Baldur's Gate 3 v4.1.106.9344

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Baldur’s Gate 3 — is the sequel to the cult turn-based RPG in which you take control of a small squad of unique characters. Each party member is of great importance to tactics and is a person with his own character, history and abilities. Baldur’s Gate 3 invites you to explore the large open world of the Forgotten Kingdom. The plot does not act as a direct continuation of the previous part, however, illithids appear in the narrative — they are also mind flayers. The story begins with the hero being imprisoned by these evil creatures. The game is based on the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and the events unfold in the Forgotten Realms universe.

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Remnant From the Ashes v270287 - CODEX

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Remnant From the Ashes is a third-person shooter in the survival genre, in which players are invited to go to an alternative world and try to survive there. The plot of the game revolves around an alternative universe in which portals to other dimensions suddenly began to open. From these portals, monsters began to appear, huge scary creatures and real demons. After some time, humanity was almost destroyed. There are only a few people who survived the beginning of the apocalypse, and you are among them. Your task now is to search for the source of Evil and destroy all its representatives.

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SimPocalypse v03.02.2021

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SimPocalypse — is a mixture of strategy and city-building simulator, but only in a more global setting. Now you will create your own civilization in apocalyptic conditions, in a world that has experienced many troubles and disasters. The world was defeated, people destroyed it with their own hands, the apocalypse came, and the old civilization practically ceased to exist. But it was replaced by a new one. New leaders began to seize territories and create their own empires. Disasters and past experiences did not teach people to live in peace and they began to fight again. fight. And now, now you too have to participate in all this. Create your own empire on the remains of a former civilization, build a new world, create a new civilization, conquering, fighting, surviving, building settlements and cities, and more.

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Hellish Quar v0.221

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Hellish Quart — is a realistic fighting game where users will be able to immerse themselves in the historical atmosphere. Exciting confrontations and well-developed physics of movements are waiting for you, which will add realism to the events taking place. Your hero, a brave warrior, sets out to meet exciting adventures and battles with many opponents. You get a fairly extensive combat arsenal, from which everyone can pick up weapons to their liking. Fight enemies and put your skills into practice, making combinations of dangerous blows. Destroy all rivals on your way, earning experience points.

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Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game v0.8.103 public beta

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Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game — is a tactical game project developed in the RPG genre in which you set off to conquer the vast expanses of space on your colonial ship. The events of the game send you straight to the distant future, where humanity has reached unrealistic heights in the study of outer space. You will take on the fulfillment of a very important role the role of the captain of a ship that goes on a long, important journey to fulfill a large-scale mission. The main goal is to get to a particular planet, study it and make it the future home for people. Your vessel was previously cargo, therefore it has overall dimensions, which means that not a small number of colonists went on a journey. A rather large period of time has already passed from the beginning of the journey, when people on the ship have already lost all hope and have fully settled in the vast spaces of the ship, leading a very ordinary life. This acceptance of the situation entailed quite a few problems, clashes between people and the real mess on board. You have to figure it all out and try to calm the chaos, giving hope for salvation.

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Arctico (Eternal Winter) Alpha v13.05.2021

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Arctico (Eternal Winter) — a game based on the survival of the cruel conditions. Here you have to go to the impassable blizzard and cold cold to do everything possible to save life. A small team of four faithful dogs is provided to help you. Go to the vast, deserted and snow-covered expanses where you start your activity. You can test your skills in this area. You must monitor the health of your pets, give them food and water on time, and also try to rest together as much as possible in order to gain strength for the next dangerous journey. On the way, you will be able to find various types of buildings, where you will spend the night before the next long road in a frosty blizzard. Your rivals will be not only natural conditions, but also the constant absence of food, without which you will not be able to survive for long.

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PC Building Simulator v1.11 (upd.28.04.2021) + DLC - PLAZA

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PC Building Simulator is a computer build simulator. If you always wanted to collect the computer of your dreams, then for a start you can do it virtually, in this game. You can collect a variety of configurations and test them for the test. Of course, this is just a simulation, but the results are as close as possible to the real ones. So that you will not be bored simply to collect all possible variations of the PC, there is a story line in the game in which you will take orders from customers to assemble computers for them, taking into account their wishes. Some orders will be quite specific, so you will have to try hard to realize what the client has conceived.

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Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master v1.0.5

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Ideal game adventures are those where you can fully realize your potential and do not limit yourself to actions. Download torrent Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master What game, what do you have to do? Just to observe and make a choice in terms of support. Battles in the game take place between heroes and monsters, and which side to take is up to you to decide. No consequences, surprises or endings, you can freely manipulate the situation and indirectly influence the whole environment in order to gradually achieve a good result. Your main weapon will be tactics and the ability to set a variety of traps. The dungeon is your battlefield and it is up to you to decide who will survive here and who will «sink into oblivion.» The main thing is to enjoy the gameplay and understand why you will construct all available dungeons.

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Wanted Raccoon v13.05.2021

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Wanted Raccoon — is a blend of a third-person raccoon simulator and an adventurous, humorous action game. Play the role of a raccoon, escape from the nursery, and try to take revenge on people for their antics. The game takes place in Raccoon City, in a town that is located on the site of a forest. For a long time, the forest flourished and animals lived in it, not thinking about any problems. But people came, lumberjacks and builders, and at the same time hunters, cut down the forest, and built their houses in its place. The animals were left homeless, many were killed, and the rest were taken to nurseries. The main character, a seemingly ordinary raccoon, also appeared in the nursery. But he is smarter than the rest, and wants to take revenge on people, in which you actually have to help him.

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Minoria v1.085b

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Minoria is a platform game supplemented by RPG elements, which is the spiritual successor to the Momodora series. The game sends us on a journey through a dark, fantastic universe inspired by medieval Europe. The game takes place during a witch hunt, organized by the so-called Holy Office. The Inquisition, led by the Office, persecutes people who perform mysterious ceremonies that are contrary to the principles of the Church. During the game, we control the sisters Semilla and Fran, who must stop these rituals and protect people from the destructive influence of heresy.

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