Freedom Planet 2 v1.1.3

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Freedom Planet 2 — gives users the opportunity to return to the world of Avalice. This time the trouble came from the depths of the sea. A water dragon named Merga, who was previously in a crystal cage, was able to get out of captivity. In addition, the main characters from the original in the sequel ended up on opposite sides of the barricades. The second part has retained its genre. This is still the same high-speed platformer, imitating the early titles about Dream Interpretation from a sixteen-bit console. In the continuation, 3 modes are available: adventure, classic and arena. Now you can turn on automatic protection against enemy attacks. In addition, the developers have redone the mechanics of rebirth.

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Highrise City v1.0.3.c

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Highrise City — combines elements of both a building simulator and resource management. Here, gamers will be able to take on the role of both architects and performers to build a huge city. It is necessary not only to cram a large number of buildings, but to create a really significant administrative unit. But everything is not so simple, because for the construction of structures you need to accumulate a sufficient amount of resources, and they, in turn, must be mined. Therefore, the process will take quite a long time and require full control of the situation on the part of the players.

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Travellers Rest v0.5.2.0f2

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Travelers Rest — is a combination of a simulator and a sandbox, where you have a small tavern at your disposal, which must subsequently be brought to prosperity. Play the role of a hotelier who must do everything to turn an unremarkable place into a world-famous social space. Get involved in construction, explore the surrounding locations, acquire your own brewery and pay attention to the development of infrastructure in general. Take into account the wishes of the guests, make new acquaintances and do everything to achieve success in your favorite business.

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Tough Law v1.9

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Tough Law — is an adventure beat em up with extremely unusual characters made in the form of cardboard. It is the external style that is the key feature of the game. The plot of the game takes place in 1995 in the city of JF. After the city is overrun with crime and the chief of police has disappeared, Tommy Malloy, a young policeman who does not hesitate to use force against crime, steps in. This is the kind of person the city needs. Help Tommy find the missing police chief, and while searching for him, show all the criminals what a real cop is.

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Spelunky 2 v1.27

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Spelunky 2 — is the sequel to the fun side-scrolling arcade platformer with procedurally generated levels. This time you have to embark on an adventure as a child of the protagonist from the original game. All levels in the game are procedurally generated, allowing you to explore all over again every time. In addition, the heroine has different types of weapons and abilities. The game can be played alone or with friends. The sequel to the award-winning indie platformer Spelunky. You play the role of Ana, the brave daughter of the protagonist of the original game, who, together with her friends, tries to uncover the secrets of the bottomless and deadly lunar craters.

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Holomento v0.6.1

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Holomento — immerses players in the world of Evening Hollow, where users will take control of a traveler who ends up in the cursed Holomento. The hero will help needy wanderers, moving through mysterious and dangerous lands. Players will have to face monsters, find shortcuts, search for ancient artifacts, and create upgrades for weapons and equipment. The protagonist will explore the surroundings of locations, using swords, bows or firearms for self-defense. Users will control the character from a third person, gradually gaining combat experience and increasing performance.

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BONELAB v02.10.2022

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BONELAB is a fantastic action movie that supports virtual reality gadgets, which is why it immerses you as deeply as possible in unrestrained and dynamic gameplay. In the center of the plot is a nameless male character who was sentenced to the most terrible punishment the death penalty. The protagonist is not going to end his life, and therefore he begins his escape. That’s just to be free you need to overcome a huge system of underground tunnels and laboratories.

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Project Gunship v02.10.2022

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Project Gunship gives you the opportunity to fly the American Lockheed AC-130 combat support aircraft. According to the developers, their creation allows you to ride on different models of this flying battery, from the era of the Vietnam War to our present. At the same time, the developers observed historicity and authenticity. This indie project differs from other flight simulators in that the player is not watching what is happening from the cockpit. Instead, he is offered to look into the monitor of a television sight with a black-and-white filter and a built-in thermal imager. Visually, the game resembles military video.

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Lunar Axe v1.0

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Lunar Ax is a relatively small quest with a first-person perspective and elements of the «I’m looking for» genre. The video game stands out for its hand-drawn graphics. Her visual style is reminiscent of comics and book illustrations. Here you have to wander through the levels, search for secret rooms and useful things, collect clues, solve puzzles. All actions are carried out through the mouse. Instead of full-fledged movement in this adventure, there is instant teleportation between almost static screens. Puzzles are various. There are about 30 varieties in total. Before starting the passage, you can choose the difficulty.

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The Bathhouse v1.02 Build 9633211

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Psychological horror The Bathhouse is designed in the spirit of the best Japanese horror films based on urban legends. One of these stories says that a certain evil lives in one local bathhouse, which periodically kills visitors. Naturally, the main character decides to investigate this interesting case in order to understand whether the urban myth is true or just a fiction of the locals. The protagonist goes to the bath all alone, as he is absolutely sure that this is nothing more than another fairy tale.

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