Dieselpunk Wars v1.0 - CODEX

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Dieselpunk Wars — is a steam-powered warship building simulator. Construct the most incredible and unique structures entirely tied to physics and realistic damage simulation. The toolkit provides more than 300 items for collecting unique ships, including land, air and submarine shuttles. When creating a transport, use various weapons, install armor, engines, wheels and energy systems. Be sure to consider air resistance and streamlining when designing your aircraft. These parameters will affect the speed and behavior of the vehicle. Performing various tasks, you will have access to improving certain elements of your car.

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DEVOUR— puts you in the role of one to four players who try to survive together by driving the demon out of Anna Puerta. Puerta is the leader of the cult and summoned the goat demon Azazel, thinking she could control him. But of course something goes wrong and Azazel instead takes possession of her and takes control of her. As former cult members, you and your group must wrest possession of the Puerta from Azazel, which requires gas, a fire pit and, enough ritual goats to burn.

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Base One v1.0

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Base One — is a space strategy game with elements of simulator, survival, management and RPG. The gameplay offers to build a huge variety of stations and platforms. Players will have to complete many tasks of varying degrees of difficulty, as well as defend themselves against numerous enemies from different corners of the galaxy. Events are developing in the distant future. A wormhole is formed near the Earth, destroying part of the Moon, and therefore the climate on our planet is changing. Earth Global Union launches Space Operation Solution, the goal of which is to investigate a mystical wormhole. In parallel, the earthlings are looking for a new planet for colonization.

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Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood v49104 + DLC - CODEX

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Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood — is a game that takes place in the universe of World of Darkness. At the heart of the plot is the story of the head of the werewolf clan Garu Kahale. His only son disappeared without a trace, and the once strong community was destroyed, leaving the hero as the last of the once great family. Now he has to find out the circumstances of such an adverse outcome by visiting the habitats of people and vampires. Smoothly from the protagonist, we shift to the human species, which causes irreparable damage to the werewolves and our planet. The choice of such a motive is justified by the ongoing discussions of a relatively heavy blow to the Earth’s ecosystem with inventions created by human hands. This plot is closely intertwined with the investigation of Kahal, who wants to find out the fate of the heir, and at the same time to figure out how the vampires and the human race are going to eliminate the threat hanging over their being.

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Between the Stars v0.5.1.4

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In a game called Between the Stars, you will immerse yourself in a space adventure in which you will definitely have a good time. You will become a brave spaceship captain. Here you will explore a vast space of space, go through many exciting missions and stumble upon various unknown planets. Even more, you will establish contact with various factions in order to be able to survive in completely unfavorable and not intended for life conditions. One of the main features of this game is the vast expanses that you have to explore.

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Secret Government v1.0 - CODEX

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Secret Government — we pick up a map of the world, namely a political map, and begin to rule the whole world. This is a difficult game where you will need to not only rule the whole world, but also, and perform additional tasks. All world leaders did not know that they were controlled by secret and secret organizations. Espionage, sabotage, uprisings — all this can be seen in the game Secret Government. Before you is a huge and large-scale political map. Now you must collect all the secret and recruited spies so that they can get the necessary information for you. You will become the sole organizer of spy missions.

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Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator v1.0.2w3

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In the Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator — you need to control your winery, you need to choose which vineyards are best grown and how to grow them and when to harvest, you should also follow the whole winemaking process and make the choice that is best for the type of wine that you currently produce. In addition, you need to sell your wine so that your company can expand and cover an even larger market. The game can bring you many surprises, because not everything depends on the choice of soil and the suitable grape variety.

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The Invisible Hand v1.0.6

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The protagonist of The Invisible Hand got a job at a stock exchange agency. Big money is spinning here and there is a real chance to get rich. But can you take into account all the risks, turn off illegal transactions and hide from police prosecution. Coming to the office, you get new tasks and goals every day. Get involved in hot sales and events. Monitor the sentiment in social groups in order to accurately predict further developments in the market. Manage the price of raw materials by raising or lowering it. Pick the right moments and buy up stocks. Read the latest news and stay on top of the global economic situation.

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Ravenfield v13.05.2021

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Ravenfield — Otpad decadent action game with a first-person view, in which you can feel like a real infantryman, pilot, tanker or gunner and huge maps, on which battles between dozens of characters will take place, a sea of possibilities, shooting and killing, bloody battles, flying on planes and bombing, arranged by artillery — all this creates an atmosphere extremely similar to the atmosphere of the famous «BF». Here you have the right to become what you want. Do you want to be an ordinary infantryman and kill dozens of opponents, emitting a barrage of bullets? Easy! Or maybe you want to become a pilot, crushing targets, both ground and air? So it is also possible here! The main thing is not to stand still.

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Danger Scavenger v2.0.2 - CODEX

Torrent Danger Scavenger download free pc
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Danger Scavenger — is a dynamic arcade shooter with an isometric view of the camera in a cyberpunk setting. Deadly effective, very skilled, invisible to indifferent citizens — they fight with greedy corporations, in the hands of which entire nations. Ties dismissively call them scavengers. They were the first to notice that the situation had changed. And it was A.I.O.N.E. artificial intelligence, which took control, forcing the cars to rebel against their masters. The time has come. You have to get out of the shadows and meet a new enemy in an open battle.

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