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Thalamus v1.4 - DOGE

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Thalamus — is a story game set in France. You play the role of an ordinary employee who is very interested in finding out how evil the company he works for is. Follow each section as we unravel Ryan’s story. Once humanity has reached its limits, silicon technology has stalled, and companies like Argus Panoptes want every bit of information the average citizen has. Argus Panoptes is a reliable company, and it doesn’t want people to mess with their things. Strict security measures have been taken to prevent this. Robots are too dangerous to beat their heads forward, so you have to sneak past them and pray that they do not find you.

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Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Build 8905722 - DOGE

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel free download torrent games pc
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Fobia St Dinfna Hotel — immerses players in a bleak setting where they have to venture out to explore a decadent hotel. The game is made in the genre of psychological horror from the first person, where you need to investigate a complicated case, facing various puzzles. The protagonist will stumble upon technologically advanced cultists who perform secret rituals, preaching the union of religion and science. Cultists in Fobia are engaged in genetic modification and experiments on the human body and soul in order to visit alternate realities. The hero will be a guy named Roberto, who works as a journalist and wants to find material for the newspaper. The young man arrives in the town of Trese Trillas, where he stays at the St. Dinfna.

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Armor Clash 2022 v1.3 - DOGE

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In Armor Clash 2022, naval units play an important role. All battle maps have resource points and mercenary camps in the ocean that the Army cannot reach and the Air Force cannot hold. Therefore, even in the early stages of the game, it is necessary to use younger naval units to capture resource points to maintain the advantage. Throughout the game, players need to pay attention to both land and sea, not just the mountains. Long-range guided missiles, battleships and even aircraft carriers can be built in the later stages of the game, so once a player loses control of the sea in the late stages of the game, it means that the main coastal base is destroyed.

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Ultra Age v1.0.4 - FLT

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The events of Ultra Age, although unfolding in the distant future, the main character here uses traditional methods of fighting evil. He is a master of the sword, and in open combat, few can be on the same level with him. His name is Age and, as a member, he receives a research assignment on one of the planets. However, in reality, everything turns out to be much more complicated, and instead of an easy walk, he will have to make his way through crowds of hostile creatures, using all his combat potential.

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Contagion v2.2.1.1 Last Stop Chapter 1 - DOGE

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The mix of shooter and horror is not new, but Contagion combines these two popular genres just fine. The game is created on the Source engine and looks very good even today. The fact that Contagion has a cooperative mode allows the player not only to be afraid of the crowds of the living dead, but also to monitor their allies, because after death they will turn into zombies and will be happy to feast on you. If you want to test yourself in the cooperative shooter Contagion, then call your friends and poison yourself to destroy zombies in the most ordinary locations of the city.

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The Waylanders v1.10 - DOGE

The Waylanders free download torrent games pc
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The Waylanders is a classic third-person RPG in a fantasy setting inspired by Dragon Age Origins and Neverwinter Nights 2. The game focuses on character progression, romantic relationships and deep tactical combat. A tactical pause awaits you, the ability to choose between isometric camera and third-person mode, as well as six classes with 30 additional ones. The Waylanders are set in Brigantia, an ancient region in northern Spain inhabited by Celts. The main character refuses the gift of reincarnation of the Celts, due to which he loses the ability to be reborn, but gains the ability to travel through time. The hero’s sacrifice allows him to travel between his time period and the later Middle Ages in order to prevent a catastrophe that threatens both eras. In addition, you will be able to find reincarnated members of your party in later times thanks to the «awakening» mechanic, so unique groups of companions in two eras may actually consist of the same souls.

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Forsaken v20220504 - DOGE

Forsaken free download torrent games pc
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Forsaken — get ready to go on an expedition to explore the dark and mystical world, full of mysteries, adventures and thrills. Use your skills to crush your enemies, moving to a variety of unusual worlds through various stressful situations and risks that await you. Experience the joy after the final triumph of good and winning the title of supreme warrior. Melee combat on the way to the land of fantasies. Create your own destiny. Incorporate strength and energy and overcome trials with mythical weapons.

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Tetris Effect v1.3.2 - DOGE

Tetris Effect free download torrent games pc
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Tetris Effect is Tetris game for PC, which you have not yet seen. This is a fascinating, unique and absolutely amazing embodiment of one of the most popular puzzles in history from the creators of the recognized Rez Infinite and the Lumines puzzle. You can play either on a regular display with unlimited resolution and frame rate with vertical synchronization turned off, or in a striking three-dimensional environment in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

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Raft v1.0 Build 8972572 - DOGE

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Raft — a popular game on the theme of survival in a brutal environment. Here you have to be on a small raft in the middle of a huge, boundless ocean. All that you have from improvised means, this is a hook, which you have to catch the necessary items for life, which will come across to you as you follow the raft. From various garbage you can build a real floating city, where you can also plant plants and survive with the help of created objects. From all that you catch, create a sheltered dwelling, and also do not forget to supply yourself with everything necessary for at least minimal comfort. Gradually, you will create the city of your dreams, where even palm trees will grow! Go on an incredible, but very dangerous journey, where you will cope with a huge number of problems and obstacles, but in the end you will emerge from this whole situation as a winner.

This game has been updated 22-06-2022, 17:06 to the latest version v1.0 Build 8972572.

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Swarm the City Zombie Evolved Build 8942356 - DOGE

Swarm the City Zombie Evolved free download torrent games pc
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Swarm the City Zombie Evolved — is a game in which you play on the side of evil, namely the dark lord of the zombies Karr the Great. You must find weak points in human cities and then destroy them. Develop your army of zombies, choose the best strategy and infiltrate cities until they are under your rule. Thousands of years ago, Carr the Great brought disaster to earth, turning it into a post-apocalyptic world. Half of the people were turned into zombies to strengthen his army. But in the end, his invasion failed. He was defeated by the people and sealed under the foundations of St. Mary’s Church. After several hundred years, the war of the people for the land burned down the church. The new king of the country did not know history. Everyone considered the zombie lord just a legend. People began to build new tarverns until they finally forgot about this gloomy taboo.

This game has been updated 16-06-2022, 16:36 to the latest version Build 8942356.

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