Pyre v1.0 (23.12.2017) - CODEX

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Pyre is a smart role-playing game in which you will lead a detachment of exiles and lead them to freedom, having won an ancient contest in the open spaces of the mysterious purgatory. Who is waiting for glory, and who will remain an exile to the end of his days? Plunge into the biggest and most amazing world created by Supergiant! Meet the unusual characters who are fighting to regain their freedom, and go through the mysterious purgatory, the lower world. Fight with colorful opponents and get worthy rewards: every victory (or defeat!) Is another step towards enlightenment.
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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen 18.12.2017 (Update 7) - CODEX

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen free download torrent games pc
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A role-playing game with a third-person view, developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The world of Dragon’s Dogma is strictly in the framework of the canonical fantasy — there are dragons, there are knights with swords and shields and there is magic. The architectural style is dominated by medieval buildings, towers of high-rise castles tickle the skies, and the sight of flimsy villages and sunset involuntarily makes one stop for a minute and admire the triumph of nature. Dragon’s Dogma exploits the concept of an open world filled with long roads, green meadows and big cities, packed with innocent civilians, shops, side quests and all that can be found in these scraps of civilization. On the streets and not only we can meet more than 200 different characters, voiced by actors and having several lines of dialogues. The cycle of changing the day and night is attached.
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Need for Speed Rivals v1.4.0.0 - RELOADED

Need for Speed Rivals free download torrent games pc
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Every year we expect a new part of the cult and the most popular series of races Need For Speed. This year, we are waiting for the game Need For Speed Rivals, in which new graphics, cars, tracks and various bonuses. Every time the developers try to surprise us with something new, sometimes they succeed, but they do not. Game Need For Speed: Rivals returns to the origins of this series of games and focuses on the rivalry between riders and police. Which side to choose, it’s up to you, although you can play for both. Fighting on the street does not stop for a minute, the police are constantly improving methods and weapons to combat riders, and riders are looking for methods to bypass these weapons. As already adopted in Need For Speed, you will have the opportunity to improve and change your car, which will betray his personality. Another innovation, there was a blurred line between a single company and multiplayer, now everything has merged into a single whole.
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Nex Machina v1.06.0073 (16715) - SKIDROW

Nex Machina free download torrent games pc
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Nex Machina — this is a typical arcade shooter, which resembles the good old games of this genre. Before you, the distant future is called the fashionable word cyberpunk. At that time, technology played an important role, the population did not exist without their use. Gradually, computers became reasonable and came to the conclusion that they do not need people in their technological world. Accordingly, the only decision that was made by the machines is to destroy humanity. Your task is to enter into an unequal battle with robots, win over them and thereby save people from imminent death.​
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Ryse Son of Rome v1.0.0.153 (Update 3) - ALI213

Ryse Son of Rome free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.0.153 (Update 3) TORRENT ALI213
Ryse Son of Rome will tell us a great story, the beginning of which goes back from the cruel death of relatives before the eyes of soldier Marius Titus. The young Roman soldier sees with his own eyes all the brutality of the barbarians, and now the whole meaning of his life is filled with vengeance alone. This hatred and a thirst for revenge leads him into the hottest battles, where he quickly becomes famous. But the times when you clearly knew who your enemy is, ends quickly when you realize that the main enemy is much closer than one might think. On your shoulders will lie not only battles with the barbarians, but also the salvation of all of Rome. Ryse Son of Rome finally came out on computers, and developers have something to surprise: improved graphics, 4K resolution support and chic decorations of ancient Rome make this game one of the best in terms of graphics. The game is well illustrated by the great and ruthless Rome. Note that in the game there are no related historical moments, you are waiting for an alternative reality headed by Marius Titus. It’s up to you whether it’s good or bad.
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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition v1.1.12212 - PLAZA

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition free download torrent games pc
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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition — is an excellent action and part-time remaster of the Bulletstorm, which is more than six years old. The game has kept all the chips of the original and is worthy to stand in line with the highest-grossing action games of our time, such as Doom. At the same time the game had graphic improvements, especially those who can play in 4K resolution can appreciate it. The plot is utterly simple, the main character was an elite killer earlier, but so to speak tied. After the mean treacherous deeds, the ship on which you went on a trip was in an accident and collapsed on an abandoned planet. And now you have a choice, just to escape or cruelly take revenge on the perpetrators, but I think the answer is so obvious.
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Ultimate General Civil War v1.09 - SKIDROW

Ultimate General Civil War free download torrent games pc
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The game Ultimate General Civil War is able to send you very far to the West, right into the thick of the events of the US Civil War. The attempt to stop the slave trade was the most important initiative of the North, since mankind must move forward, and many problems with these blacks arose. That is, the society either will change, or it will remain so not progressive, which will make the development of the country completely impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to arm yourself to the teeth, but not to you, but to soldiers recruited from volunteers and the civilian population. It’s good that the Americans understood the whole horror of the slave trade, as this can not be a pledge of democracy.
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The Breeding The Fog v1.0 - RELOADED

The Breeding The Fog free download torrent games pc
What kind of misfortunes can not arise in the vastness of our world. That zombies attack people, then the apocalypse begins, but in the game The Breeding The Fog is a scenario of the universal destruction of mankind by strange monsters. The story of the game tells that the atmosphere became dangerous for survival because of the increased level of toxins in the environment. The governments of various countries decided to join forces and launch into the atmosphere special microbes that could break down toxins and bring the atmosphere to normal. True, such experiments soon became the cause of the appearance of strange creatures that began to destroy everything around.
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Soldiers of the Universe v1.0 (First Release) - RELOADED

Soldiers of the Universe free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 (First Release) TORRENT RELOADED
​Developers from the company Rocwise Entertainment, again pleased gamers, an excellent shooter, called Soldiers of the Universe. A beautiful virtual world, in which all happen, all the main events of this hot novelty will have to taste, even to the most experienced user. According to the storyline of the project, you are one of the members of the Anti-terrorist group, well-trained warriors. Your squad gets into one of the eastern countries. Where should defeat, the mafia clan. Which occupied almost the entire territory of the unaffected state. And now it is threatening your diplomatic mission. Save the hostages, from certain death, and bring peace, to the state destroyed by war.​
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Chinese Paladin Sword and Fairy 6 - STEAMPUNKS

Chinese Paladin Sword and Fairy 6 free download torrent games pc
Since the birth of the ancient god Shen Nong, the nine springs of Jiuquan have anchored the Heavens and Earth. Each of the Jiuquan possess supernatural powers, and each are a fountain of energy and life for the universe. In the War of the Three Tribes, the Beasts were defeated by the coalition of Humans and Gods. The tribe of the Beasts retreated to the Demon World and since then Gods, Demons and Men have lived in isolation. After the war, Shen Nong and the Jiuquan disappeared from the world, and as time flowed on… the legend of the Jiuquan was lost. Yue Jinzhao and Yue Qi arrive in the West Side, searching for something they had lost what they will find instead is an ancient secret uncovered. Elsewhere, a gargantuan slumbering beast awakens in the sea — soaring to the skies, and bewildered at the voice in its head.
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