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Araha Curse of Yieun Island — is a survival horror game. You will explore the hospital on the island as a boy looking for his sister. Starting from an abandoned hospital, you will have a journey through a cursed island, illuminating the box sanctuary, a cemetery on the side of a mountain and much more. Only for those who want a thrill, only for those who love the feeling of fear in their chests, those who really want to be afraid and at the same time try to survive. Unique in its kind game for PC, which has the usual first-person view. In addition to the typical horror of the direction, there is not bad graphics, but this is 50% success, well-chosen soundtrack, this is a good percentage to win, and of course the storyline, which makes this game a hit among the rest. According to the plot, you find yourself on a mysterious and empty island, where a hospital is located. Your main goal is to survive and find your own sister.
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