Rail Route v1.5.9

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Rail Route — is a train manager simulator that develops the ideas behind Mini Metro. Control traffic, build railways and set up routes for trains. Unlock the functions of your dispatch interface, upgrade the elements of the rail network and research new technologies that will allow you to automate operations.

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Alchemist Simulator v28.03.2021

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Alchemist Simulator — is a fantasy alchemist simulator, a game in which you can learn how to brew magic potions for heroes, to order and for sale, create recipes, and more. In the story, you had the honor to work in the studio of your famous, world-famous relative of the alchemist. You are a student alchemist aspiring and now you need to earn your own name. You must learn how to create potions, become a real alchemist, come up with your own recipes, in the end, create potions and spells that no one has heard of before, and more. But don’t be in a hurry. Alchemy is not an easy matter, and your every action can become fatal.

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