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Steel Division 2 — the second part of the already famous step-by-step strategies. As before, actions develop during the tense period of the Second World War. Our task is to successfully turn the special operation «Bagration». The main objective of the mission is to protect the lands of Belarus, which are actively seized by the Nazis. For players available mode of the general and colonel. From the first part of the preserved dynamic action in the case of the first mode. The second focuses on tactical operations. In total, there are six hundred units. The game world consists of twenty-five locations.

This game has been updated 11-05-2021, 17:31 to the latest version v51345 + All DLC.

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Military strategies have always been admired and respected by the players and now users have a great opportunity to download Steel Division 2 Death on the Vistula torrent — a large-scale continuation of a rather high-quality and interesting game, which this time offers to go to the expanses of the USSR and take part in a large-scale operation called Bagration Surely, each of you knows that this operation was a turning point in the Second World War, as it allowed to launch an offensive in European countries with their subsequent release.

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