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Expeditions Rome Build 8050543 - FLT

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Expeditions Rome — is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements that allows you to conquer lands and unravel the tangle of political intrigues. It is allowed to take control of the Praetorians in order to gather an entire legion and lead it to victory. Each decision taken is important and determines the future fate of the people. What future awaits Rome depends only on the player himself. Playing as a legate, you need to restore the former greatness of your country. The fact is that the father of the protagonist was killed. Now the young warrior needs to assemble an army to lead it from Greece to Gaul.

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Humankind Cultures of Africa v1.0.7.1764 - FLT

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Humankind Cultures of Africa — Ethiopia is an addition to the Industrial Age, militaristic culture, whose Military Modernization trait grants a bonus to science in garrisons. Ambas will provide a defensive fort in the mountains, slowing nearby enemies. Oromo cavalry will get double strength based on veteran level. Nigeria is a modern variant, an agrarian culture whose «Magnificent Abundance» trait offers bonus industry from farmers. Their refinery district can be placed in a river delta to access strategic oil resources. And the MRAP unit is actually an armored personnel carrier, but it is both cheaper and stronger.

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Humankind v1.0.7.1764 - FLT

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Humankind — is a historical strategy game in which the gamer will have to face a huge number of unexpected twists and the latest chips invented by the developers themselves. All this makes it possible to combine a variety of cultures in order to create your own unique civilization. It is a turn-based strategy game with beautiful graphics and unique elements. The plot of this game unfolds near a unique civilization, the construction of which the player will be engaged in. You will begin to take part in realistic events, acquiring skills and abilities of urban planning, learn the secret stories and theories on how to create humanity as we know it now. For every action he takes, the player will earn fame, and thanks to it it is possible to compete with other participants, as well as to take first places in the tournaments that often take place.

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God of War v1.0.439.7815 - FLT

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God of War 2022 — is a third-person action-adventure game. This project is both a sequel to the previous part and a restart of the entire universe of the famous, cult slasher about the adventures of Kratos the Spartan warrior, the protagonist of all 8 games of the God of War series, fighting against various gods and mythical creatures in a fit of rage and revenge. This game is called a restart because of the transfer of the scene and the change in the main mythology, which is used as the primary source. If in the previous series of the franchise Greek myths and legends were taken as the basis, now they are Scandinavian. Some characters of the past parts appear as you progress in episodic roles.

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Retro Machina v1.11 - PLAZA

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Retro Machina — is an isometric camera exploration action game that uses a retro-futuristic setting to add personality to all locations, making them memorable. The gamer is given the role of a small robotic creature that travels through the numerous territories of the fictional world. A feature of the protagonist is his ability to hack other androids to gain control over them for a limited amount of time. This ability is used to solve all kinds of spatial puzzles and to destroy a variety of enemy creatures, because the hero cannot fight on his own. There is a type of control using controllers of all kinds of manufacturers.

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SCARF Build 7926175 - FLT

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Scarf — is an action-adventure platformer from Uprising Studios in which the main character, Hayk, explores the mysterious world of magic and solves logic puzzles. With all this, he uses his scarf. His scarf is not simple, but also magical it can change its shape, turning into different objects, and also endow the owner with new skills. Hayk’s main mission is to reconnect with the world and nature. For travel, three maps are open in front of you wastelands, valleys and mountains. During the game, the scarf will become either wings or another object, depending on the need. The game gives the impression of a very kind fairy tale, not the least of which is its snow-white protagonist.

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Secret Government v1.0.6.3 - CODEX

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Secret Government — we pick up a map of the world, namely a political map, and begin to rule the whole world. This is a difficult game where you will need to not only rule the whole world, but also, and perform additional tasks. All world leaders did not know that they were controlled by secret and secret organizations. Espionage, sabotage, uprisings — all this can be seen in the game Secret Government. Before you is a huge and large-scale political map. Now you must collect all the secret and recruited spies so that they can get the necessary information for you. You will become the sole organizer of spy missions.

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Cris Tales v1.0.7 - CODEX

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Cris Tales — is an adventure role-playing game with turn-based battles in the Japanese style. The main feature of the game was the unique mechanics of the «magic of time». The main character will be able to use the experience of the past to influence the present and thereby change the future. The ability will help her stop the ruthless Empress and prevent a cataclysm. Chrisbell and her allies will have to participate in complex turn-based battles, where the magic of time will make it easy to defeat any opponent. The enemy’s position in time determines his attributes and advantages, which allows him to build tactics unique to each collision. The journey will lead the main character through a fantastic and detailed world where she will meet various allies. Not only the outcome of the battles, but also the overall gameplay depends on their team actions.

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The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack v1.82.99.1030 - CODEX

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The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack — a new provincial town appears on the map, the inhabitants of which are engaged in agriculture and know almost everything about each other. Feel free to ask locals about others and at the same time talk about yourself. Help them if necessary and they will definitely thank you. Stop by your local pub for the latest gossip and news, or visit the garden kiosk for advice. We should also highlight the favorite holiday of all villagers the weekly Finchwick Fair. Here everyone can boast of their agricultural achievements and receive an award from the mayor for the best grown vegetable, or chicken, or anything at all. Bring your own and get involved.

This game has been updated 3-12-2021, 13:29 to the latest version v1.82.99.1030.

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Guilty Gear Strive v1.11 - CODEX

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Guilty Gear Strive — is the next installment in the 1998 classic Guilty Gear fighting game series. As with the previous installments, Arc System Works is responsible for the development of the game. Playing Guilty Gear Strive, players take part in dynamic battles in which they take control of one of the available warriors. Each of them is characterized by a unique fighting style, special attacks and combos. In addition, some characters also use different weapons.

This game has been updated 30-11-2021, 05:22 to the latest version v1.11.

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