Slap City v1.1

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Slap City is a multiplayer action-platformer with a camera on the side, made with bright colors and a wide variety of locations in the form of clouds, offices, mountains, flying islands, skyscraper rooftops and much more. Despite the online orientation, the user has the option of going through the campaign alone, without having to invite friends to explore the game locally as a foursome. The developers have implemented advanced artificial intelligence, which allows computer enemies to use numerous tactics to defeat the player. The gamer is also invited to counter various opponents with the help of one protagonist to choose from a list that includes 8 characters: Ittle Dew, Jenny Fox, Ruby, Ultra Fishbunjin 3000, Princess Remedy, Business Casual Man, Asha.

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Tyrants Blessing v1.0.601 Build 9336907

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The fantasy universe in Tyrants Blessing is under the yoke of a dangerous Tyrant who has led the world to war, suffering and death. Many inhabitants in the territory of Tiberias have turned into undead that attacks the last stronghold of mankind. Gamers will collect a squad of adventurers that is forced to destroy the uprising of the Dead Army. You will immerse yourself in a role-playing adventure game with roguelike elements, where battles take place in turn-based tactical mode. The people turned into zombies are now the slaves of the Tyrant, who are bound to him by the bonds of magic. To defeat the army of the dead, the last surviving warriors will have to push the opponent to the depths of the sea in order to destroy their commander in chief.

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BLACK WITCHCRAFT free download torrent games pc
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BLACK WITCHCRAFT is a fantasy platform game inspired by the works of American writer Alan Poe. The storyline revolves around representatives of the legendary House of Usher, a family that has been engaged in the extermination of witches and other representatives of evil spirits for centuries. The head of the Roderick family, through his own stupidity, succumbed to the influence of the most evil witch Lenore and now became her obedient servant. He killed almost every member of his family and is a danger to everyone else. In addition, he helps the antagonist rise and regain their former strength.

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Agonize v1.11 Build 9545403

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Agonize transports users to the 1950s. The plot of the game is as follows. Charles Dwyer was distraught after the loss of his wife and son. The scientist wanted to return his family by any means and began to conduct terrible experiments, turning the mansion into a scientific laboratory. However, his experiments only led to the appearance of uncontrollable beasts. After that, the man disappeared, and demonic cries were heard from his house. As a result, the estate became abandoned. Some time later, teenagers made their way there to find out about the future fate of the owner and his secrets. They are the ones to play for. A more detailed background of the crazy experimenter is revealed through notes scattered around the location.

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Adventure Academia The Fractured Continent Build 9378036 - Chronos

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Adventure Academia The Fractured Continent takes Pedro to a fictional continent. According to the tradition of the genre, this once peaceful and prosperous place is now suffering from an invasion of monsters. Some evil force turns blooming lands into gloomy dungeons teeming with monsters. They don’t stay long in the caves and regularly go out to make raids, which are accompanied by bloodshed and the deaths of innocent residents. The protagonist of the role-playing video game Adventure Academia The Fractured Continent is a young warrior named Alex. He inherits from his glorious family an ancient artifact called the Sphere of the Ruler. With the help of this item, he is able to subjugate the minds of other creatures.

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Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling into Darkness v1.0 Build 9075609

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Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling into Darkness — is the main video game based on the original manga, which tells about the adventures of the brave girl Riko and her faithful robot Reg. The protagonist lives in a small orphanage in the city of Orff, where her faithful metal friend is also hiding under the guise of a boy. One day, the heroes learn that Riko’s mother is actually alive, but she is at the very bottom of a huge and very gloomy gorge, which they called the Abyss.

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Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES v29.08.2022 - Chronos

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Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES — destroy the unexplored road with your Vulvehicle, the perfect all-round armored fighting vehicle. Whether they’re flying through the sky or hiding deep underground, these girls will stop at nothing to blast their way through the ground and enemies in this STG action comic. In the yard of 2010 AD. The Avika branch of the Institute of Superelectricity is home to a quirky motley group of researchers from all corners of the galaxy living in harmony. Until one day, the Terran Defense Force began an aggressive armed campaign to destroy all alien life forms on Avica.

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Digimon Survive Build 9236289 - Chronos

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Digimon Survive — is a tactical JRPG based on the cult anime series Digimon. The plot follows a group of teenagers led by a hero named Takuma Momotsuka. They go to summer camp, but for some reason they find themselves in a very strange fantasy world. Here they are waiting for a huge number of dangers, as well as many monsters with which the heroes have to fight. Gameplay mechanics combine classic RPG elements with tactical strategy. Each character has their own personal Digimon with unique abilities. You need to develop and pump it in the process of passing. Your choice affects the development of the story as well as the progression of the creature itself. Digimon Survive has a high degree of replay value.

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Mercenaries Rebirth Call of the Wild Lynx Build 9012355 - Chronos

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Mercenaries Rebirth Call of the Wild Lynx — Wield the sword of victory with Princess Kira and the Wild Lynx Mercenaries. Mercenaries Rebirth is a tactical RPG set in a fantasy world. Battles take place on maps with quarter view and elevation changes, where the front, back, and sides of the map determine the outcome of each battle. Support effects depend on the position of allied characters from your party, etc., which is a characteristic feature of high strategic maneuvers.

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The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia v28.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

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The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia — a new modern strategy game where you will be able to control various characters and will be able to immerse yourself as much as possible in the new story about Igarlnia. Here in this game, a classic fantasy world is implemented, in itself it is a single-player strategy. There are various characters and classes, including elves, which have their own unique functions, as well as orcs and dwarves. Get maximum pleasure from how the characters will develop.

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