Farming Simulator 22 v1.6.0.0 Build 9000052

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The developers of Farming Simulator 22, who have released more than 5 parts in the farming simulator series, have introduced many changes to the gameplay. In the passage, more than 400 pieces of equipment were added with their own value, characteristics and purpose. From hundreds of real brands, the user is able to choose a suitable mechanism and purchase it. The gameplay has a system of seasons, which significantly affects most of the aspects. Farming Simulator 22 introduces a number of improvements, advanced AI, better optimizations and extensive modding support. Graphics, vehicles, animals and the environment have changed the face, becoming one step closer to realism.

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MX vs ATV Legends Build 8997076 - FLT

MX vs ATV Legends free download torrent games pc
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MX vs ATV Legends — shows how intense and at the same time dangerous racing competition can be. Here, users are invited to participate in mass races on the proposed tracks. Each location is full of surprises, so you need to carefully monitor the behavior of the vehicle so as not to fly off the track at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, each type of vehicle has its own unique characteristics, and even the most experienced riders will need time to adapt and get used to the demeanor.

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Ultra Age v1.0.4 - FLT

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The events of Ultra Age, although unfolding in the distant future, the main character here uses traditional methods of fighting evil. He is a master of the sword, and in open combat, few can be on the same level with him. His name is Age and, as a member, he receives a research assignment on one of the planets. However, in reality, everything turns out to be much more complicated, and instead of an easy walk, he will have to make his way through crowds of hostile creatures, using all his combat potential.

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Contagion v2.2.1.1 Last Stop Chapter 1 - DOGE

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The mix of shooter and horror is not new, but Contagion combines these two popular genres just fine. The game is created on the Source engine and looks very good even today. The fact that Contagion has a cooperative mode allows the player not only to be afraid of the crowds of the living dead, but also to monitor their allies, because after death they will turn into zombies and will be happy to feast on you. If you want to test yourself in the cooperative shooter Contagion, then call your friends and poison yourself to destroy zombies in the most ordinary locations of the city.

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The Waylanders v1.10 - DOGE

The Waylanders free download torrent games pc
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The Waylanders is a classic third-person RPG in a fantasy setting inspired by Dragon Age Origins and Neverwinter Nights 2. The game focuses on character progression, romantic relationships and deep tactical combat. A tactical pause awaits you, the ability to choose between isometric camera and third-person mode, as well as six classes with 30 additional ones. The Waylanders are set in Brigantia, an ancient region in northern Spain inhabited by Celts. The main character refuses the gift of reincarnation of the Celts, due to which he loses the ability to be reborn, but gains the ability to travel through time. The hero’s sacrifice allows him to travel between his time period and the later Middle Ages in order to prevent a catastrophe that threatens both eras. In addition, you will be able to find reincarnated members of your party in later times thanks to the «awakening» mechanic, so unique groups of companions in two eras may actually consist of the same souls.

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Bakery Simulator v1.3.4 Build 8985316 - FLT

Bakery Simulator free download torrent games pc
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Bakery Simulator — will allow you to become a chef in your own bakery. Starting with ordinary bread and buns, you will develop your skills to croissants and khachapuri. Italian, Georgian, Polish and many other world cuisines are available for study. All recipes are taken from real life, so you can cook according to them outside the game.

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Disgaea 6 Complete Build 8848380 - SKIDROW

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Disgaea 6 Complete — is a fantasy tactical turn-based role-playing game with an isometric view. Zed is a boastful zombie who flounders on the bottom rung of the Underworld’s stairs with his sister Bieko. When the God of Destruction threatens their life, Zed must use his unique super-reincarnation ability to counter the oncoming threat. Along the way, he will team up with the perverted and flamboyant denizens of the Underworld, face challenges around and within, and see if even an immortal bully like him can defy the odds. This game combines a dark yet touching story with frantic tactical combat.

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Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game Build 8967312 - TiNYiSO

Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game free download torrent games pc
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Mindfulness Simulator ASMR Meditation Game — designed to calm your mind, inspire and distract. Feel free to roam the forest as your own Ego or as a Stone. Explore a procedurally generated environment by listening to Alan Watts teachings on mindfulness, meditation, peace, and love. Play with ASMR grass, riding on it in different weather and at different times of the day. Just be careful. Relax in an attractive natural environment with a dense atmosphere under the original soundtrack, created exclusively for relaxation with binaural rhythms.

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The Chronicle Build 8975885 - TiNYiSO

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The Chronicle — when a mysterious package appears in the living room, Detective Walter Miles is suddenly transferred to the building of a World War 2 newspaper. You, as a detective, will need to explore this strange but breathtaking environment, collect gems to activate the portal and escape. Along the way, you will explore and learn the prehistory of this strange environment. Perhaps you will unravel the mystery of why you are here and who is responsible for this abduction. Master 3D artist Don Arthstrong Armstrong is engaged in programming, graphics, who has brought his more than 10 years of experience with 3D graphics into a completely new game. Chris Warcabbit Hare was a great help, as was William Davis.

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Aerial Knights Never Yield v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Aerial Knights Never Yield free download torrent games pc

Autobegalka, made in the form of a dynamic platformer. The protagonist of Aerial Knights Never Yield is Wally, who, fighting for his future and the entire futuristic Detroit, must outwit his enemies by leaning forward, avoiding obstacles and avoiding collisions. The graphic design of Aerial_Knights Never Yield is designed in a characteristic cartoon style and clear colors. The game is accompanied by a soundtrack signed by Detroit-based Danime-Sama. Once Wally revealed very secret information that could completely change the city, and now a real hunt for capture has opened for him. Try to always stay afloat.

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