Mini Maker Make A Thing v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Heroes, monsters, robots in game Mini Maker Make A Thing you can create any thing. Use an arsenal of plastic limbs, wobbly tools, rainbow stickers and wide-eyed eyes to collect creations, please discerning customers and laugh at perfectionism. Glue the limbs of the mannequin to the parts of the robot. Draw a smiley face. Apply a few stickers to complete the image. Oh, we mentioned that there is no Cancel button. Time to go with the punches. Follow pointless customer requests as you can. From six-armed figures to whimsical dishes served from the toilet seat, any request is unfortunately possible.

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Flight Of Nova v0.52

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Flight Of Nova — is a simulator that allows you to sit in the cockpit of a space shuttle and explore the galaxy called Nova. Make interstellar flights and explore the continents with the help of a space shuttle. Management is completely focused on physics and aerodynamics. Feel the weight and bulkiness of the vehicle, and experience the feeling of piloting a bulky car in zero gravity.

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Forsaken v20220504 - DOGE

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Forsaken — get ready to go on an expedition to explore the dark and mystical world, full of mysteries, adventures and thrills. Use your skills to crush your enemies, moving to a variety of unusual worlds through various stressful situations and risks that await you. Experience the joy after the final triumph of good and winning the title of supreme warrior. Melee combat on the way to the land of fantasies. Create your own destiny. Incorporate strength and energy and overcome trials with mythical weapons.

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Ravenous Devils v20220523 - FLT

Ravenous Devils free download torrent games pc
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Ravenous Devils — is a very dark strategy for owning a business where murder and crime are at the heart of everything, while a cafe and a tailor’s shop are just a front. How to get rich quick and save money on food and fabric, other than to get them dishonestly for free? The most important thing is to thoroughly wash the blood on a light one, so that no one guesses who exactly the new blouse was taken off.

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Tetris Effect v1.3.2 - DOGE

Tetris Effect free download torrent games pc
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Tetris Effect is Tetris game for PC, which you have not yet seen. This is a fascinating, unique and absolutely amazing embodiment of one of the most popular puzzles in history from the creators of the recognized Rez Infinite and the Lumines puzzle. You can play either on a regular display with unlimited resolution and frame rate with vertical synchronization turned off, or in a striking three-dimensional environment in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

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Auto Fire v27.06.2022

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Auto Fire — is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to get into a combat vehicle and explore the vastness of the wasteland. In the world of Auto Fire, drivers have star status. All over the territory there are many useful items, enemies, weapons, etc. Collect your unique transport and become the king of the wasteland. The gameplay is based on intense battles with other cars. Pick up various weapons and fight other drivers for influence over territories. Upgrade your transport, complete various quests. The only way to survive is to constantly move and fight. The game is inspired by the atmosphere and style of Mad Max.

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Mercury Fallen v33.1

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In the game Mercury Fallen, a group of colonialists, consisting of technicians, scientists and archaeologists, are sent to investigate a mysterious place. Previously, it was a thriving center for the development of robotic technology and artificial intelligence, however, according to some reports, these creatures rebelled against the employees of the complex. But now there is not a soul here, except for opponents who are very difficult to recognize. Every dark corner is fraught with danger, from which the gamer will need to improve his base. Depending on the level of the hero, it will be possible to build laboratories, premises for first aid and other technical compartments.

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Craftopia Build 8969457

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Craftopia — multiplayer survival game from Japanese studio Pocket Pair. The developers have combined in the project many functions that players might find in other games. In Craftopia, you can hunt monsters, explore the open world, grow crops, collect loot in dungeons, mine all kinds of resources, use magic spells, craft items, and more. An open world survival game. Craftopia combines several popular mechanics from other projects at once. Thanks to this, the game has become incredibly diverse: world exploration, survival, resource extraction, growing crops, hunting monsters and using spells are available.

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Ancient Cities v0.2.9.1

Ancient Cities free download torrent games pc
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Ancient Cities — is a computer video game in the genre of economic and city-planning simulator, the events of which unfold in the distant past, where the user needs to take control of a tribe of nomads and lead them to antiquity through the neo-political revolution. Despite the fact that the game is still under development, strategy fans can’t wait for its release. The reason for this is a rather ambitious version in beta testing and an incredibly high level of detail and visualization. Interest is also added by the fact that a young team is working on the project, for which the video game will become a full-fledged debut, even the money for the development was taken from the fans.

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Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG v0.7.5.1

Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG free download torrent games pc
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Nirmita 2D Survival Fantasy RPG — in general, it would be worthwhile to immediately note the fact that in this game, despite its RPG stuffing, you will not see beautiful spectacular battles, not some unusual visualization, or even just animated screensavers. Here everything happens in two-dimensional space against a background of beautiful landscapes, pictures, nothing more. But at the same time, the game is still impressive, because with all its modesty it offers freedom of choice, a sea of interesting mechanics, and not only. As for the gameplay, it offers a lot of interesting things here. For example, take even pumping.

This game has been updated Today, 12:44 to the latest version v0.7.5.1.

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