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ATOM RPG Trudograd v0.8.1

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ATOM RPG Trudograd — is an independent ATOM RPG add-on that continues the story of the main game. Explore a new huge city, get acquainted with unique characters, complete tasks with many options for passing and find a device on which the fate of the whole planet may depend. Inherits the traditions of the most famous projects dedicated to post apocalyptic survival. This release continues the series. This is an RPG, which means you will have the opportunity to develop your most diverse skills and find a place under the sun in this not calm world. Gloomy aesthetics, design in the style of the post-Soviet space. The general mood and atmosphere of hopelessness. The authors suggest trying to live in a similar alternative history.

This game has been updated Today, 04:10 to the latest version v0.8.1.

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BPM Bullets Per Minute Build 6189448

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Rhythmic shooter BPM Bullets Per Minute, which develops from the first person. Actions will take place in randomly generated dungeons, where every missed note is fatal. The essence of the game is reduced to a dance sequence of enemy attacks, which you must intercept and destroy opponents. A musical rhythm shooter in which your goal is to get to the end of a randomly generated dungeon, collecting various weapons, abilities and items as you progress. You also need to defeat 7 bosses and get to the final one. Each boss moves and attacks in a unique way, so you must learn to adapt to each of them if you want to succeed. A dynamic first-person shooter in which the player hunts demons in dark dungeons. The player controls a powerful Valkyrie, capable of repelling the forces of the underworld from the invasion of Asgard. The actions of the character and enemies are tied to the rhythm of the music. Dungeons are randomly generated. Abilities and items will change with each new run.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:19 to the latest version Build 6189448.

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DYSMANTLE v0.6.8.16

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DYSMANTLE — invites gamers to survive on the island and find a way to get out of this place. The post-apocalyptic world here is not gloomy. There is no atmosphere of hopelessness here either. The game features bright cartoon graphics with rich colors. During the end of the world, the protagonist hides in an underground bunker. One day, the hero gets out and discovers that people and animals have turned into evil creatures that look like zombies. After a short plot, the gameplay begins immediately. Users will be allowed to explore a large open map.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:46 to the latest version v0.6.8.16.

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The Deep Deep v28.02.2021

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The Deep Deep — is an interesting blend of genres such as 2D side-scrolling platforming and Dungeon Crawl with tactical combat. The events of the game take place in underground caves and catacombs, and you will have to manage a squad of gnomes. Their underworld fell after being taken over by the armies of orcs and goblins. The heroes remained the only defenders of the kingdom, the last chance to revive and acquire their former greatness. However, for this you need to go through many dangerous places and destroy all enemies in your path, including the military leaders. The game has a very exciting plot, which will be interesting to watch.

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Dead Age 2 v1.51

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Dead Age 2 — is a tactical RPG with turn-based battles, continuing the events of the first part. Survival in an apocalyptic world awaits you again, zombies and a sea of blood. The events of the game take place all in the same apocalyptic universe, but only 10 years after the events of the first part. It has been a long time since Jack began to equip his own camp and collect survivors in it. But something happened zombies entered the camp and now all those survivors whom Jack once collected fled to the City of Freedom, hoping to find happiness and live in safety.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:31 to the latest version v1.51.

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Trials of Fire v0.860

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Trials of Fire combines a free open-world study, a turn-based combat system with several characters and decks, as well as elements of bagels with procedural generation and loot. Between battles to be engaged in tactical optimization adjust the equipment of their heroes, allocate resources and things, and so on. As the authors assure, the balance is made in such a way that a new weapon of epic rarity can make the player completely change his strategy.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:44 to the latest version v0.860.

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Elderborn v19.05.2020 (Permadeath) - CODEX

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Elderborn — get ready to enter into a very unpredictable and deadly battle with various monsters, each of which wants to kill you. You will fight them with a wide arsenal of weapons: two-handed swords, bows, spears, axes, hammers, and much more. Do not forget to use the shield, because there will be a lot of opponents. The game itself is a killer first-person action game, created by all the standards of classic role-playing video games. Here you also have to go to the dungeons, and fight against skeletons, the living dead, vampires, and other dangerous creatures. The main feature of the game is a diverse and dynamic gameplay that will allow you to fight with several opponents at the same time. And all this brutal musical accompaniment will improve, because during the game high-quality rock compositions will be played.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:45 to the latest version v19.05.2020 (Permadeath).

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Redout Space Assault v1.0 - CODEX

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Redout Space Assault — is an action-simulator of flights in space on a supersonic, futuristic fighter, which has a huge arsenal of both attacking and defensive. But the main advantage over the enemy controlled by artificial intelligence should be the tactical vein of the gamer, which helps to come up with winning strategies for the complete destruction of enemy aircraft. Casual control helps you learn mechanics faster and engage in serious battles.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:39 to the latest version v1.0.

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Depth of Extinction Definitive Edition v53.7.0 (Update 2.0)

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Depth of Extinction is a role-playing strategy game with a dynamic process and an exciting plot line. Here you have to go to the future, where mankind has survived but a complete catastrophe and is now forced to seek shelter in the underwater world. For over five hundred years already, there has been an underwater kingdom, whose inhabitants are not only habitual inhabitants, but also people. But not everything is as colorful as we would like, because we are on the verge of destruction.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 17:09 to the latest version Definitive Edition v53.7.0 (Update 2.0).

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Age of Empires 3 v100.12.1529.0 (Definitive Edition) - CODEX

Torrent Age of Empires 3 download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v100.12.1529.0 (Definitive Edition) TORRENT CODEX

Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition — is an improved version of the original part of the legendary series of games developed in the strategy genre, where all the action takes place in real time. As for the composition of the game, it includes the basic version with the theme of the conquest and conquest of America, as well as two additional expansion packs, where the player can learn about the Aztecs and many Asian dynasties. The changes in the improved version did not affect the general gameplay and game mechanics in any way, which will definitely delight fans.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:48 to the latest version v100.12.1529.0 (Definitive Edition).

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