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Easy Red 2 — is a first-person shooter that uses a real-world historical event World War 2 to create a fierce fighting setting. The location of all the tasks that the single-player campaign poses for the player is France. Most of the missions take place on the territory of Normandy, repeating real-life battles on the beaches of Omaha, Juno and Utah. The gamer gets at his full disposal a squad of fighters of different specializations, for example, doctors or snipers. Using the mechanics of giving orders, the user controls the allies that are controlled by artificial intelligence.

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Song of Farca v20211220 - TiNYiSO

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Song of Farca — is an interactive quest inspired by the Black Mirror. In the role of a detective, you will have to hack devices, investigate crime scenes, search for evidence and analyze data. In Song of Farca, you need to track suspects, engage in interrogation and make elections that lead to certain consequences. The game takes place in the world of the near future. Technology has become an integral part of life, and megacorporations have gained more influence than political forces. Various criminal structures are trying to resist the power of IT companies. The main character of the story is Isabella Song. She is engaged in investigating mysterious cases of varying degrees of complexity. At first it seems that she is just performing a chain of incoherent actions, but it turns out that there is a connection between all the cases.

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Blade of Darkness Update 12 - DOGE

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Blade of Darkness — is a third-person action slasher. The game is a fighting game with role-playing elements, the player will have to take control of a powerful warrior, just a few classes in the gameplay. Each unit has unique abilities and characteristics, and is also able to take only certain weapons. The gameplay contains sequential areas in which the user will meet a huge number of monsters. Killing enemies, useful items will drop from them, and the hero will gain experience. By increasing the level of the protagonist, he will be able to increase the total number of useful skills, as well as open up many useful opportunities.

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Mini Healer v0.81g

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Mini Healer is a pixel-based RPG on the theme of monsters in the dungeon and brave heroes. To surprise the players, the developers made a game for a healer in a squad of strong heroes. Your key task will be to treat the heroes during the battle so that they have the strength to destroy the most powerful monsters. Dozens of different spells, 35 unique bosses, crafting system, more than 300 artifacts and all this in a procedurally generated dungeon. At your disposal in Mini Healer will be more than two dozen spells that you can use in the process of treating your wards, gain, and more. Give them resistance to certain types of attacks, heal, restore their energy, and do everything so that the soldiers are always ready to continue the battle. And here you will find an incredible amount of skills, abilities and additional talents, more than three hundred artifacts, achievements and achievements, and much, much more.

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Fishing at Lotus Lakes v1.0 - DOGE

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Fishing at Lotus Lakes — this is an entertaining game that simulates fishing. You can enjoy fishing with a simple mouse and keyboard. The huts on the lake are surrounded by mountains, so you can comfortably spend time fishing, as well as admire the beautiful scenery. The scoreboard also records the type and value of fish caught, so get a good harvest in the game. A very interesting game that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of modern fishing, where there is a choice of fishing rods.

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Alpine The Simulation Game Build 7757703 - DOGE

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In game Alpine The Simulation Game you will find a variety of story modes with many missions, all in the center of a carefully thought-out game world in the snowy Alps. Welcome to the beautiful world of mountains. The scenery invites you to spend time among the high mountains, deep valleys and a small idyllic mountain village. Participate to help guests of the idyllic mountain village of Oberbrook experience skiing in their own classroom. Then put on your skis and take turns skiing on the fresh slope! Discover a variety of story modes with many different missions and expand your ski resort by performing exciting tests using different vehicles to discover new slopes, lifts and even new areas of the game world.

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Demon Turf v1.0 - DOGE

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Demon Turf — is a mix of 2D and 3D platformer, the story of which is based on the great desire of a little demon to take over the world. Underground evil spirits huddled together and they began to call themselves «Clans». Each has its own leader. But how can they compete with the Demon Queen. The star of the fire show is Beebs, a young demon who is barely a thousand years old. She decided that it was time for her to kick in the ass every monster leader and become a real Demon Queen.

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She Will Shoot v1.0 - DOGE

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She Will Shoot — a dynamic third-person zombie killer in a variety of scenery. The game offers you to clear the post-apocalyptic village, abandoned subway, southern slums and other locations from zombies. Find weapons and ammunition, quietly destroy zombies or take a shotgun and arrange a real meat grinder. This game can be attributed to the discharge of PC games with good graphics, and contains three types of confrontation. Similarly, the developers sold weapons of both melee and long range combat. Change your character right during the game.

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Hourglass Build 7582481 - DOGE

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Hourglass is a great first-person puzzle where you work together with previous copies of yourself to solve puzzles in a mysterious ancient world. Drawing inspiration from Portal, The Witness and Rime, in Hourglass you play the role of a young adventurer whose archaeologist father disappeared in Egypt. After tracking his last location, you will find a mysterious ancient temple, which contains advanced time management technologies and portals on the floating islands.

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Zombie Total War v1.0 - DOGE

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Zombie Total War — is the best new zombie shooter, unlike anything before. It is full of unique cities around the world and many game characters. Choose from a variety of weapons to repel hordes of zombies. Fight in different territories to protect your people and land. Play online with 4 people around the world and team up to fight zombies. See how many rounds you can face a horde of zombies. After each round, the zombies become stronger, learn and fight harder. Choose from many weapons that you like to fight zombies. Play with 3 others to secure a place in history as a defender of the people. Try to get more points in each round. Revive your teammates when problems arise. Fight the waves of zombies, which become more difficult with each round.

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