Eximius Seize the Frontline v1.1 (Season 2) - PLAZA

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Eximius Seize the Frontline — is a first-person shooter with real-time strategy elements. The multiplayer game consists of 5v5 battles, where 4 people act as officers in the front line and one commander acts as a support and gives orders. The maps for battles are presented by various cities in the post-apocalyptic world. As a commander, you need to build a base, train your soldiers and help allied organizations. As an officer, you will need to use brute force, destroying the enemy with various types of firearms, collecting resources for the base and improving your abilities and equipment. Each officer has his own skills and only competent tactical interaction will lead your team to victory.

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Citystate 2 v1.0 - PLAZA

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Citystate 2 — is the second part of the casual city-planning simulator Citystate with elements of economic strategy, sandbox, as well as 3D graphics. Get ready to learn how to build entire cities and lead your nation to world leadership to make your vision of the ideal life a reality. Get ready to build entire networks of roads, avenues, highways and other road connections. Plan well the location of the commercial, residential and industrial areas, because a lot depends on this. Remember, your residents need to be provided with quality health and education services, and there should always be a fire station and police station nearby to keep them safe.

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Embr v1.0 - CODEX

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Feel the fuse, an active and mature person, ready for decisive action, then the Embr game for PC will help you evaluate a cool simulator of the life of a fireman. Become an emergency worker in a hypercapital world where, for some reason, the government has ceased to sponsor fire fighting. Embr Respondr Corporation is the community’s last hope for disaster protection and survival. The game supports multiplayer up to 4 players, for which special online servers are developed.

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Bunnys Buddy v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Bunnys Buddy — is a third-person adventure game based on how a rabbit finds his lost friend in the mysterious forest where they live. Compete with other animals catch ghosts, sell ghosts for fireballs. Give him your friend’s ghost pet. Fight the aliens in the trap. After each level you will collect a diamond, and when you finish collecting six mysterious diamonds, your old friend will take you to a place where you will find the location of your friends. But wait, the rabbit is trapped, and the one who did it is not a normal guy. Get ready, make sure you collect enough fireballs when you finish the levels, because the one who caught your friend in the trap wants to learn a lesson.

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Field of Glory 2 Medieval v23.09.2021 - PLAZA

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Field of Glory 2 Medieval — is a turn-based tactical strategy continuation of the Field of Glory series, which takes place during the Middle Ages from 1040 to 1270. Under your leadership will be the armies of the Anglo-Saxons, Normans and other units, with whom you have to take part in an endless variety of battles and campaigns that unfolded in the 11-13 centuries in Northern and Central Europe. In Field of Glory II Medieval you will find more than 100 historically accurate unique units and 4 historical campaigns covering the main conflicts of the era.

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Flewfies Adventure v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Flewfies Adventure — is a cute action adventure game with cute cats in the lead role, saving a peaceful planet from the invasion of an evil cat and his monsters. And that’s not all a malevolent cat has infiltrated a secret laboratory and prepares a weapon capable of destroying Caramel Coves and Dairy Plains. Two kittens have to make friends with the scientist Snail and Pinky the panda, and then drive the villains away. Childrens gameplay is extremely casual, and players in the role of cats control a flying saucer taken from an evil cat. The UFO has an energy beam that must hit all opponents. The plate can be improved and fly away to other worlds, where the inhabitants will ask kittens for help.

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Sable v1.0 - CODEX

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Sable — is an adventure game, a journey, a game about growing up and discovering the world around you. Your hero is a brave, brave, young man Sable, whom you have to help to go through a difficult path. The storyline of the game is a whole story that unfolds in a desert world. Graphic designers have taken great care to make everything look as realistic as possible. This is done to fully immerse the gamer in the game so that he can feel his presence on this sandy land, where a lot of obstacles and dangers await the main character. Your task is to go on a long journey, this planet of a sandy land is completely unfamiliar to you, but this is your personal journey through an alien desert world in search of answers to questions, in search of discoveries in this surrounding world, as well as in search of yourself.

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JianPo v1.0 - PLAZA

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JianPo — the first run will be slower, be patient. The famous sword, the spiritual kingdom after the death of awakening. Where the host, like Magnificent Architecture and Mysterious Island turned into ruins, What was before the destruction, all doubts will open in the footsteps of the players. The day when the clouds and fog dissipate is the time when the source of the spiritual realm opens. Every time you defeat a new famous BOSS fencer, you can get the core of another fencer. After embedding the sword core, the player can change the shape and combat mode of the corresponding spirit of the sword at any time. Different sword cores have almost completely different combat modes.

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Medieval Dynasty v1.0 - CODEX

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Medieval Dynasty — the Middle Ages is an interesting time period, since it was in it that the most different and unusual events took place. Today you will have the opportunity to go to this period and try to personally understand all the nuances. It will be enough just to plunge headlong into adventure and try to build your own dynasty of hunters, who in the future can become kings or even rulers of the empire. But up to such a moment it is still necessary not only to grow, but also to survive. Indeed, in these times, no one was protected and could become a victim of an ordinary gang of drunks or soldiers of His Majesty. In general, you have to take into account many nuances and try to implement all your plans. Surely you have already guessed that a long and unpredictable adventure awaits you, filled with intrigue, conspiracies and simple human happiness. In addition to the fact that you will play the role of a hunter, you still have to deal with the issues of your home village.

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The Plane Effect v1.0 - DOGE

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The Plane Effect — is an isometric puzzle game that puts you in a surreal world filled with adventure and mystery. Take on the role of a hero leaving work on your last day in service. However, the situation is suddenly turned upside down. Where is home? What’s at home in general? And what can be called a home? Play as a lost soul trying to find his place in this world. The Plane Effect takes place in a dark universe of the near future. The gameplay is dedicated to the themes of time and reason. The hero’s name is Solo and he needs to get home alone. However, he is haunted by the feeling that someone is constantly watching him. On the way of the protagonist, failures await, from which the players, together with the hero, will have to get out.

This game has been updated 23-09-2021, 07:21 to the latest version v1.0.

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