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Actraiser Renaissance — there was once a half-crazy game called Actraiser on the SNES. It had incredible graphics for the era and was also known for being a fantasy slasher game mixed with simulation elements. Actraiser returns to PC today fully remastered with Actraiser Renaissance. The game is a remaster of the ActRaiser game, which was once released on mobile devices in 2004. In Actraiser you go through side scrolling stages and fight giant bosses, but you also play god and try to keep your cities safe and prosperous in a kind of Sim City style segment between level excursions. It’s kind of a weird mix, but it absolutely worked then. Players can switch between the old soundtrack and the remastered modified soundtrack with new music added. The remaster also includes several new stages and new boss battles, so there is something for old veterans who have played the now ancient carriage many times.
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