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AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind — is an action-adventure RPG with a Japanese-style third-person view. Hatred infects the earth. The deadly corruption created the Dark Abyss, a destructive void powerful enough to shatter the very fabric of reality. To prevent the destruction of the world, the ancient Time Lords created and hid the powerful weapon AeternoBlades. Only his power can restore order in the universe. The sequel to AeternoBlade, which takes place after the first part. You have three unique characters at your disposal, including the already familiar heroine Freya, as well as newcomers Felix and Bernard. Take control of one of them and embark on a journey across dimensions to fight the Dark Abyss. We use all of this both on the battlefield and for specific tasks. As we progress, we increase the combat potential of our charges, getting more powerful weapons and special relics, guaranteeing us an advantage over our opponents through passive attack or defense bonuses, as well as acquiring more and more powerful abilities.
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