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Wrought Flesh v1.1.2 Build 9339104 - ALI213

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Wrought Flesh — tells the story of a Hajeshian cultist making her way through hordes of enemy creatures that inhabit a newly terraformed planet. The main character has almost the status of a mythological creature, which are considered a rarity in the cosmic expanses of a fictional universe. The game is made in the genre of a shooter, where you have to actively use combat rifles and shotguns to deal with hordes of biological alien creatures, as well as engage in firefights with intoxicated bandits.

This game has been updated 15-09-2022, 04:59 to the latest version v1.1.2 Build 9339104.

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The World Of Kong Fu v16.08.2022

The World Of Kong Fu free download torrent games pc
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The World Of Kong Fu — 11th year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty 1141 AD The Jin dynasties, led by the Song and the Jurchen, were separated by the Huai River. The north of the river belonged to the Jin, and the south to the Song. Song ceded many of its prefectures to Jin and paid annual tribute. Even after Jin proclaimed his emperor, Song became a client state. So, ten years have passed. Despite the peaceful relationship between Song and Jin, there have long been tumultuous undercurrents in the world of kung fu. The world of martial arts is full of chaos, in which numerous heroes stand out. Among them are four wonders that overshadow the rest, named «Eastern Shu», «West Bo», «Northern Gu» and «Southern Po». This is a game with pixel graphics in the style of SFC MD.

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Pocket League Story v2.20 - ALI213

Pocket League Story free download torrent games pc
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Pocket League Story — train your team to fight for the top in this sensational football team simulator. Select players, train and fight your way to the top of each league in this sensational football team simulator. Sell ​​goods, build a gym and even a stadium. Your fan base will grow as you defeat your rivals and attract the hottest sponsors. There is no limit to your desire for football glory. As the crowd erupts in triumph and shouts of Goal. echoes through the stadium whether your team will win. Try your hand as a football team manager and find out. In the game, you will recruit and train players and try to win in different leagues. Improve the conditions of your team and sign contracts with new sponsors to get more money.

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SAELIG v36 Build 9270901 - ALI213

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SAELIG — is a simulation of life in ancient England. In itself, this deserves to be paid attention to the game. The player is immediately immersed in the appropriate atmosphere, which to a large extent contributes to the video sequence, the corresponding sound environment. The hero, however, initially does not stand out from the mass of ordinary people.

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Wigmund v1.1.0 (Build 9269535) - ALI213

Wigmund free download torrent games pc
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Wigmund The Return of the Hidden Knights — is an isometric adventure inspired by old school RPGs. Immerse yourself in the medieval world, exploring its open spaces. Unravel the secrets of the kingdom and the secrets of noble knights. The gameplay is based on the skills of the heroes. Pump over your abilities and get ready for many random encounters and events that can change your life. In the center of the story are two twin brothers. The world is based on the myths and legends of the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic cultures. The protagonist Wigmund is a warrior escaped from dungeon, destined to reveal the most terrible secrets and atrocities of the New regime. The history of Wigmund. The Return of the Hidden Knights will lead you through criminals camps, ruined castles, dangerous caves and forgotten ruins. Also, it will not do without powerful dragons.

This game has been updated 8-08-2022, 16:19 to the latest version v1.1.0 (Build 9269535).

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Frostpunk Game of the Year Edition v1.6.1 Build 9244516 - ALI213

Frostpunk Game of the Year Edition free download torrent games pc
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Frostpunk Game of the Year Edition — Around the frantic cold. The human population is on the brink of extinction. The way to survive is, but it has two components: technology and a fundamentally changed society. Technology is created, but to create such a society, with a completely different morality and meaning of life — to survive — is already problematic. Presented? So in April 2017 we will see this post-apocalyptic strategy called Frostpunk. And her company will introduce to us 11 Bit Studio, which already won the hearts of many fans of survival by the project This War of Mine and showed the situation — quite real for the modern world. The new game promises to be even more atmospheric and interesting.

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Thief Simulator v1.6 - ALI213

Thief Simulator free download torrent games pc
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Simulator robber from the first person, one of a kind. Thief Simulator tells about all aspects of the work of the thief-forgie: collecting information, breaking safes and locks, parsing and selling stolen traces of traces. Incredibly realistic game with an unusual concept. In the simulator there is no linear passage the gamer is free to choose who he wants to clean up today. A successful robbery brings not only profit, but also experience that allows you to improve skills and abilities.

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Chrono Ark v1.9

Chrono Ark free download torrent games pc
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Chrono Ark — is a team role-playing bagel in which you have to deal with saving the world from Chaos. Hire, train and create a team of unique researchers across the abandoned land and restore the Distorted World. Chrono Ark is a mixture of the usual bagel and a card-based fantasy adventure role-playing game. Spectacular battles, an unusual intriguing plot, a world shrouded in darkness and fog, and an atmosphere of hopelessness await you here. The events of the game begin to occur at the very moment when a certain fog envelops the local world, from which the creatures of Darkness and Evil begin to come out. Now the whole world is in danger, people are dying, chaos and devastation are everywhere, and only on a floating island called Ark can people still live in peace, despite the fog. Well, you will lead a detachment under the leadership of a girl named Lucy, who from her very birth feels that her mission is too important for this world. So you and her will have to go on a dangerous journey, collecting a detachment of soldiers, and starting to defeat Evil.

This game has been updated 12-07-2022, 13:36 to the latest version v1.9.

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Transport INC Build 8995465 (Seamanship) - ALI213

Transport INC free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 8995465 (Seamanship) TORRENT ALI213

The game Transport INC — is developed in the genre of simulator. Each studio that strives for one goal is able to make realistic conditions for players so that they can go through everything and feel in the center of events. It turned out almost perfectly to do exactly in this game. The project is not only interesting, but also provides a construction simulator. However, gamers will not be engaged in the construction of buildings, but in the construction of roads and railways. In addition, you will have to deal with the construction of air and waterways. The tasks will not be quite simple, but players will be able to do everything if they make a little effort and time to have everything necessary for construction.

This game has been updated 24-06-2022, 03:12 to the latest version Build 8995465 (Seamanship).

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Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances Build 8925087 - P2P

Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances free download torrent games pc
DLC FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 8925087 TORRENT P2P
Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances is a new city-planning survival strategy, which is published by the gurus of the Paradox Interactive genre, and they already know a lot about great games. The action will unfold on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where you have to take control over a small column of people and help them survive in this new dangerous world. You will meet a procedurally generated world with six radically different biomes, each of which will need to look for its own approach to creating a settlement. At your disposal are more than 50 buildings and various specialists with which you will develop. Send your people for the Gateway to a wild world full of dangers and bandits to search for valuable resources and other survivors.
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