroidvania platformer set in a dark futuristic future where you must solve puzzles, fight secret organizations and uncover all the secrets of this post-apocalyptic world. Explore the desert lands in search of hope and help the war find a new home. The Electric Hook is one of the available weapon options for Haak, and it can be used not only to attack enemies on the battlefield, but also as a tool for remotely triggering mechanisms, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. There will also be many side activities in the game. The developers strived to create a project with fast and easy gameplay.

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CRUMB Circuit Simulator Build 9979490

CRUMB Circuit Simulator free download torrent games pc
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CRUMB Circuit Simulator — our world is dominated by electronics. With a wide range of electronics careers available to both young and old, CRUMB offers an easy-to-use and interactive introduction to electronic circuits. Fully implemented in 3D, you can prototype circuits just like on the job site, without the risk of terminal component failure or the hassle of ordering individual components. A large catalog that continues to grow. Endless combinations and possibilities.

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Timeloop Sink Again Beach Build 9975480

Timeloop Sink Again Beach free download torrent games pc
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Timeloop Sink Again Beach — is a non-linear first-person action adventure in a pirate setting. Time travel simulation game for one player. Moving in space and time, the player must understand what is happening on the island and how the main character can leave from there. The player will have to solve puzzles, communicate with characters again and again, try to avoid death, explore the open world and gradually open the veil of mystery of the island with a time loop.

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Floodland v1.0.20915

Floodland free download torrent games pc
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Floodland — is a city builder with survival, strategy and roguelike elements. With each new passage, the map is generated randomly. Events are also generated randomly. This increases replay value. The project uses a post-apocalyptic setting. The user can choose one of the clans. Each faction has its own unique perks. With the rest of the factions, you can be friends or fight. The player is offered to build buildings, improve buildings, extract resources, find food, search for lost technologies, explore the islands, take care of their wards and educate them as specialists, help other survivors or deal with competitors.

This game has been updated 20-11-2022, 03:25 to the latest version v1.0.20915.

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Hole in the Clouds v1.0.2

Hole in the Clouds free download torrent games pc
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Hole in the Clouds — is a golf-themed arcade puzzle game that offers you to go through a variety of challenges and try to achieve a favorable result that will surely please you. This time you have to carefully study all the available options for passing the tests and try to implement all this. Golf will be different in that it will take place in a limited space and with additional tests. So if you’re itching to dive into these adventures.

This game has been updated 17-11-2022, 15:15 to the latest version v1.0.2.

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