The Dungeon Beneath v1.0.6

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The Dungeon Beneath — is a roguelike and autobattle game. The battles in it take place step by step, but the user does not participate in the battles directly. Allies and enemy fighters choose their targets on their own and use skills themselves. The user can rearrange his charges every round. The moved unit will be able to attack only in the next turn. However, there are individual creatures who know how to attack immediately. The player has a hero. If he dies, then you will have to start the entire run through the dungeon from the very beginning. This person cannot pump and restore health after a battle. But it can be strengthened and healed with the help of found or purchased items. The enemy also has a similar character. To win The Dungeon Beneath, you need to destroy it. Units will inflict damage on the opponent’s commander only if his soldiers are not on their lines of attack.

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Depth of Extinction v53.6.3 (Update 2.0) Definitive Edition

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Depth of Extinction is a role-playing strategy game with a dynamic process and an exciting plot line. Here you have to go to the future, where mankind has survived but a complete catastrophe and is now forced to seek shelter in the underwater world. For over five hundred years already, there has been an underwater kingdom, whose inhabitants are not only habitual inhabitants, but also people. But not everything is as colorful as we would like, because we are on the verge of destruction.

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The Colonists v1.5.9.3

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The Colonists is an adventure dynamic game that was developed based on the popular board game. Here you have to take on the role of a professional colonizer, who in the future will create a multifunctional empire from scratch. You will face a number of problems, challenges and difficult tasks, the correct solution of which will lead you to success. You will become part of an incredible urban planning adventure, where you need to take control of a group of robots.

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Drox Operative 2 v0.835

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Drox Operative 2 — many years ago, the Droxes enslaved the ancient races and controlled the galaxy through their operatives. These elite ship captains were trained to do the impossible at all costs. With their help, the Droxes have been holding the galaxy in hedgehog gloves for over 100,000 years. After realizing that the operatives were a threat, they tried to destroy them, but failed. The ensuing Galactic Civil War was so destructive that it led to the extinction of the Droxes. But the Guild of Operatives, now independent, survived.

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Pawn of the Dead v.21.02.2021

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Pawn of the Dead — is a 3D game based on chess, in the style of Battle Chess. What makes this game unique is its mechanics when a black figure captures a white figure, this white figure turns black. But don’t worry, all levels are designed so that you can always win the match. Your mission as White King Leonard is to protect the White Kingdom from the marching army of the undead. Elona, the White Queen, the best warrior in the kingdom, without her help you will not succeed. During your quest you will encounter an ominous reflection that you have long forgotten.

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Hearts of Iron 4 v1.10.4 + DLC

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Hearts of Iron 4 — world War II strategy game invites you to play in countries such as Italy, Ethiopia, Spain, Japan and China. Two scenarios that differ in their dates: 1936 and 1939. In one of them you will take part in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War and the Spanish Civil War, and in the second you will see how Japan invaded the territory of China, as well as the Second World War. Despite the fact that Hearts of Iron 4 is famous for its realism, in the new part, the focus tree of individual countries and nationalities has been completely redesigned.

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Embr v1.60j - Demo

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Feel the fuse, an active and mature person, ready for decisive action, then the Embr game for PC will help you evaluate a cool simulator of the life of a fireman. Become an emergency worker in a hypercapital world where, for some reason, the government has ceased to sponsor fire fighting. Embr Respondr Corporation is the community’s last hope for disaster protection and survival. The game supports multiplayer up to 4 players, for which special online servers are developed.

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Boot Game Dev Sim v22.02.2021

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In Boot Game Dev Sim — will make a career as a video game developer. You start the adventure in 1980 in your home and gradually develop in the studio to your liking. Create your own games, consoles and game engines and sell them to grow your business. Stand out from other studios by offering quality games. Choose to be an honest studio or use corruption and other methods to take the place of the largest video game studio.

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MewnBase v0.52

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MewnBase is a pretty good and unusual survival simulator, a sandbox in which you have to go to an uncharted planet and try to survive there, having only essential necessities at hand. And so, you were on an uncharted planet. All you have is your spacesuit, a few important tools, and essentials, as well as a workbench, with which you can create various items. But alas, it is necessary to create from something, and not from the air, which, all the more so here so not at all, so you have to first get everything you need. In general, begin to mine, survive, build, develop, explore the terrain and do everything possible to fly back home from here as soon as possible.

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Star Valor v1.2.6

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Star Valor is a new exciting space adventure where you can dive into a series of dynamic events to cope with all the challenges on the way. You go to a meeting on adventures and freedom in actions, but be careful, because the gameplay will be not only interesting, but also dangerous. You are going to explore the vast outer space in order to get in its territory as fashionable more useful items and valuable resources that will be useful to you in the future. By duty, you will be able to perform various degrees of mission complexity, which will bring you additional experience points.

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