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Angry Bunny 2 Lost hole — continues to experience a friend from the first game of the rabbit series. This time, the levels became less, and the starting location turned into a kind of misunderstanding with the choice of zones for passing. The game really looks nice, the enemies and the mechanics of their attack,  some locations taken from other games, but this has already become a tradition and a chip of the developer. Shamelessly collecting a new brainchild from ready-made assets no longer looks like a crime, now a developer can fall into childhood and make horror from fragments of Lego, or a platformer.
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Angry Bunny v1.0 - PLAZA

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Angry Bunny — a game in which you play the role of a hero — a rabbit, his goal is to find a way back to the rabbit hole, which is the end of each level. You need to find a bomb that is tied to a wooden box. Before the rabbit can get the bomb, he needs to find the key that will open the wooden box with the bomb. Using a bomb, a player can explode a large carrot, which is a barrier between the rabbit hole / finish line and the player. The rabbit should also beware of various traps, such as spikes, pits, traps, and so on. Also, dangerous moving enemy creatures opened the hunt for a bunny. At different levels, we are given a different number of lives. Levels contain various puzzles, such as hidden platforms, hidden bridges and not only, some can be activated using various levers. Levels also include various moving, rotating and falling platforms.
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