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8Doors — is a stylish two-dimensional platformer, presented in the best traditions of the notorious «Metroidvania». Events take you to the vast mysterious afterlife where you have to explore eight areas of purgatory. In the role of the main character named Arum, get ready to reveal all the secrets of this place, face mysterious ghosts, enjoy the extraordinary combat system and become part of the famous Korean folk tale. And in 8Doors you will find a wide range of ghosts and spirits that you have to fight. In total, the game features more than 30 types of ghosts, as well as bosses and mini-bosses, each of which will have its own unique features. Fight, survive, win, and most importantly, find out the true cause of the series of deaths in the village.

This game has been updated 8-07-2021, 16:33 to the latest version v1.00.

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