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Generation Zero — a game in the open world about the invasion of cars, the events of which unfold in Sweden in the 80s of the last century. The game is created on the Apex Engine studio’s own engine, which will support the cycle of day and night and unsurpassed dynamic weather, complex AI behavior, ballistics simulation, highly realistic sound, and more. Hostile machines flooded Sweden, and you need to fight back to find out what happened. You can play alone or in a cooperative with three friends.

This release is standalone and includes all content and Schweet Vanity Pack + DLC Bikes + Challenges + Alpine Unrest + FNIX Rising + Resistance DLC from our previous release and updates.

This game has been updated 4-05-2021, 07:10 to the latest version v04.05.2021 (Resistance) + DLC.

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Generation Zero FNIX Rising v1858983 - CODEX

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Generation Zero FNIX Rising — the main innovations in this supplement are 10 main tasks, as well as 10 additional tasks, new NPCs and an Apocalypse reaper. Along with the release of the add-on, players will also receive free content, including the changed regions of the South Coast and surrounding farms, two types of melee weapons, a mallet and a baseball bat, as well as new clothes, collectibles and achievements. Finally, the developers will make some improvements and fixes to the game. Recall that the action of Generation Zero takes place in an alternative past in Sweden in the 1980s. The local population has disappeared, and fighting robots are scouring the roads. Players have to complete tasks and explore the open world in search of weapons, equipment and supplies to reveal the secret of the invasion.

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Generation Zero Alpine Unrest v20191127 - HOODLUM

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Generation Zero Alpine Unrest — head to Himfall, an unexplored island off the east coast. Perhaps there you can find answers to many questions about cars or you will be able to meet other survivors. You will find many interesting places to explore — from cafes and shops of the small towns of Himfell, to mountain trails, trailer parks and pine forests. Explore this island and find all the necessary information. And remember that there are a lot of dangerous enemies waiting for you.

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Generation Zero Rivals v28.10.2019 - HOODLUM

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Generation Zero Rivals — this is new DLC and Update for PC game. Swedish robots are the first to engage in a ruthless battle between people and iron monsters, where the winner will get everything. A person is the creator of a small mechanism, and over time, the developed piece intelligence allows the machine to turn into a real killer. Interestingly, uncontrolled creatures are ready to break into any house, destroy the environment, and then hide in an unknown direction. In fact, everything is much more confusing and unpredictable. Tranquil hinterland, where others dreamed of fame and power today they receive in full. The invasion is inevitable, it was necessary to prepare for the test for decades until today.

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