Death or Glory v0.3.1

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Death or Glory — is a card dueling game in which fighters compete in an arena. Defeat your opponent using any character imaginable with a unique deck that embodies this fighting style. Unlock more and more cards to customize your deck on your way to becoming the ultimate champion. In a world where magic and bullets collide, where gods and monsters fight for dominance, whether you fight with claws or hammer, light or prayer. Only one can leave in the final battle for death or glory.

This game has been updated 13-12-2022, 08:45 to the latest version v0.3.1.

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FAKE SIGNALS v12.12.2022

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FAKE SIGNALS — takes gamers to the gloomy world of the future, where they will enjoy the atmosphere of espionage and secret penetration into enemy camps. The protagonist will use a wide arsenal of weapons to destroy his opponents. Gamers have to look for ways to eliminate enemies in locations, moving through the missions to the necessary control points, where it will come out to steal the secret data of corporations and other organizations.

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Project Utgardr v0.1 (demo)

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Project Utgardr is an adventure, parkour and puzzle game set in an old and distant land. Based on research and Norse mythology. A young woman, Tyra, lives in a village near ancient mountains during the era of the first Vikings. Somehow the girl will find a vertical crack on the facade of a never-before-seen mountain. It is interesting that she will slip into it, and soon after that the passage will collapse after her. An ancient road through rocks and untouched nature could lead out of these mountains or even somewhere else. Mysteries, dangers and adventures will be just a taste, in addition to numerous Scandinavian altars to discover an archaic secret about a place lost in myth. In your quest to escape the mountains, you will have to explore different types of zones to continue.

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Altero Build 9816697

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Altero — is a puzzle adventure game that tells the story of a cursed voodoo doll. This creature was expelled from the world of the living and placed in the world of death, sorrow and sorrow. This happened due to the fact that Voodoo, against his will, became the cause of a variety of troubles and troubles, and now he has to atone for his sins. This world is full of souls like Voodoo who are waiting for redemption, but in order for them to do this, they must be saved. This is what the main character will do, who will have to solve various puzzles and try to find a way out of hopeless situations. The main thing is to be careful and there will definitely be a solution. The advantage of this game will be the atmosphere, which will be sad.

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GTFO Build 10081650 - Goldberg

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GTFO — is a collaborative shooter for the PC platform. The game was developed by 10 Chambers Collective, and the main designer was Ulf Andersson, who played the same role in the production of PayDay The Heist and PayDay 2. The game is held in an atmosphere of horror and action. You have to play with your friends as four daredevils who go in search of rare artifacts to the underground base, where a large number of various creatures and monsters prevail. Released on the PC platform, GTFO is an action game in which events are observed from the eyes of the hero.

This game has been updated 12-12-2022, 03:28 to the latest version Build 10081650.

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World Racing 2 Champion Edition Build 10123445

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World Racing 2 Champion Edition — is an arcade simulator inspired by games like Mercedes-Benz World Racing and Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. Despite the fact that the main gameplay is aimed at the individual behavior of each vehicle, the game mechanics contain arcade elements that allow even beginners of the racing genre to master the game.

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Twilight Of The Gods Build 10050326

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Twilight Of The Gods — the 8th century is coming. Somewhere during twilight, an explosion suddenly thundered. After that, the planet was filled with mysterious monsters. At the same time, a special team of brave warriors gathered to defeat these monsters, which people called the Twilight of the Gods. This game is presented in the form of a classic fantasy, the plot of which revolves around a young orphan named August. And in fact, our hero became such at the age of five. After August learns of his fathers tragic death, he decides to undergo lengthy training. Well, then he goes on dangerous adventures in order to protect his native.

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Incursion Reforged v7.0.15

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Incursion Reforged — is an indie first-person shooter where you have to survive through endless waves of enemy attacks. In this harsh world, the one who quickly pulls the trigger survives. Protect the selected area from enemy crowds using a wide variety of weapons. Act as brave fighters who are not afraid of any difficulties, choose the class you like and test your strength in practice, repelling otherworldly creatures and monsters. The developers are ardent fans of the classic FPS, which is why the project has incorporated the best of this genre. Incursion: Reforged pleasantly surprises with the presentation and the general atmosphere, where you will feel the tension of the situation, especially after a certain amount of time, when the number of rivals will increase and ammunition will constantly be lacking.

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Eternal War Build 9828931

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Eternal War is a hybrid MOBA, tower defense and real-time strategy with a third-person view. It has fast-paced mass battles and is easy to handle, but difficult to master. Fight with different factions against your enemies. Place buildings to create units, counter your enemy units and fight your way to the enemy’s main building to destroy it and win the battle. But every victory and every battle is just a small victory in the eternal war. Each battle can be fought with a different commander. Each commander has different units and different buildings. Earn money by passing time and killing enemy units. Money can be used to build buildings that over time spawn units or improve your buildings. The spawned units will gather and march against your enemy’s base.

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Afterglitch v1.0.1

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Afterglitch is a brand new video game format designed with a sci-fi twist. Take on the role of a wandering astronaut, try to find an extraterrestrial civilization and just enjoy the exciting gameplay. It is in this game that you will be able to discover many hidden secrets of human existence. Embark on an exciting adventure, conquer space and time itself. Exploration of endless and fantasy worlds. Getting a unique experience in a utopian version of the future. Incredible musical accompaniment.

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