Castlevania Advance Collection v1.0 - P2P

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Konami has unveiled the classic Castlevania Advance Collection, powered by Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance 32-bit handheld gaming system. The composition of the collection consists of Castlevania Circle of the Moon 2001 release. This is the first Castlevania game released for the Game Boy Advance. The story follows Nathan Graves, an apprentice of a vampire hunter, who, along with his Master, enters Dracula’s Castle to prevent the Count’s terrible return. Combine action and attribute cards to create over 80 unique spell effects, from fire whips to ice blizzards with a dual customization system. Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance 2002 Release.

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Unusual Findings v24.09.2021 (demo)

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In Unusual Findings — you follow the adventures of Vinnie, Nick and Tony, three teenage boys who, while trying to decipher an adult pay TV channel, receive a distress signal from aliens instead. Set in the 80s, the boys embark on an adventure that takes a few dark twists and turns as the alien turns out to be not very friendly. With a little help from friends, they might be able to figure it all out and maybe even get this paid adult channel to work. Unusual Findings is a lot like the traditional Lucasarts point-and-click adventure (albeit without the SCUMM interface), where you find and combine items to solve puzzles. At the same time, the dialogue decisions that you make during the game are of great importance and significantly affect your friendship, the places you visit and the plot.

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Actraiser Renaissance v1.0 - CODEX

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Actraiser Renaissance — there was once a half-crazy game called Actraiser on the SNES. It had incredible graphics for the era and was also known for being a fantasy slasher game mixed with simulation elements. Actraiser returns to PC today fully remastered with Actraiser Renaissance. The game is a remaster of the ActRaiser game, which was once released on mobile devices in 2004. In Actraiser you go through side scrolling stages and fight giant bosses, but you also play god and try to keep your cities safe and prosperous in a kind of Sim City style segment between level excursions. It’s kind of a weird mix, but it absolutely worked then. Players can switch between the old soundtrack and the remastered modified soundtrack with new music added. The remaster also includes several new stages and new boss battles, so there is something for old veterans who have played the now ancient carriage many times.

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PayDay 2 v1.110.41

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PayDay 2 — is a new part of the popular game that has acquired improved graphic components, and the process has become more engaging and dynamic. Here you have to become the most real criminal in the face of a burglar and a robber. In this area, you will build a fairly successful career if you try to do everything properly. Initially, you will be engaged in the robbery of small jewelry stores, where you will obtain the necessary capital, then to perfect your equipment and purchase more powerful weapons. You are waiting for a huge world with a lot of interesting missions. Think carefully about the plan of action, as police officers are everywhere and are monitoring. This project is that here you can play together with your friends up to four people.

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CrossCode v1.4.2-4-4-3

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CrossCode is a pixel 2D action RPG, filled with various puzzles. It’s their puzzles that distinguish CrossCode. And, you do not have to solve all the puzzles, you can just skip them by running past. However, if you want to receive valuable items and good weapons, you will have to break your head. You are waiting for a well-thought out world with interesting plot twists and turns. In addition to various enemies, you will meet interesting characters, each of which has its own history and motivation. Pay proper attention to pumping the hero and learn the four magical techniques associated with fire, freezing, quick blow and wave — all this will help to overcome the difficult bosses.

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Kena Bridge of Spirits v1.05 - P2P

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Kena Bridge of Spirits — is an action-adventure game tied to the exploration of open space and dynamic battles. The player will control the girl Kena. She travels through mystical forests and numerous biomes, enlisting the support of allies adorable little rotting spirits that can enhance her abilities and provide new opportunities for interacting with the environment. The girl is a young counselor who is in search of a sacred ancient altar. To do this, she goes to a distant village. While exploring the secrets of the lost town, she finds numerous wandering spirits. The rotten ones in the Kena Bridge of Spirits hide throughout the forest. They are shy and fast creatures. Their purpose is to provide balance to this world by helping the decay of dead bodies.

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A Gummy's Life v1.1.0

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A Gummys Life is quite a fun game in its performance, which is a representative of the arcade genre and immerses you in the adventure world with a lot of opportunities. Here you will have a great opportunity to play in the company of your friends, going on a dangerous path to overcome this or that level. The winner will be the one who will save his life and fulfill the goal of the task. To begin with, you will need to choose a certain sweetness, which, moreover, is capable of fighting resistance with the use of various kinds of techniques in relation to the opponent.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.41.1.25s + DLC

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you the opportunity to try your hand at managing the largest cars on the roads of the good old Europe. Your goal, starting almost from scratch, after working as an ordinary trucker, reach the manager of your own trucking company. The game gives an opportunity to enjoy European landscapes, in this part of the game the developers paid considerable attention to the surrounding world player. If you have been to Europe before, landscapes in the game seem familiar to you. Not forgotten and the most important aspect of the game, and this is the management of the truck, in this regard, nothing is not complaining. So, forward to the romantic life of a trucker.

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Avorion v2.0.7 - RePack

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Avorion is a sandbox game where you will spend all your time in a huge outer space. Everything around is completely unexplored and harbors thousands of secrets. You will be able to go through the whole adventure together with other users, since the game provided us with a multiplayer mode. Moreover, here you can build your own, unique and powerful star club, which will surf the cosmic expanses. Try to explore space for the presence of useful objects, as well as build space bases on different planets. You will meet other players, as well as spend time in the company of your friends to create your own team of stellar explorers. Do trade, improve knowledge and conquer new locations. For completed missions, you will receive rewards for which you can improve your ship, or buy a new one.

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Dying Light v1.44.0.Hotfix + DLCs - RePack

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RePack for game Dying Light — is a modification to the eponymous game Dying Light. This addition extends the storyline by about 11 hours of additional passage. On PC it was released in February 2016 by the official game developers, and is free. The performance of the game has been partially improved. Also in addition to the Ember Light The Following was added quite a lot of new functionality and other nice «buns». The genre of the game remained unchanged, survival Horror, RPG, however, the gameplay was changed, added a lot of new equipment and cars.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:02 to the latest version v1.44.0.Hotfix + DLCs.

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