BPM Bullets Per Minute v15.02.2021 - Razor1911

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Rhythmic shooter BPM Bullets Per Minute, which develops from the first person. Actions will take place in randomly generated dungeons, where every missed note is fatal. The essence of the game is reduced to a dance sequence of enemy attacks, which you must intercept and destroy opponents. A musical rhythm shooter in which your goal is to get to the end of a randomly generated dungeon, collecting various weapons, abilities and items as you progress. You also need to defeat 7 bosses and get to the final one. Each boss moves and attacks in a unique way, so you must learn to adapt to each of them if you want to succeed. A dynamic first-person shooter in which the player hunts demons in dark dungeons. The player controls a powerful Valkyrie, capable of repelling the forces of the underworld from the invasion of Asgard. The actions of the character and enemies are tied to the rhythm of the music. Dungeons are randomly generated. Abilities and items will change with each new run.

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HuniePop 2 Double Date v1.0.3

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HuniePop 2 Double Date — is a dating simulator for adults, puzzle, quest from the studio HuniePot. HuniePop 2 Double Date adult dating simulator, puzzle, quest from studio HuniePot. As in the previous game, we will play the role of a potential boyfriend who is trying to ask one of the two girls out on a date. Each successful date increases the difficulty of the next. For this reason, they require more points to complete them. After three positive meetings with the girl, the player can invite her on a night date. And if it goes well, then the gamer can bring the young woman to his bedroom for one final round. If the final mini-game is successful, then we gain the maximum number of points of the girl’s sympathy for our person, and we have access to the droom game bed scene.

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Stormworks Build and Rescue v1.1.3

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Stormworks Build and Rescue is not just a simulator of a rescue service, it is a real, well-developed designer in which you personally will design tools to save lives. Lead the search and rescue service using your own designed and built cars. By water, land, or air — you must reach the needy and save them. An excellent block system will allow you to create sophisticated machines without special skills, which you can later check in different weather conditions. Stormworks: Build and Rescue boasts a dramatic simulation of a world in which the presence of natural disasters is much more than the norm. However, in such a world, you can test yourself and your cars for durability.

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SYNTHETIK Legion Rising v25.3 (INTEL) - PLAZA

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SYNTHETIK Legion Rising is a sci-fi-like horn-like post-darling with an isometric gameplay, the events of which unfold in the distant alternative future, where the robots successfully displaced humans and led the food chain. Now the mechanisms rule the entire planet and exterminate people, and the latter are trying not only to survive, but also to fight with those whom they themselves gave birth to. You are waiting for merciless gameplay, in which agility and speed decide everything. Get ready to fight cars. The protagonist here is not a man, but not a hostile robot.

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Imagine Earth Alpha 64.5 build 3585

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Imagine Earth is a new computer game that will allow you to plunge into the cosmic world, where you will be engaged in the construction and development of your own civilization on a completely unknown planet. An ideal planet for life will open before you, where you need to do everything possible to create a prosperous civilization. You will gradually develop your possessions, as well as extract useful resources, which then will be useful to you in your difficult task. Try to thoroughly explore every piece of the planet, and also do not forget about the development of infrastructure. In addition, the ecology will require special attention, which must be carefully monitored to prevent anything bad. Create a powerful industry wisely, because it should bring you useful resources, but at the same time not have a detrimental effect on the environment. Learn how to properly use the wealth of the planet, and do not forget to follow the wishes of your people.

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Amnesia Rebirth v1.22 - CODEX

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Amnesia Rebirth — is the continuation of the cult horror series Amnesia. In the first part of The Dark Descent, the developers relied on sharp screamers, and in Amnesia Rebirth, the degree of nightmare rises gradually. New characters, locations and dangers await gamers. The protagonist is the Parisian Tassi Trianon, who went on a business trip in 1937. Suddenly, her plane crashes. The girl wakes up in the middle of the Algerian desert, losing her memory and finding that dangerous creatures are hunting her. Each enemy behaves differently, and the meeting with them ends up equally deplorable.

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Street Fighter 5 v6.000 (Champion Edition) Season 5 - CODEX

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Street Fighter 5 is the fifth-person fighting game in the Street Fighter series, which is endowed with the Russian language. The user will still be able to enjoy the amazing fights that have become even more ambitious and fascinating. The main highlight of the video game is, first of all, its completely updated graphics, which is able to reflect the combat world in the smallest details, not previously seen by the players. A computer game is a two-dimensional fighting game equipped with three-dimensional graphics, in which gamers will have to try to defeat their opponents using a variety of different techniques.

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Shores Unknown v0.7.0.4 hotfix2

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Shores Unknown — is a turn-based RPG game, where you are required to display your strategic skills. Here you will take control of your own team of mercenaries, which you will try to bring to victory. You will be given a variety of missions that must be performed in order to earn large sums of money. Create your own alliances, fight for money and win the most dangerous and terrible battles. You will have a huge number of rivals and you need a special approach to each species. Develop your main character, giving the army powerful skills.

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Radical Relocation v1.4.0p3

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Radical Relocation — a skillful physical game in which you try to collect all your things on top of your car, and then transport them to your new home. Paying carriers to transport things is too expensive for you. So why not do it yourself. Radical Relocation allows you to transport all your belongings on top of your car, without even tying their rope because it also costs money. Radical Relocation has two distinct phases: the editing phase and the driving phase. At the editing stage, you try to fold all the objects on your car as accurately as possible. At the first levels, things are easy to fold, since, basically, they will consist of boxes and suitcases, but soon this task becomes very difficult, because among the things you need to transport, surfboards.

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Kingdoms Reborn v0.14

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In the Kingdoms Reborn strategy, there will be a place for survival and city-building simulator, and the multiplayer will turn the game into Civilization with cards. Kingdoms Reborn — is an incredibly ambitious game from virtually unknown developers. They do not collect donations on Kickstarter, they just showed up and announced a project that was amazing in scale. Kingdoms Reborn itself resembles any game in which you need to manage a village and lead it through troubles and adversities to bright years of abundance. Like Cities Skylines, Life is Feudal, The Universim, and Banished, balancing on the edge of survival will at some point transition to full-fledged city planning. It is very difficult to meet such a game with online modes — none of the games listed above has a full-fledged online mode, so friends can only show off to each other the most successful.

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