Hammerting v22.02.2021

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>Hammerting — is a strategy game with elements of a colonial simulator. Run a dwarven mine located in the Mara Mountains. Hammerting takes place in the Big World, suffering from years of war. As a gnome, you need to forge weapons, explore the surrounding lands, engage in battles with the enemy and provide weapons to the allied forces. Together you have to win a long-term war and bring peace to the kingdom. Manage an entire gnome settlement, expanding the mine and digging deep into the earth. Gathering resources, forge legendary equipment, find golden halls and become famous throughout the kingdom. A bloody war is going on on the surface of the earth.

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Ancient Cities v0.2.1.2

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Ancient Cities — is a computer video game in the genre of economic and city-planning simulator, the events of which unfold in the distant past, where the user needs to take control of a tribe of nomads and lead them to antiquity through the neo-political revolution. Despite the fact that the game is still under development, strategy fans can’t wait for its release. The reason for this is a rather ambitious version in beta testing and an incredibly high level of detail and visualization. Interest is also added by the fact that a young team is working on the project, for which the video game will become a full-fledged debut, even the money for the development was taken from the fans.

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Find Yourself v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Game Find Yourself — first-person psychological horror in a confined space. Explore the truly frightening subway cars and find out what fears the protagonist will have to face. The protagonist suffers from a stress disorder caused by his feature he can separate from his body and move to the astral world. He developed some phobias, which he learned to deal with. But a coincidence forces the protagonist to go down to the subway, and there he will meet again with his fears face to face.

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Volcanoids v1.24.507.0

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Volcanoids — game in the style of strimpunk, where all the action will take place on a vast territory of the island. Here you have to dining in the unforgettable events and incredible adventures that will give a lot of positive emotions. The game is endowed with elements of survival, so saving your own life will not be so easy. Here, the outcome of events will depend on your actions, which is why every mistake will have a very detrimental effect on the outcome of this or that task. Try to be attentive to details, because they will help you eliminate all the dangers on the way. The game is endowed with various kinds of tests, which you can overcome only with proper experience and knowledge.

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Urban Cards v21.02.2021

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Urban Cards — is a new fresh look at the deck building genre, in which your goal is to make money faster than your opponent, while keeping an eye on your debts and your enemies. In this roguelike card battler you will fight sharks, developers, creditors, casino gangsters and finally fight the oppressive power of the government. This is a themed satire game with 3 factions and game styles to choose from. The kingdom of a millionaire CEO, a workaholic suit and a dangerous creditor shark smile. Blinded by generous bonuses, but be careful with his fierce appetite for debt. Akibara is a technological valley controlled by gamers, hackers and neon lights. Here on the data of other people states on bitcoins become, the elder brother comes here to look. Poor and forgotten residents skillfully sabotage their opponent, steal his business and rule the streets. This faction do or die does not shy away from a healthy dose of physical violence to achieve its goals.

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Dreamscaper Build 6265509 (The Awakening)

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Dreamscaper — is a dynamic, gloomy game that is an excellent representative of the RPG genre with action elements. Here you, in the role of the main character, will go to a dark dungeon into the depths of your consciousness. Your task is to get rid of nightmares in dreams, thereby helping the main character return to the real world. Getting out of this unfortunate place will not be so easy, so you must be careful when confronted with obstacles on the way. Take on the role of a brave heroine who will go to the depths of sleep to overcome nightmares and destroy all the monsters living in a gloomy world.

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Persona 4 Golden Build 5111251 - Chronos

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Persona 4 Golden — Inaba is a quiet Japanese town, which at one point began to change categorically far from in a favorable direction. A series of bloody killings caused a general panic and awakening of the ancient spirits who came to this world in the name of salvation. Such spirits can be controlled only by powerful teenagers the chosen ones, who have to make a lot of efforts to save all of humanity. After all, they have to fight with the dark forces, which only at first seem weak, and then show their true face. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and try to be the first to deliver a crushing blow.

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There Was A Dream v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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There Was A Dream — an adventure fantasy role-playing action in which you will have to go along with a girl who, through the fault of a strange creature, entered a huge world created on the basis of dreams and fantasies. The events of the game take place in a lucid dream, in which the heroine just fell into it. A strange intergalactic entity endowed the main character with power and is now trying to take control of the whole dimension. But it was not there. The fate of this unusual world now depends on the main character, and you have to, taking her under control, try to write your own story, the history of this world, its characters.

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Silent Sector v1.0 - DARKZER0

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Silent Sector — is a sci-fi action-adventure game dominated by powerful corporations fighting over a rare mineral called Eldorid. You find yourself in this Wild West universe and very quickly lose your ship and all your property, so you must find a way to repay the debt and take revenge on Admiral Zed. This truly pathetic corner of the universe gives you the chance to try your luck and become a successful merchant, a wealthy prospector, a feared mercenary, or a famous adventurer.

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Complex SKY Build 596

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Complex SKY — is a futuristic factory city-building simulator with strategy and puzzle elements in which the player builds a city floating above the ground in the clouds in the spirit of Anno and Factorio, one of the developers of which was once the author of the game. The game does not limit the space of your buildings to a 2D grid you can build them up or down, and there is also a deep and complex chain of materials creation and a lot of technologies that can be opened, and that’s not all.

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