7 Bones and 7 Stones The Ritual v14.09.2020

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7 Bones and 7 Stones The Ritual — is an asymmetrical, top-down online RPG. The story will tell about the fantasy universe Wayandor, in which all the events of the game take place. One of the users will be given the role of a monster that must hunt ordinary residents of a small village, and the rest of the group of players will play, just the same, for these same inhabitants. The main goal of the townspeople is to be able to survive and find a special ritual stone that must be brought to the altar. Once on the altar, the stone will disappear, and with it, the dark force that the monster personifies will perish. The difficulty is that the creature will constantly haunt people. To protect yourself and your comrades, you have to look for shelter and work out tactics. If you are not lucky enough to stay alive, then you will join the ranks of the dark forces and will hunt your former brothers.
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