The Council v0.9.5.6336 (Episode 5) - CODEX

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The Council Episode 5 — a game presented in the genre of adventure quest, which was the best game in the style of episodic projects. Here you will have the opportunity to follow the life of several historically famous characters, each of which has its own history and unexpected turns of events. The world around us will also be able to please you pretty well, as it is unusual and beautiful, and also has saved for you a lot of unexplored secrets and mysteries. The developers paid special attention to the development of the skills of a particular character, as well as his characteristics and skills.

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GODS Remastered - DARKSiDERS

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GODS Remastered — game project in the style of an action movie, where you have to take the path of conquest and fight with the most merciless opponents, constantly emerging on the way. You will take over the management of a professional and courageous warrior who stands in the way of justice. The journey will take place in four unique worlds, each of which harbors dark secrets. You need to unravel these secrets, tables to solve a global problem and the threat of the destruction of worlds by the enemy. Double World prepared for you dynamic battles with the most dangerous rivals who are ready for much to achieve the goal.

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Warcube v0.4.1.2 - SKIDROW

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Warcube — a beautiful, brightly colored game, which is a well thought out and developed representative of the arcade genre. Here you have to take control of the army of brave soldiers who are executed in the style of cubes. You will be engaged in the destruction of rivals by the siege of fortresses. In addition, you will become a member of the enchanting battles with rivals, using tactics and a great arsenal of murder weapons. In the course of the action explore the world around us, which is full of interesting and precious, because you can get treasures, in addition to all sorts of useful things. It is also possible to launch the hero from a catapult, which will allow penetrating into the very center of the enemy resistance and destroying all possible threats in its path. A distinctive feature of this game project is exactly the realistic physics of action, as well as a well-designed graphic component. It is with the help of physics that your task of capturing fortresses will take a different turn, which greatly complicates the situation.

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Unexplored v1.19.5 - SKIDROW

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Unexplored — perfectly demonstrates that the gameplay in the game is more important than graphics. Here is a great representative of the genre of bagel (Roguelike), who received excellent reviews from players and critics, as well as the «Recommended by RockPaperShotgun» awards. Random generation of the dungeon, interesting leveling of the hero, a sea of all kinds of weapons, various enemies and nice mechanics — all this will give a great mood to all fans of the Roguelike genre.

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Great Old One Arrival v1.0 (upd.03.12.2018) - PLAZA

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Great Old One Arrival — role-playing game project where you go to conquer thousands of opponents in order to save the once prosperous world. The game is endowed with a good graphic performance, and also will delight all fans of the genre with a fascinating plot line with unexpected turns of events. Here the course of history will depend on your actions and decisions made, so be focused and attentive as much as possible. You will have more than enough enemies, and this means that you should first of all take care of improving your combat skills and arsenal, which should contain the most powerful weapon. Each enemy requires a certain approach to itself, each has its own advantages in battle and a rather powerful weapon reserve. The combat system is based on the use of cards with different values that you can combine to more effectively eliminate an opponent from the battlefield. Your assistant will be the animal that you choose at the very beginning. You can take to the aid of the cunning fire-breathing dragon, and then try to improve it comprehensively, so that it is strong and powerful. This will help you cope with further trials.

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Football Club Simulator 19 - SKIDROW

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Football Club Simulator 19 — FCS 19 is a game project, performed in the style of a sports simulator, where you will plunge into the realistic world of football. All actions in this game will take place in real time, which will allow you to feel yourself in the real world itself. The main thing is to correctly draw up a strategic plan that will be applied in any championship. Here you will have plenty of opportunities, as well as you will be able to gain knowledge and skills regarding this sport.

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The Crown of Leaves v2.0.2 - SKIDROW

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The Crown of Leaves — a rare representative of the genre of «visual novel», which tells an interesting story about intelligent beasts, leading quite ordinary way of life. Outwardly, they are very similar to wolves, only their behavior and life is completely human. Reasonable wolf loser The plot tells about the beastman named Rui, engaged in a number of fascinating things, such as the study of magic, jewelry and other hobbies. But there is only one small problem, because of the attempts to be a master in all crafts, his skills in every kind of activity leave much to be desired. Because of the constant failures of the protagonist sent to live back to the village.

This game has been updated 9-11-2019, 15:22 to the latest version v2.0.2.

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Overkills The Walking Dead No Sanctuary v2.0.1 - CODEX

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This game is a logical continuation of Overkills The Walking Dead No Sanctuary shooter. This game will be able to give you the opportunity to play multiplayer mode with your friends, in which the action will be actively held in the new universe The Walking Dead. After the cataclysm, a huge number of dead zombies began to appear on the streets, who only want to do what to eat the main character of the game, and somewhere to catch him. Also, the creators have promised to play together on the Internet. The walking dead were able to make a splash in the gaming market, and after a while this game along with the popular TV show of the same name became the most discussed and popular topic in the whole world. Who knows, maybe this game will be able to win recognition from all gamers in the world and in the universe, but it is huge.

This game has been updated 1-12-2018, 07:55 to the latest version v2.0.1.

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The First Tree Build 20181201 (Definitive Edition) - PLAZA

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The First Tree is an emotionally touching story in which you play as a fox who is trying to find his family. While you control the fox, the story line will be intertwined with another character — a boy who decided to find his father. Although the game has many different puzzles, and the characters are well-opened, yet the game is short and is designed for one evening. It’s like an interactive soul story, in which you will take a direct part. Is a third-person game about exploring the world. You can play the game from several characters: a fox who curiously explores everything around, overcoming difficulties, understands how really the world of people is complex and unpredictable and a young couple who all this time trying to understand how to live a true life and how to cope with all these difficulties.

This game has been updated 1-12-2018, 05:21 to the latest version Build 20181201 (Definitive Edition).

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FIFA 19 upd.20181201 + CrackFIX - CPY

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Incredibly, in the new season, for the first time in history, many updates have been added to the FIFA 19 game, and the UEFA Champions League is becoming the top. Thanks to the new battles, for the first time, players will be able to find out the end of the story associated with the legendary man, a world-class star and just a pleasant personality Alex Hunter, whose story has hit the universe. In addition to the tests, you have to create a club yourself, where people from your area, houses, streets will enter. You yourself will give them names or nicknames, set the number under which you want to see, change the skin color, appearance, improve the amplitude of the body, bring the quality to the limit, increase the characteristics, add speed and endurance so that in the future the player does not have to increase his own strength.

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