Stormworks Build and Rescue v1.1.4

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Stormworks Build and Rescue is not just a simulator of a rescue service, it is a real, well-developed designer in which you personally will design tools to save lives. Lead the search and rescue service using your own designed and built cars. By water, land, or air — you must reach the needy and save them. An excellent block system will allow you to create sophisticated machines without special skills, which you can later check in different weather conditions. Stormworks: Build and Rescue boasts a dramatic simulation of a world in which the presence of natural disasters is much more than the norm. However, in such a world, you can test yourself and your cars for durability.

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Wastenauts Alpha v0.23.622

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Wastenauts — is a collective map collector that tells you what the robot apocalypse has given you. Grab your friends, jump to the surface and hit as many cars as you can to rent this month. Dungeon Crawler dressed as a card game. Take on the role of a mercenary loser and explore the logs filled with boots, equipment and tons of scrap metal. Your unlocked cards are tools that you will use to get to the boss. Unlock and improve power ability maps, drawing maps to create as a last resort, and add-on maps to increase your stats.

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Dark Fracture Prologue v2.1 (demo)

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Dark Fracture — is a simulation and survival game developed by Twisted II Studio for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, indie, adventure, horror, psychological horror, survival horror, simulator, action, first-person, research, supernatural, gloomy, atmosphere, psychological, survival, early access, surrealistic, solutions with consequences, thriller, mystery. One night, working on a creepy night shift, due to a chain of unfortunate events, Edward remains alone and in the dark. And it seems that gradually the world around him begins to change. Maybe it’s just his mind playing jokes with him. Is this nothing more than an illusion of a sick mind. Or perhaps something darker scratches his heels, threatening to drag him into the depths? We hope that you will understand this before he makes a fatal mistake.

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Creeper World 4 v1.3.6

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Creeper World 4 — the eternal reaper of galactic empires is back. Witness the huge waves of Creepers flooding three-dimensional terrain in this real-time strategy game, where the enemy is liquid. Build your economic base with energy and minerals. Gather your strength and fight with vines on all fronts when they flood and fill the map. Take your height on your own to avoid creepers as the waves crash around your base. Increase line of sight and range on high ground, but beware of air units. And, if you hold out long enough, launch an orbital weapon and inflict crushing blows on the enemy.

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Riverbond v0.88

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Riverbond is a fairly dynamic and fun game project that was designed in the style of action. The game world is as charming and fantastic as possible, where you will not be bored. On your way you will meet a lot of rivals who need to be overcome in any possible way. You will assume the role of a brave hero who takes responsibility for the lives of the inhabitants of a small settlement. Peaceful lands flourished and nothing foreshadowed trouble, as at one moment an eerie.

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No Man's Sky v2.62 - CODEX

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The developers of the game No Man’s Sky promise an incredible scale in their creation, offering players an infinite space filled with planets with an amazing life form. What hides this amazing journey? What secrets do you have to open? What heroes to meet? Each step you take is a unique story full of amazing adventures. Which way will you go? Will you be a cunning trader or a brave warrior — one way or another, the game will give you an unforgettable adventure in which, starting almost from the bottom, you will have to get a good suit, ship and weapons. Here is a whole galaxy with a random generation of planets, filled with unimaginable creatures, some of which are friendly, and some, will devour you.

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Yandere Simulator v28.02.2021 - SKIDROW

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Yandere Simulator is an unusual project with a rather exciting task. You will play for Jandera (a mentally unbalanced lover who is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of his love), who is madly in love and is ready to eliminate all competitors in the literal sense of the word. Your task — for a certain period of time to fall in love with a guy. And to act in standard ways you lack the spirit, you are just shaking from one glance of your beloved on you. To begin with, eliminate all the pretty girls who have somehow tried to get close to the object of your adoration. Keep cool even with the most brutal murders you get just fine. So do what you do best. Excellent simulator of love with a mixture of stealth and action. Starting the game, you will take responsibility for managing a girl, a schoolgirl in love with a guy from school.

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DYSMANTLE v0.6.8.16

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DYSMANTLE — invites gamers to survive on the island and find a way to get out of this place. The post-apocalyptic world here is not gloomy. There is no atmosphere of hopelessness here either. The game features bright cartoon graphics with rich colors. During the end of the world, the protagonist hides in an underground bunker. One day, the hero gets out and discovers that people and animals have turned into evil creatures that look like zombies. After a short plot, the gameplay begins immediately. Users will be allowed to explore a large open map.

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My Summer Car v01.03.2021

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My Summer Car is a computer game that is a kind of mechanic simulator that will repair various machines. But you have to not only repair, but also ride the world of the game, scouting it and collecting all sorts of details. The developers have very carefully worked out the process of mechanical assembly of the machine, so you should be very careful not to make a mistake. After all, an incorrectly delivered part can lead to bad consequences. The game is as close to reality as possible, which makes the pastime even more interesting. You can spend a lot of time on the assembly of the car, but in the end, it’s just not going to start, and you’ll have to go all over again. Also, one incorrectly delivered part can lead to a fatal outcome.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:47 to the latest version v01.03.2021.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising v22.02.2021 - EMPRESS

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Immortal Fenyx Rising — is a fast-paced, cool third-person RPG action adventure in which you’ll have to travel to Ancient Greece and fight Typhon to save the Greek Gods. The events of the game take place in the vastness of Ancient Greece, where the real chaos began to happen. Typhon, the ancient rival of the Greek Gods, broke free and now wants to destroy the Gods and enslave the world. And everything can work out for him if you do not stand up to protect this world. Take the blade in your hands and start fighting, learn how to break the curse, how to defeat Typhon, and how to save the Gods along with the world.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:24 to the latest version v22.02.2021.

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